Chapter 15

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Chapter 15: The Two Protagonists Meet!

The three of them arrived at the entrance of the hospital.

Liu Rumei saw that it wasn’t Song Hospital and breathed a slight sigh of relief.

However, curiosity arose, “Vice President Lin, why are you here?”

The second protagonist, Ye Xingchen, also felt puzzled.

But he adhered to his role as a bodyguard and kept quiet.

“I came to visit a friend!” Lin Beifan sighed, “A few days ago, he got injured by accident and ended up in the hospital!”

“I see!” Liu Rumei had nothing else to say.

The three of them arrived at the hospital entrance.

“Wait, let’s buy some flowers before going up!”

Lin Beifan then bought three bunches of flowers, each person holding one, and they entered the ward.

At this moment, the sharp-eyed second protagonist, Ye Xingchen, recognized a familiar face in the ward, and waves of shock surged in his heart.

Xiao Chen, the divine doctor…why is he here?

How did he get injured like this?

Could it be that Lin Beifan, the big boss, did this to him?

But he doesn’t seem like the type!

If it was him, why would he come to visit in person?

His heart was filled with doubt.

By this time, Lin Beifan had already arrived in front of the main character, Xiao Chen, and solemnly presented the flowers in his hands.

“Brother Xiao Chen, my condolences…”

Main character Xiao Chen: “…”

“Sorry, I misspoke again, couldn’t help myself! I wanted to ask, are you feeling better now? Look, I brought you flowers again! The doctors say that looking at flowers can improve your mood a bit!” Lin Beifan asked with concern.

Main character Xiao Chen remained expressionless.

Around him were flowers piled up, chrysanthemums, orchids, and carnations, all of them white without exception.

Being surrounded by this pile of white flowers made him feel depressed even if he wasn’t sick.

“What’s wrong with him? He looks really unhappy…” Liu Rumei asked cautiously.

Lin Beifan sighed, “Meiniang, you don’t understand! Just a few days ago, he was almost killed by his most respected senior brother. Fortunately, we arrived in time, or the consequences would have been unimaginable! It’s normal for him to feel unhappy and upset right now!”

Liu Rumei covered her mouth with both hands, “That’s really pitiful!”

Ye Xingchen became even more puzzled.

How could his senior brother try to kill him when their relationship was so good?

But what puzzled him even more was how Lin Beifan and Xiao Chen’s relationship had become so good?

One was injured, and the other came to see him every day, showing utmost care!

You two have a resentment over a woman!

Could this be the butterfly effect brought about by my rebirth?

At this moment, Xiao Chen heard a familiar voice and turned his head slightly to look.

Then, he saw two familiar figures.

One of them was Liu Rumei, who would become Lin Beifan’s right-hand woman in the future.


Why is Liu Rumei here?

And she’s even beside Lin Beifan?

Wasn’t it supposed to be two months later that Lin Beifan would have a major breakthrough in his relationship with Song Yuqing, and she, concerned about her best friend, would then infiltrate Lin Beifan’s side as his secretary?

The timeline doesn’t seem to match up!

Could this dog man and woman have progressed so quickly?

Xiao Chen thought about it and felt a bit jealous.

The other person was even more astonishing!

Ye Xingchen!

A man with terrifying strength and influence!

How did he end up by Lin Beifan’s side?

They even seemed close!

Something wasn’t right!

So, he pretended not to know and asked, “Who are they?”

Lin Beifan proudly introduced them, “Xiao Brother, let me introduce them to you! First, standing on my left, her name is Liu Rumei, currently my secretary, responsible for work-related affairs! Not only is she incredibly beautiful, but she is also extremely competent in her work. She will be my close partner!”

“Mhmm!” Xiao Chen nodded heavily.

This woman was indeed not only beautiful but also very remarkable!

It was because of her assistance that Lin Beifan was able to establish a huge business empire in such a short time!

And then, played him to death!

The person he hated the most was Lin Beifan!

The second person was Liu Rumei!

“The other one is also very exceptional!”

Lin Beifan pushed Ye Xingchen forward and proudly said, “This is my newly recruited bodyguard, named Ye Xingchen. He is a very capable fighter! I heard he has no problem taking down dozens of people alone!”

Inside the heart of the main character, Xiao Chen, a storm raged.

Ye Xingchen!

This man who was known as the god of war in the underground world!

He had become a lackey of Lin Beifan!

Ye Xingchen, have you forgotten how he killed you in your past life?

Have you forgotten how he took away your woman?

Have you forgotten how he destroyed your power?

And now, in this life, you have become his lackey?

And even have to protect him?

Almost forgot, I was reborn, but you weren’t!

Xiao Chen’s mood became heavy.

With Ye Xingchen’s help, Lin Beifan became even more difficult to deal with!

Heavens, why are you treating me like this?

I’ve only just been reborn, and I’m lying in the hospital myself, my senior brother is in prison, and even the potential allies have become his people!

Could this be the butterfly effect brought about by my rebirth?

Why is everything starting off as a tragedy?

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