Chapter 15: Midnight Water Release, Meeting the Master at the Water Pool!

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Taking her gaze back from Chen Changan’s small house, Feng Wanxi returned to her own small house next to it, where she also saw the note left for her by Chen Changan. She couldn’t help but smile, with clear eyes and white teeth, radiating breathtaking beauty.

“This disciple, he’s quite caring. I didn’t expect him to leave me dinner in the pot.”

Although she had already eaten dinner, to be honest, Chen Changan had only taken a short day or two to cultivate her appetite into something precious. The food outside looked okay, but it couldn’t compare to Chen Changan’s cooking. It was simply tasteless.

Therefore, Feng Wanxi only ate a little bit, and of course, she didn’t feel full. On the way, she regretted telling Chen Changan not to make her dinner before she left. She didn’t expect Chen Changan to be so thoughtful, and Feng Wanxi was very gratified.

Her disciple was great!

Then, Feng Wanxi went to the kitchen to have dinner. The dinner was still in the pot, and when she opened it, the hot steam and the scent wafted out, whetting her appetite. Feng Wanxi’s eyes shone with light.

“This is the kind of food I should be eating.”

After dinner, Feng Wanxi was satisfied and burped contentedly. She squinted her eyes and leaned on the wooden chair, feeling happy as she rubbed her protruding belly.

“I’m so full~~~”

After a while, Feng Wanxi looked at Chen Changan’s small house again, feeling somewhat strange.

“It’s not good. My appetite has been cultivated to be so precious by my disciple that I can only eat his cooking. What should I do in the future when my disciple is not around? Will I starve to death?”

“Why is my disciple’s cooking so delicious? Did he put something in it?”

But after some thought, Feng Wanxi shook her head. It was impossible. If he really had put something in it, with her cultivation level, she would have been able to taste it immediately. This could only mean that Chen Changan’s culinary skills were really good, completely at the master level!

Feng Wanxi’s mouth curled up slightly, feeling a bit proud.

“My disciple’s culinary skills are so good, but he hasn’t been discovered by the teachers. It’s a pity. Fortunately, I have a discerning eye.”

Feng Wanxi also had some concerns and muttered to herself.

“But my disciple is just a weak one at the first level of Qi refining. He must not die, otherwise, no one will cook for me in the future. Even if he improves his cultivation level in the short term, it seems that I still need to find him a few protective treasures these days.”


On a quiet night, with soft moonlight and the gentle chirping of insects, Chen Chang’an unfortunately did not sleep until dawn. He was woken up by the need to urinate.

In a daze, he got up and walked out of his room in his underwear. With a yawn, he glanced at Feng Wanxi’s room and wondered why his master hadn’t returned yet, even though it was already late at night.

Realizing that he needed to find a restroom, Chen Chang’an searched around but could not find one. This puzzled him.

“Is there no restroom on the Feixian Peak?” he wondered.

“How does Master usually solve her business?”

Although he had been young and reckless in his past life and would urinate anywhere, he was now a cultured and responsible adult. He couldn’t just take off his pants and urinate wherever he pleased.

“It seems that I have to build a restroom,” he thought, “but for tonight, I’ll have to be a little uncivilized.”

His bladder was getting uncomfortably full, so he quickly looked for a place to relieve himself. He left his dwelling and walked to a secluded corner near the back mountain.

During the day, Chen Chang’an had visited this area, which was a small bamboo forest near a natural pond.

“This is it. Let’s give this bamboo forest some fertilizer,” he thought.

Just as he was about to take off his pants, he looked toward the pond and noticed a stunning woman. Her long hair was wet and draped over her shoulders, and she was wearing a bathrobe that exposed her smooth and lustrous skin. She was staring at him with a cold expression.

It was none other than his master, Feng Wanxi.

Chen Chang’an’s eyes widened in shock.

“Oh my god, why is Master here?” he thought.

He broke out in a cold sweat and decided to run away, but he realized that if he did, his master would misunderstand him. He couldn’t risk being expelled from the sect or even killed on the spot. Moreover, he valued filial piety too much to simply leave.

So, Chen Chang’an immediately turned around to give his master some privacy.

It was very embarrassing and uneasy for him, so he hurriedly explained, “Master, please listen to my explanation. This is just a misunderstanding, not intentional.”

“Mainly because I didn’t know you had come back, and there is no restroom on the Feixian Peak, so I had to find a place to go to the bathroom. Who knew you were here, Master?”

“But you can rest assured that I didn’t see anything, really. I’m nearsighted, and everything beyond five meters is blurry.”

Feng Wanxi said, “Disciple, you were not five meters away from the pool, at most three meters.”

Damn it!

Chen Chang’an: 😥

“Cough, cough…”

Chen Chang’an coughed lightly, still wanting to explain.

Feng Wanxi said, “This pool is where I usually bathe, I forgot to tell you. So this time it’s not your fault, but remember, if I see you like this again, I can’t guarantee that you will be unscathed like today.”

Cold sweat broke out on Chen Chang’an’s back.


This is a blatant threat!

“Master, don’t worry, I’ll remember. There won’t be a next time for this!”


“In that case, Master, I’ll take my leave now.”

Under the moonlight, Feng Wanxi’s beautiful eyes looked at Chen Chang’an’s bright red underwear and asked, “Why is it red?”


Chen Chang’an didn’t quite understand.

“Your underwear.

This made Chen Chang’an even more embarrassed.


He scratched his head awkwardly and said, “Master, it’s my zodiac year, and they say that wearing red underwear brings good luck.”

“Red is easy to attract ghosts and demons, go change it.”

“Also, next time on the Feixian Peak, don’t just wear underwear and wander around at night.”

Chen Chang’an was shocked. Red underwear also attracts ghosts and demons???

He felt a little scared, “I’ll go change it right away.”

“Go ahead.”

“Okay, then Master, please continue your bath and rest early.”

After speaking, Chen Chang’an fled.

After Chen Chang’an left, Feng Wanxi shook her head lightly and didn’t pay much attention. She continued to bathe.

She knew that Chen Chang’an didn’t mean it.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t have let him go so easily.

Fortunately, Feng Wanxi sensed Chen Chang’an’s arrival in advance and put on her bathrobe.

Otherwise, her disciple would have had a great feast for his eyes!

“Now that there is one more person on the Feixian Peak, it is still somewhat inconvenient. It seems that I need to set up a formation around the pool.”

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