Chapter 148

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Chapter 148: The Conscience of a Corrupt Official Discovered? Taking Advantage of the Situation Again!

However, they greatly underestimated Lin Beifan’s bottom line.

By the night, Lin Beifan led a group of soldiers and set up tents with great enthusiasm.

The martial arts experts became curious.

“What is this corrupt official up to again?”

“It looks like he’s setting up tents. Could it be for us?”

“Is this corrupt official really that kind-hearted?”

After the tents were set up, Lin Beifan faced the martial arts experts and said with a smile, “Hello heroes, we are in the middle of nowhere, it’s cold outside, and there are many mosquitoes. It’s uncomfortable to stay outside. So, after careful consideration, I decided not to neglect you heroes. That’s why I sent people to set up the tents. Inside the tents, there are bedding, towels, and clean water, etc. The conditions are quite basic, so I hope you heroes don’t mind.

“Oh my god! He actually set up tents for us!”

“Did this corrupt official have a conscience awakening?”

“Great! It seems we misjudged him!”

“This corrupt official is not bad!”

Everyone became excited, who would want to sleep outside if given the chance to sleep in a tent?

“Please, heroes, be patient. I have one more thing to say!”

After hearing Lin Beifan’s words, everyone calmed down.

Lin Beifan continued with a smile, “We have set up a total of 100 tents, with each tent accommodating twenty people. Since the number is limited, whoever pays first gets to enter the tents. It’s only 500 taels for one night!”

“Oh my god! He still wants money! He’s still the same corrupt official, nothing’s changed!”

“500 taels for one night? Are you kidding me? I stay at the most expensive inn in the capital city, and I can’t even spend ten taels for one night!”

“I can buy a big courtyard for the amount of 500 taels!”

“He’s just taking advantage of the situation and robbing us!”

Everyone became furious once again. They had felt moved earlier, but now they wanted to kill Lin Beifan!

“Please, heroes, don’t use such harsh words,” Lin Beifan said with a slight displeasure. “I’m very reasonable. We are stating our prices clearly and not deceiving anyone. If you want to stay in the tents, pay up, if not, it’s your choice.”

“We won’t stay then. Let’s see what you can do about it!”

“Exactly, we won’t stay. We won’t let you succeed, corrupt official!”

“If you think I’ll give you money, dream on!”

Everyone shouted together, united in their anger.

Then, at that moment, a fair-skinned, elegantly dressed young man appeared and respectfully asked, “Excuse me, Mr. Lin, may I rent a tent from you?”

“Of course you can! As long as you can afford it, you can rent all the tents!” Lin Beifan said with a smile.

The man immediately took out a stack of silver notes and handed them over. “Mr. Lin, here are ten thousand taels of silver. Please take them.”

Lin Beifan happily accepted the money and pointed to a row of tents behind him. “You are our first customer. Feel free to choose any tent you like.”

“Thank you, Mr. Lin!” The man looked back at the other martial arts experts with a disdainful expression, as if he were looking down on them.

Then he went arrogantly to select his tent.

The martial arts experts were dumbfounded. How could they sell such expensive tents so easily? It didn’t make sense.

Lin Beifan watched everything with a smirk, as if he had predicted it all. People love to show off, especially rich people. They care more about their face than their money!

No matter if the thing is good or bad, as long as others can’t afford it, they will buy it themselves. This gives them a huge sense of superiority.

They don’t want the best, they just want the most expensive!

In other words, it’s just a psychological need to show off!

There aren’t many opportunities to show off in front of the martial arts experts, so why not show off now?

Naturally, the tents sold quickly!

In the end, out of the 100 tents, 90 were privately rented.

“Heroes, we only have 10 tents and 200 beds left. Does anyone want them? If not, I’ll take them down and won’t delay your rest time!” Lin Beifan said contentedly.

“Wait, this one also wants a tent!” A graceful woman who looked to be about 30 years old suddenly appeared in front of Lin Beifan.

She was an innate expert and also a very clean person who couldn’t stand the outdoors.

Seeing that there were only 10 tents left, she felt like she couldn’t wait any longer.

It was 10,000 taels for one night, but she could afford it.

(TLN: Since 1 tent can accommodate 20 people, then 500 x 20 = 10,000)

Rather than staying outside, dirty and disheveled, why not spend the money to sleep well in a clean tent, clean up, and get ready to watch the world-shocking battle in two days?

Lin Beifan accepted her money and said, “Please, madame.”

The woman nodded and chose a clean tent to stay in.

With only 9 tents left, there was no more time to wait!

Some of the onlookers couldn’t resist anymore!

“Mr. Lin, I want a tent too!”

“Mr. Lin, give one to this old man!”

They were all innate experts.

Powerful people don’t really lack money.

With only 9 tents left, it would be awkward to continue to be aloof and proud, so they all took them down.

And so it went, they sold out all 100 tents!

They easily earned 1 million taels of silver!

Lin Beifan counted the money with a smirk, then looked at the stunned martial arts experts and said, “Heroes, the tents are all sold out, but there will be more tomorrow! By the way, I forgot to tell you, I observed the stars last night and found that it might rain tonight. Please be prepared for rain and wind!”

With that, he patted his butt and left.

Maybe it was Lin Beifan’s jinx, but the weather suddenly changed at night when everyone was almost falling asleep.

Dark clouds covered the sky, the wind howled furiously, and then the rain poured down.

All the martial arts experts were dumbfounded.

“Damn it! That official was right, it’s raining tonight!”

“This Lin guy is corrupt official, but his curse is quite accurate. What a jinx!”

“Now what? There’s no place to shelter from the rain and wind here!”

“What can we do? Just live with it!”

So these martial arts experts were drenched in the pouring rain.

The people staying in the tents were also awakened by this rain.

They poked their heads out and saw the martial artists outside shivering in the cold rain, feeling fortunate that they had bought tents themselves. They had a huge sense of superiority and disdainfully looked at the people outside before lying back in their tents, sleeping more soundly and sweetly.

The next morning, Lin Beifan had a smile on his face as a servant brought bowls of porridge to the esteemed guests in the tents.

“I didn’t expect a heavy rain last night! So, I prepared this fragrant porridge made of various Chinese herbs for you. It not only tastes delicious and sweet but also dispels the cold. Please enjoy!” Lin Beifan said.

“Thank you, Mr. Lin!” The esteemed guests smiled and received the warm porridge, which filled their stomachs with warmth and satisfaction.

They were afraid of comparisons. Compared to other martial arts experts who were wet all over and feeling cold, they were enjoying a heavenly treatment and felt a great sense of satisfaction.

They thought to themselves that this money spent was worth it!

The other martial artists looked enviously at them.

They were the ones getting drenched in the rain, the ones who really needed the warm porridge and to dispel the cold, not this group of people sleeping in dry tents.

Someone with a mouth-watering expression asked, “Mr. Lin, can I have a bowl for which I will pay?”

Lin Beifan shook his head. “Sorry! This is for the esteemed guests only, you guys aren’t included!”

The paying guests once again had a sense of superiority!

“Mr. Lin, this porridge is delicious, can you give me another bowl!”

“I want one too!”

Lin Beifan laughed, “Don’t worry, there’s enough for everyone to drink their fill, haha!”

This scene was too exciting, everyone felt sour in their hearts!

Why is the difference between people so great?

They also wanted to live in a spacious and comfortable tent!

They also wanted to lie down in warm blankets!

They also wanted to change their wet clothes!

They also wanted to drink warm porridge!

They also wanted to enjoy VIP treatment and not be so miserable!

Some martial artists finally couldn’t help it and said to Lin Beifan, “Mr. Lin, I want to reserve a tent for tonight!”

“Sorry, they’re all sold out!” Lin Beifan shrugged.

The other person was stunned, and so was everyone else. “How could they be sold out? You haven’t sold any yet!”

“Who said I haven’t sold any? As soon as I came, the regular customers inside the tents bought them all!” Lin Beifan pointed to the tents.

“Mr. Lin, how could you do this? You should at least take care of us!” The other person was anxious.

“Your words don’t make sense. Why should I take care of you?” Lin Beifan said unkindly. “The people in the tents paid promptly and are regular customers. If I don’t take care of them, should I take care of poor people like you?”

Everyone was speechless and filled with resentment.

They just silently cursed, “corrupt official!”

For the next day and a half, Lin Beifan found ways to extract money from this group of martial artists. Each time he succeeded, it made everyone angry, frustrated, and helpless.

They just hoped that the grandmaster’s battle would start soon. They didn’t want to be exploited by this corrupt official anymore.

Meanwhile, more and more martial artists were arriving, ready to witness the legendary battle!

But, without any surprise, Lin Beifan took advantage of them all and made a profit.

Everyone hated him, and if it weren’t for the old monk behind him, they would have attacked him already.

Meanwhile, Lin Beifan’s money pile was growing steadily.

He had already surpassed 30 million taels of silver, and was on his way to 40 million!

“These martial artists are really fat. I’ll find another opportunity to fleece them later!”

Nightfall arrived, and the full moon rose slowly.

The much-anticipated legendary battle was about to begin!

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