Chapter 15

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===015 ATP===

Muscle contraction is the mechanical response of muscle fibers to stimulation.

Su Hao also understands the process of muscle contraction. Simply put, muscle contraction is a cyclic process of cross-bridge formation, twisting, dissociation, reformation, and twisting again after muscle stimulation and a series of reactions. The energy for this muscle contraction process comes from ATP hydrolysis.

So what is ATP? It’s adenosine triphosphate.

In the conversion and transfer of energy within living organisms, ATP is a crucial substance. All biological activities rely on ATP, as it directly provides energy to cells and acts as a “transit station” for energy conversion within cells.

So, could “blood energy” that Father mentioned be a combination of ATP and some other substance? Whether it is or not, it must be directly related to ATP.

Another difficulty is that no matter what “blood energy” is, Su Hao cannot directly observe its existence. What does Father mean by finding it?

It’s like a person easily sensing their own fingers, toes, ears, nose, and other organs, but not being able to directly sense their internal organs. Not sensing the internal organs does not mean the internal organs don’t exist. Similarly, Su Hao not sensing “blood energy” does not mean it doesn’t exist.

Therefore, Father’s statement about finding “blood energy” doesn’t actually mean having to consciously observe it moving around inside the body like an eel. Instead, it means having a clear concept of the overall circulation of energy within the human body. It’s similar to how our brain cannot directly sense the direct presence of internal organs but knows their location, function, and state.

In other words, Su Hao only needs to establish a cognitive system for his own “blood energy”, including where it starts, where it is, how much there is, how to use it, etc., and update this cognitive system according to his own state as needed.

As time goes on, when such a cognitive system becomes habitual, the brain will automatically optimize a model that makes one truly feel a powerful blood and energy throughout the body.

This kind of model is essentially an illusion, but it’s an illusion that allows one to accurately perceive their true state.

Su Hao became excited and clenched his fist: “If it really is like this, then the people in this world are amazing. The perfect combination of heart learning and biology allows an ordinary person to master powerful abilities.”

“So, how can I establish my own blood and energy system?”

A gleam flashed in Su Hao’s eyes.

“Universe Light 2.2, it’s time for you to perform.”

After understanding the principle, there was no need to go for a run. Su Hao directly entered the pinball ball space to view his body records of the past month.


“System is here!”

“Retrieve my detailed body data, starting from today backward for one month, between 8 am and 10 am.”

“Retrieval complete.”

Soon, vast amounts of data appeared on the living room wall, densely packed and chaotic.

Su Hao continued to give instructions: “Create a 3D model of the human body.”

The data on the wall disappeared, and the coffee table and sofa in the living room vanished. In their place, thirty little boys’ bodies were neatly arranged in the middle of the living room. Their faces were unmistakably Su Hao’s. He manifested his past 30 days of body data, with each body representing all the physical information of Su Hao from 8 am to 10 am on that day.

“Retrieve ATP data.”

The thirty bodies suddenly transformed into mere outlines composed of tiny particles of light. Through these light shadows, one could clearly see the varying levels of ATP within different parts of the human body.

After observing for a moment, Su Hao gave another command: “System, start playing the dynamic image from 8 o’clock. Time ratio 1:1.”

The thirty figures of children with only outlines immediately began moving, while Su Hao watched silently from the side.

During running, the ATP in the muscles is heavily consumed. When it reaches a certain point, ATP in other locations also starts to deplete. When the ATP in the body reaches a low point, Su Hao can no longer run.

After drinking the vegetable and egg soup, Su Hao sat quietly, his digestive system working at full capacity, gradually replenishing the consumed ATP.

Three hours later, Su Hao revealed a smile.

“Blood energy! I found you!”

ATP is not blood energy, but blood energy must be related to ATP. Based on a model system constructed according to ATP levels, it can be considered a model system of blood energy.

Su Hao was confident that in just half a month, he could construct his own blood energy model system in his own mind without relying on System.

At that time, he would truly become a martial artist who mastered blood energy.

The next day, after Su Hao finished jogging and drank the vegetable and egg soup, he entered a meditative state. He appeared no different from usual, but his consciousness, when he closed his eyes, had already entered the realm of the pinball space. He made System manifest his current physical state, which updated in real-time. At the same time, he sensed the overall condition of his body, using the changing human-shaped light shadow in the pinball space as a reference, actively constructing a perception system in his mind.

Not only that, as long as he didn’t sleep, the daily activities would also be continuously constructing the system.

After three days like this, Su Hao no longer needed to frequently observe the bodily light shadow in the pinball space. He could accurately perceive the changes in his body and construct his body’s blood energy model.

Five more days passed, and Su Hao only needed to occasionally compare with the light shadow in the pinball space to accurately manifest the dynamic blood energy of his body, with minimal error in retrospect.

Five more days passed, and he no longer needed to compare the light shadow. At this point, the brain’s perception of the changes in the body’s blood energy had an extremely small margin of error compared to the manifestation in the pinball space.

Su Hao knew that he had successfully constructed a precise blood energy system in his brain.

After two more days, confirming it was correct, Su Hao found Wu Yuntian.

“Father, I have found the blood energy.”

“Found it?” Wu Yuntian looked skeptical. It wasn’t that he didn’t believe Su Hao’s words, but he had never heard of anyone perceiving blood energy in just one and a half months. It was too astonishing. As far as he knew, even the most talented individuals of the human race took at least half a year to find their blood energy.

Facing his father’s skeptical gaze, Su Hao affirmed, “I found it.”

“Impossible!” Wu Yuntian blurted out, his first reaction. But then he quickly explained, “I mean, it’s possible that you have misperceived. Many people develop illusions during the process of searching for blood energy; it’s a normal state. Boldly tell me about it, and I will help analyze.”

So Su Hao explained in detail his perception of his body, the changes in blood energy, and his understanding of blood energy to Wu Yuntian.

After finishing, Su Hao looked at his father again, who by now had opened his mouth wide and had round eyes.

It seems that there are four words on his face: “inexplicable”.

If Su Hao could hear his father’s thoughts at this moment, he would know that his father was roaring in anger: “Where did this freak come from? Is this really my son? I asked you to find the essence, not to search every part of your body. This is something that only high-level ordinary warriors can do! You just need to know the concept!”

Su Hao asked in confusion, “What’s wrong, father? Did I say something wrong?”

Wu Yuntian didn’t want to talk.

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