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Chapter 151

Chapter 151: Strange

Su Hao raised his voice in surprise, saying, “Are you from the Four Kings Gang? Inviting me to join you?”

The person immediately nodded and said, “Yes!”

Then, they drew a large circle in the air with their hand and proudly declared, “This northern area of the city belongs to our Four Kings Gang. Not bad, right?”

Su Hao nodded and replied, “Indeed, it’s not bad overall.”

The person’s smile grew even wider, and they extended another eager invitation, saying, “Then come on! Join our Four Kings Gang! Let’s work together to make this city better!”

Su Hao asked in confusion, “Do you know me?”

The person nodded and said, “Yes, aren’t you called Wei?”

Su Hao was puzzled and asked again, “What I mean is, did we know each other before?”

The person scratched their head and laughed, “No, we didn’t! But what does that matter? We know each other now!”

Su Hao said, “Since we didn’t know each other before, why are you inviting me to join your Four Kings Gang? Be more clear; you don’t know anything about me!”

The person replied nonchalantly, “Don’t worry about that! The main thing is I like you, so I invited you!”

Su Hao was taken aback by this unexpected confession and quickly said, “Stop, stop, stop! Please, speak clearly. What’s the real story?”

The person, upon seeing Su Hao’s reaction, laughed heartily and said, “Wei, don’t be shy! Just now, I saw you buying food for those kids, and I found you very likable. I like people like you! If everyone were like you, this city would be much better.”

Su Hao nodded and said, “I see. Thank you for your kind offer, but I don’t want to join any gang at the moment. If I ever need it, I’ll find you.”

The person was surprised and exclaimed, “Why not? Our Four Kings Gang is one of the four major gangs in Linyuan City, and we’re very powerful. Joining us would be promising.”

Su Hao replied as he walked away, “I’m sorry, but I don’t need promises.”

The person hurriedly followed Su Hao and said, “Join us. Together, we can work to make this city better, which is what you want, right?”

Su Hao immediately shook his head and said, “No, that’s not it. You’re making a mistake. Stop, stay right here and don’t follow me.”

The person stopped as requested but continued, “Wei! Four Kings Gang needs more compassionate people to join us, to change this city together. As you’ve seen, I can only ensure those kids won’t go hungry or cold, but we need your help… Wei…”

Turning the corner, Su Hao disappeared from the person’s view.

At that moment, Yashan, who was with Su Hao, suddenly spoke up, “Boss Wei, I think that guy made a valid point! If we join them, can’t we make this city better together?”

Su Hao stopped and turned to Yashan, saying, “Yashan!”

Yashan looked at Su Hao carefully, like a child who had said something wrong.

Su Hao continued, “You need to remember, making this city better is not my goal, nor is it yours. We’re here to solve the problem of the Temple Forest City. After we resolve that issue, we can discuss other things.”

Seeing Yashan lowering his head in shame, Su Hao added, “Yashan, don’t be swayed by superficial appearances. When you look at things, look at their essence. What you want and what that person wants are not the same. You want the whole world, and he wants this city. Do you understand? You, a person with world-changing ambitions, joining someone with city-changing ambitions? If he’s really sincere, he should be the one joining you. Do you get it?”

Yashan suddenly realized, his face contorted with embarrassment. “I…I understand, Boss Wei.”

Su Hao sighed and said, “Well, if you’re so easily swayed, what can you achieve? After this is over, you’re going to write your goals a thousand times.”

Yashan nodded earnestly and said, “Sure, Boss Wei.”

After Su Hao completely left, the person became dejected.

At that moment, two men and a woman approached from the side and stopped next to the person.

The woman had long hair tied in a ponytail with a rope, hanging behind her head. She had large, expressive eyes that blinked as if they could talk, and with the white fuzz on her pointed ears, she looked exceptionally beautiful.

The ponytail woman came in front of the person and smacked them on the head with her hand, making the person stagger. She scolded, “Idiot! Who invites people like that? You don’t even know if the other person is human or not. You dare to invite anyone!”

The smaller, buzz-cut man immediately chimed in, “Xiaotong is right. Who invites people like this? You should have treated him to a big meal. If he’s happy, he’d agree to join us! Hahaha!”

Xiaotong, frustrated, turned and also smacked the buzz-cut man, saying, “Kas, you’re an idiot too! I swear, you two are driving me crazy!”

Kas and the person exchanged glances and chuckled.

Xiaotong then glanced at the long-haired man with bangs who stood expressionless to the side and asked, “Asi, thank goodness we have a normal person like you; otherwise, it would be impossible!”

Asi nodded in agreement and said softly, “I trust Gaili.”

The person immediately perked up, patting Asi’s shoulder and laughing heartily, “See! See! I must have invited the right person! I thought that kid was quite likable. It’s a shame he doesn’t seem interested, but it shouldn’t be like this!”

Kas, the buzz-cut man, rubbed his chin and analyzed, “It seems like the other party didn’t realize our strength. Gaili, you should have approached him sooner. If I had stepped in, I would have just needed to show a bit of skill, and he’d have eagerly joined us.”

Xiaotong smacked both of them and exclaimed, “Enough, how many times have I told you not to invite random people like this? Do you hear me?”

Gaili and Kas lowered their heads and replied, “We hear you, Xiaotong.”

Su Hao’s radar detected that three level-five mutants had joined Gaili after he left. He knew these must be the other three “Kings” of the Four Kings Gang.

But it didn’t concern him as long as they had no interest in Temple Forest City. If he ever needed to study related genetic sequences, he might require a few hair samples from them, but that could be dealt with later.

Su Hao and Yashan headed to a hotel to rest. After cleaning up from head to toe, they didn’t linger and immediately went towards the two mutants with the strongest life signals.

Su Hao needed to quickly confirm the location of Tianjun, the leader of the Tiansha Gang, and get things done so he could return to Temple Forest City for research. Various minor matters had already wasted a lot of his time, and he didn’t want to be distracted by such things any longer.

The two of them first headed towards the southern part of the city.

As they passed through a small area in the center of the city, the clean, bright, and vibrant feeling of the northern part had disappeared, replaced by a sense of heaviness.

The people here seemed lifeless, each busy with their own tasks, not speaking to each other. Su Hao and Yashan, standing among them, appeared very out of place.

Su Hao frowned and used his radar to sense these people who behaved strangely. He found that their life signals had similarities, and they generally fell within the range of second to third level mutants.

Yashan couldn’t help but whisper, “Boss Wei, something feels off.”

The moment Yashan spoke, all the peculiar people around stopped their activities and turned to look at the two unexpected figures on the street.

For a moment, the scene was extremely silent.

Yashan unconsciously held his breath.

(End of this chapter)


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My Divine Diary

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