Chapter 15

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Chapter 15: Selling a Maximum of Ten Grams, No More!

On the other side.

Ji Yan was continuously conducting online transactions from his home.

He had no idea that the person who had just spoken to him was a police.

“Let’s ship four orders today, not more!”

Ji Yan glanced at the orders he had prepared.

He decided to send out four packages of rock sugar first.

Among them.

There was the urgent order for five grams of rock sugar from the Shanghai Capital Bureau.

Of course.

The address provided by the Shanghai Capital Bureau was just a random one.

Humming a tune, Ji Yan walked out of the house.

At the same time.

Wang Sheng, who had been secretly monitoring Ji Yan, quietly followed him.

Initially, Wang Sheng had relaxed his guard against Ji Yan.

However, he noticed that Ji Yan seemed to be acting unusually again in the past two days.

His frequency of going out to send packages had increased significantly.

And it seemed like he was sending several packages each time.

This made Wang Sheng pay attention to Ji Yan again.

“Report, report, Ji Yan has gone out to send packages again.”

“Roger, keep a close eye on him.”

“Yes, sir!”

After a brief report, Wang Sheng followed Ji Yan’s footsteps.

Completely absorbed in calculating how much money he had made these two days, Ji Yan was unaware of Wang Sheng following behind him.

He briskly walked towards the courier station.

“Uncle! I’m here to send packages again!”

Ji Yan waved at the old man who managed the courier station.

He had been coming to the courier station frequently during this period, and he was getting more acquainted with the old man.

“Xiao Ji, you’re sending packages every day. It’s quite a lot!”

The old man tore off a few shipping labels and handed them to Ji Yan.

“You can fill in the addresses yourself!”

“My old eyes are dim, and there’s too much to fill out for you!”

Ji Yan smiled and didn’t say anything.

He took the pen and started filling out the forms.

The old man also took the rock sugar that Ji Yan had pre-packaged into small boxes and started packing them.

“I say, Xiao Ji, are the people buying rock sugar from you online too stingy?”

“They’re buying so little? Isn’t the postage even enough?”

The old man weighed Ji Yan’s packages and felt indignant on his behalf.

Ji Yan chuckled and changed the subject.

“Who knows? Making a little profit is better than nothing!”

As he spoke, Ji Yan had already filled out the shipping forms.

“Goodbye, Old man!”

After bidding farewell, Ji Yan turned and walked towards the direction of the candy store.

Wang Sheng reported everything he had just seen, including Ji Yan filling out four shipping forms.

“Understood. Now go to the courier station and check Ji Yan’s packages. Don’t tip him off!”

“See what’s inside the packages he’s sending.”

Li Ming assigned the task to Wang Sheng.

In the past few days, the only notable thing in Wang Sheng’s reports was the increase in Ji Yan’s packages. Everything else seemed normal. Their department had discussed this situation, and if Ji Yan was really up to something, the answer might be found in these packages.

“Yes, sir!”

Clutching his police badge in his pocket, Wang Sheng headed to the courier station.

“Hello, police.”

Wang Sheng walked straight to the old man who handled the shipping and showed his identification.

“Oh, what’s going on here?”

The sudden appearance of the police startled the old man. In a few seconds, he recalled every misdeed he had ever done in his life.

Wang Sheng smiled politely.

“No worries, Grandpa. We’re conducting a random check on the courier packages.”

“We’re looking to see if there are any prohibited items being transported.”

Hearing Wang Sheng’s explanation, the old man relaxed.

It wasn’t the first time they conducted random checks on courier packages.

“Okay, those over there are the packages that haven’t been sent out yet.”

“You can take a look!”

Saying so, the old man turned to attend to other tasks.

Wang Sheng remembered the packages he saw earlier that belonged to Ji Yan.

He directly singled out those courier packages.

Wang Sheng opened the first package.

As the blade of his small knife cut through the package, his heart leaped into his throat.

He didn’t know if what was wrapped inside was drugs.

With each movement, a small bag of transparent crystalline powder appeared in front of him.


Wang Sheng muttered under his breath.

His hand holding the package trembled abruptly.

For a moment, he truly thought that the bag in his hand contained crystal meth!

The old man at the courier station turned his head and kindly explained to the puzzled Wang Sheng, “That’s rock sugar! The young man who sent these packages runs a candy store. Recently, it seems like he’s selling rock sugar online, so he comes here to send it frequently!”

Wang Sheng nodded and carefully observed the bag of substance in front of him. When the old man wasn’t paying attention, Wang Sheng even took a bit of the powder and tasted it. After sensing the sweetness, he finally eased his worries.

Indeed, the bag contained a small amount of rock sugar.

He then proceeded to open another package belonging to Ji Yan.

It was rock sugar again!

As he opened more packages, Wang Sheng discovered that all the packages Ji Yan had left at the courier station were filled with rock sugar—genuine rock sugar.

“Checked it, Grandpa. I’ll be leaving now!”

Wang Sheng quickly exited the courier station and reported the situation from a secluded corner.

“Boss, I’ve inspected it. All of Ji Yan’s packages only contain rock sugar, no other substances.”

Upon hearing this, Li Ming and the others were surprised.

They had assumed there might be some issue with Ji Yan’s frequent shipments, but it turned out he was only selling rock sugar online.

They didn’t bother with why Ji Yan sold rock sugar in such small quantities. It was his private matter, not their concern.

“Alright, Wang Sheng, come back.”

“If this person is clear of any wrongdoing, then no need to keep surveillance.”

After thoughtful consideration, Li Ming called off the surveillance on Ji Yan.

Since there was no sign of anything suspicious and the packages were indeed rock sugar, there was no need to keep such a tight watch.

Wang Sheng had no objections and left the street eagerly.

At this moment, Ji Yan sitting at home had no idea about what had just transpired. After sending the packages, he continued with his online transactions. It seemed that more people were now approaching him, and the orders kept increasing without any delays.

“Bro, get me five grams, here’s my payment card.”

“Someone recommended you, saying your goods are excellent. How much is it?”

“I’ve already transferred the money. When will you ship it?”

“Bro, make sure it’s good stuff. I haven’t had quality product for a long time!”

The number of people contacting Ji Yan continued to grow, and so did the number of orders. Up until now, not counting the unpaid orders, Ji Yan had already received payment for over fifty orders!

Ji Yan was indeed pleased with the situation.

He typed away on his keyboard.

“Received. I’ll send it right away.”

“You might have to wait two days, the authorities are inspecting thoroughly.”

“Maximum ten grams per order, no more!”

Ji Yan was indeed preparing to send them the courier packages. However, he didn’t plan to send all of them at once. Instead, he would send only a few each day. He chose the ones with prepayment and relatively distant delivery locations.

Because Ji Yan wanted to stall!

The longer he could stall, the better. If he could delay things, the truth about the fake rock sugar wouldn’t be exposed too soon. That way, he could squeeze a little more profit from his customers!


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