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Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Sister, What Attracted You to Lin Beifan?

These matters also reached the ears of some sect elders.

They were quite intrigued, considering taking Lin Beifan as their disciple.

Bai Yiyi already had a master, but Lin Beifan did not.

Looking across the world, anyone capable of defeating extraordinary experts in the refining body realm was undoubtedly a top-tier talent.

If carefully cultivated, they would undoubtedly achieve great things in the future.

However, upon inquiry, they all abandoned this idea.

Lin Beifan had good strength, high comprehension, and was diligent enough, but his innate talent…

It was just too poor.

Innate talent determined a person’s upper limit.

With Lin Beifan’s sixth-grade innate talent, reaching the extraordinary realm was not a problem, but aspiring to the Saint realm above extraordinary realm was incredibly challenging, nearly impossible.

Reaching the immortal realm above Saint realm was even more out of the question.

With this realization, they could only give up.

“What a pity!”

At this moment, Lai Xiaoqiang had returned home feeling dejected.

However, he saw a familiar figure at home and exclaimed, “Sis, you’re back!”

Turning around, he saw a woman with a crooked mouth and a very ugly appearance.

This person was Lai Xiaoqiang’s sister, Lai Xiaoqing.

Looking at Lai Xiaoqiang’s bruised and swollen appearance, she was extremely shocked. “Xiaoqiang, what happened? Did someone beat you up?”

Lai Xiaoqiang covered his face and nodded grievously.

“Who beat you?” Lai Xiaoqing asked.

“Who else could it be? It’s that scoundrel Lin Beifan!” Lai Xiaoqiang said with resentment.

Lai Xiaoqing was instantly speechless. “Did you provoke him again?”

“What do you mean provoke him? Clearly, he provoked me! He stole my dream lover! Sis, this time you must stand up for me!” Lai Xiaoqiang said with a sense of grievance.

Hearing this, Lai Xiaoqing shook her head with a wry smile.

She sat down elegantly, brewing tea, and said, “Close the door and tell me everything in detail!”

“Okay, sis!”

Lai Xiaoqiang cautiously glanced outside before closing the door.

At that moment, Lai Xiaoqing spat out a sparkling and translucent bead. Her appearance changed, transforming into a stunning beauty.

Lai Xiaoqiang also spat out a bead, turning into a handsome young man. However, his face still bore the marks of bruises, somewhat spoiling the scenery.

“All right, now you can tell me about you and Lin Beifan!” Lai Xiaoqing spoke again, her voice warm and magnetic, incredibly pleasant.

“Sis, here’s what happened!”

Lai Xiaoqiang sat down, drank a cup of tea, and then narrated the whole incident.

After listening, Lai Xiaoqing, adopting the demeanor of an elder sister, glared at him and reprimanded, “Lai Xiaoqiang, do you still have the nerve to complain? It’s obvious you started it. If you got beaten, it’s your own fault, and you can’t blame others!”

Lai Xiaoqiang was extremely dissatisfied. “What do you mean it’s my fault? It’s clearly his fault! He already has you, Sis, yet he seduced away my dream lover. Shouldn’t I hit him for that?”

Lai Xiaoqing blushed upon hearing this and threw a headbutt at him.

“Nonsense! When did I become his woman?!” she exclaimed in an irritated tone.

Lai Xiaoqiang, holding his head, said in grievance, “Isn’t it true? Since he joined, you’ve secretly been protecting him and even asked me to take care of him. From childhood to now, I’ve never seen you treat any other man so well!”

Lai Xiaoqing blushed even more, throwing another headbutt in frustration. “Lai Xiaoqiang, stop talking nonsense. Our relationship isn’t what you think. I have a clear conscience with him!”

“I get it!” Lai Xiaoqiang, holding his head, wore a disdainful expression.

You say it’s not?

Every time he’s mentioned, you blush and your heart races!

You often ask me about his news.

Upon hearing that he couldn’t pass the entrance exam, you were ready to take him as a servant.

Grow old together, spend a lifetime together!

Ha, I’ve seen through you a long time ago!

At that moment, Lai Xiaoqing gave her brother another headbutt.

Lai Xiaoqiang was extremely aggrieved. “Sis, why are you hitting me again?”

“Because you’re not convinced from the heart, so I must give you a profound lesson to help you remember!” Lai Xiaoqing stood with hands on hips, speaking sternly.

Lai Xiaoqiang: (⊙o⊙)!

This is also okay?

Sis, you’re really unreasonable!

Next, Lai Xiaoqiang behaved obediently.

He drank tea, healed his wounds, like a well-behaved child.

But after a while, he couldn’t hold back and asked, “Sis, there’s one thing I still can’t figure out. Lin Beifan has poor aptitude, weak strength, is cheeky and rascally, only has a bit of looks. What exactly do you see in him?”

“You’re still asking, are you asking for another beating?” Lai Xiaoqing raised her fist as a threat.

Lai Xiaoqiang shouted, “Even if you beat me to death, I still want to say! After all, this is a big deal for you, sis. Why shouldn’t I care about it?”

Looking at her stubborn brother, Lai Xiaoqing was moved and ultimately couldn’t bring herself to strike.

Thinking of Lin Beifan, she unconsciously fell into deep thought.


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I Edited Memories and Became the Beloved of the World

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