Chapter 15

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Chapter 15: Having me isn’t enough, you want your senior sister too?

[Ding! Sexual harassment detected, activating evil deeds system.]

[Rewards: Three years of pure inner strength.]

Although the system beeped, the reward was not enough to excite Yang Huan.

Moreover, the current situation was a little awkward.

He did not expect Ning Zhongzhi to catch him in the act.

Oh no…this is embarrassing…

Yang Huan immediately retracted his hand, lowered his head, and dared not look at Ning Zhongzhi like a guilty child.

“Lingshan, you are engaged to Pingzhi, you still need to be careful in the future. As a girl, you still need to abide by the rules of a woman.” Ning Zhongzhi immediately scolded her.

“I know, mother. I acknowledge my mistake…”

Yue Lingshan did not shirk her responsibilities and immediately admitted her mistake.

She cautiously glanced at Yang Huan. She admitted that she did have a faint attraction to him earlier.

“You can leave now, I still have something to say to your Brother Yang,” Ning Zhongzhi waved her hand, and Yue Lingshan obediently left.

She left quickly, running away from the incident. She did not know how to face Yang Huan after what happened, so she wanted to leave as soon as possible.


The long sword was unsheathed, and the tip of the sword was aimed at Yang Huan.

“Yang Huan! You’ve crossed the line!”

Ning Zhongzhi was so angry that she wanted to kill Yang Huan with her sword.

But thinking about it carefully, what reason did she have to kill Yang Huan?

Wasn’t it Ning Zhongzhi who didn’t follow womanly virtues and seduced Yang Huan in the first place?

Besides, she was a little reluctant to kill Yang Huan now…

Facing the sword tip of her master, Yang Huan was not afraid at all.

With just two fingers, he easily deflected the sword tip.

Yang Huan took a step forward and leaned towards the beautiful madam, saying, “How have I gone too far? I love both my madam and my senior sister, what’s wrong with that?”

“You… have no shame!” Ning Zhongzhi scolded.

Yang Huan smiled and retorted, “If I have no shame, does that mean you have it?”

“I…” Ning Zhongzhi couldn’t come up with a reply.

Finally, she turned around, shaking her head in resignation. “Never mind, it’s all my fault. I shouldn’t have… provoked you.”

“But Yang Huan, I warn you, if you dare to lay a hand on Ling Shan, even if it costs me my life, I will make you regret it!”

With these words, Ning Zhongzhi left directly.

Looking at her back, Yang Huan smiled and said, “My madam and senior sister are both mine!”

He wasn’t afraid of Ning Zhongzhi’s threat. With his martial arts skills, Ning Zhongzhi was no longer a threat to him.

In a pawnshop in Seven Heroes Town.

“What would you like to pawn, sir?” The shopkeeper asked Yang Huan.

Yang Huan placed a simple iron sword on the counter and said, “I want ten taels of gold for this sword.”

The shopkeeper frowned and picked up the long sword Yang Huan had placed on the counter, examining it.

Then he threw the sword away and said, “No deal! Get out!”

The sword flew towards Yang Huan, but he caught it with lightning-fast reflexes. He flashed the sword out of its sheath and pointed it at the shopkeeper’s neck.

“Can I pawn it now?” Yang Huan raised an eyebrow and smiled.

“Yes, yes, you can.” The shopkeeper stuttered.

“What are you waiting for? Give me the money!” Yang Huan demanded.

The shopkeeper kicked his apprentice, who immediately crawled over to get the money.

Yang Huan left the pawnshop satisfied, leaving the iron sword behind. This time, the system did not trigger, which seemed unreasonable to Yang Huan.

With the money he received, Yang Huan bought a good horse and left Seven Heroes Town.


After being warned by the senior sister, Yang Huan left Huashan. However, he did say goodbye to the senior sister before leaving. The senior sister was still angry and did not ask him anything, only telling him to leave quickly.

Although Yang Huan was still injured, his injuries were minor and not serious. His destination after leaving the mountain was Blackwood Cliff, which was two thousand miles away from Huashan, a very far distance that would take four to five days to travel by horse.

Although there was a saying that a horse can travel a thousand miles in a day, it was not entirely true. Horses that could travel that distance were rare, and while the horse Yang Huan had bought was good, it was not one that could travel a thousand miles a day.

Traveling on horseback was strenuous and would take four to five days. Upon arriving in Luocheng, Yang Huan walked slowly with his horse as they entered the city. After continuous travel, the horse was tired and needed rest, so he planned to find a good inn to let the horse rest.

As he walked through the bustling Luocheng streets, he observed everything with great interest. Suddenly, he heard a commotion and saw a middle-aged man chasing a young beggar with a rolling pin, threatening to skin him alive. The beggar was not afraid, laughing and teasing the man in return. However, the beggar ran into Yang Huan, and they collided.

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