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Chapter 144

Chapter 144: Boss Wei Treats

Su Hao found 【Steel Armor King】 Abi.

Abi was blown away nearly a hundred meters, lying motionless on the ground.

Abi hadn’t died directly, but in his current state, with shallow breath and profuse blood loss, he appeared close to death.

His body had severe damage, both arms and legs had been blown off, and a large hole had torn open his chest, with almost all his blood drained. The previously solid steel armor that covered him was now shattered.

The steel on his face had also disappeared, replaced by a sea of blood. Only his head remained somewhat intact.

But Su Hao understood that even though Abi looked incredibly miserable, anyone would think he was on the brink of death, he wouldn’t actually die just yet. Given some time, he could slowly recover. Yes, the advanced members of the 【Steelman】 Sequence had such incredible regenerative abilities.

Starting from 【Bone Demon】, as long as the main body remained mostly intact, the head wasn’t severed and cut in half, and the brain wasn’t destroyed, they could potentially resurrect.

Su Hao drew his bone knife and approached.

【Steel Armor King】 Abi turned his head with great difficulty, opening his blood-covered eyes and stared blankly at Su Hao. He struggled to say, “How…?”


Su Hao’s blade swiftly moved, cutting off Abi’s head. He then split the head into four pieces. After confirming Abi’s complete death, he sheathed his bone knife and said slowly, “I’ve said it before, I like to beat people to death, and then have a chat with the dead!”

He added, “But since you’re already dead, there’s nothing more to chat about!”

Su Hao’s bone armor gradually faded away, revealing his expressionless face.

Even though he had killed Abi and the others today, Su Hao knew this matter wasn’t over. The Tiansha Gang in Linyuan City would certainly send someone to investigate the situation after not hearing from 【Steel Armor King】 for a while.

Su Hao’s strategy was simple: act as if nothing had happened, evolve into a 【Steel Armor King】 during this opportunity to gain even greater strength. Then, when the second wave of people sent by the Tiansha Gang came to investigate, quickly eliminate them and launch an attack on Linyuan City based on the circumstances, ideally wiping out the Tiansha Gang and eliminating future threats.

A moment later, Yashan and Meng Chuan appeared by Su Hao’s side, looking at the battered body. They were surprisingly filled with deep admiration.

Surviving such a massive explosion with an intact body, that was impressive!

They had seen the enormous crater that was about a hundred meters in diameter, and they didn’t believe they could withstand such a level of attack. It would reduce them to smithereens.

Yashan patted 【Shadow Demon】 Rose on the shoulder and said, “Boss Wei, I captured this 【Shadow Demon】 alive. We can ask some questions.”

Su Hao looked at the girl with disheveled hair and a faint aroma of meat, nodding and saying, “Yashan, you take this 【Steel Armor King】 back with you. Prepare for the next step; we can attempt to evolve 【Steel Armor King】.”

Yashan was filled with excitement. “Of course, Boss Wei!”

【Steel Armor King】, an existence that they had never dared to imagine they could obtain, was now within their grasp. The future… held great promise!

Looking at their boss, who was so calm and composed, Yashan felt like he was witnessing greatness. He was in awe.

Their boss’s power was truly extraordinary!

Meng Chuan also proudly presented a dilapidated corpse and said, “Boss Wei, Yashan boss, look, I took care of this 【Night Demon】 too!”

Su Hao chuckled, “You both did a great job today! Extra meal tonight! Let’s go back, and I’m treating! Meng Chuan, you’re invited too!”

Yashan silently added in his mind, “Boss Wei’s treating, and I’ll cook. Is there a problem? No problem. This is called teamwork!”

Meng Chuan, on the other hand, was so excited that his legs almost gave way. Eating at the same table as Boss Wei! What an honor! What did this mean? It meant that in Boss Wei’s eyes, his position had risen! He could almost imagine the jealous, envious gazes of his colleagues when he returned to their headquarters tomorrow.

Thinking about it made him feel utterly content!

Through this battle, Su Hao was very satisfied with the performance of the second-level runes, with the most satisfaction coming from the ‘second-level – burst’ rune, which was many times stronger than the previous ‘burst’ rune. When a hundred or even a thousand ‘burst’ runes accumulated and burst simultaneously, the destructive power was something even he feared.

Apart from the burst rune, Su Hao’s current favorite rune was the ‘second-level – lightning,’ which was incredibly effective against biological enemies. However, the drawback was clear – as a spell-type ability, the range of its release was limited to just a few meters, making it ineffective at longer distances. However, after today’s experiment, Su Hao’s mind became more active, and he started to focus on developing this rune.

In his view, there was nothing impossible; it was only a matter of imagination. He imagined that one day he could fly in the sky, transforming into a budget version of Thor, using powerful lightning to attack enemies on the ground like a divine judgment – just thinking about it gave him a sense of excitement.

But the most challenging aspect of the ‘second-level – lightning’ rune was not generating the electrical currents but guiding them, as a slight misstep could lead to self-injury.

Putting aside these miscellaneous thoughts, Su Hao began to study the flesh and blood of the 【Steel Armor King】 Abi. The genetic sequence of 【Steel Armor King】 had many additional segments compared to 【Bone Demon】, and Su Hao was not yet sure about the effects expressed by these segments due to a lack of comparative data.

Su Hao called Yashan to the laboratory, intending to use Yashan’s evolution to obtain some relevant information. The key points he wanted to explore included whether the second stage of evolution could activate specific abilities through specific training, how the evolution of 【Steel Armor King】 would affect body structure and surface cell changes, with a focus on the adaptability to runes. If he couldn’t continue to use runes, Su Hao preferred not to evolve into 【Steel Armor King】. Lastly, he wanted to compare the genetic changes before and after Yashan’s evolution and compare them with Abi’s genetics to mark the differences. He was particularly curious about the wide-range attack Abi used at the end, which gave him a very eerie feeling.

Su Hao had a premonition that after evolving into the 【King】 level, there would be a qualitative change in genetic function.

Everything was prepared. Su Hao gestured for Yashan to lie down and handed the flesh and blood over to him. Yashan appeared extremely excited, completely unconcerned about the high evolution failure rate for advanced mutants.

Yashan knew that the energy required for evolution was the blood energy he controlled. He had already accumulated blood energy to the limits his body could withstand, many times more than other mutants of the same level, and there was no risk of failure. His excitement stemmed from the fact that he was one step closer to his initial dream, almost reaching the peak of mutants.

Seeing Yashan hesitating to swallow the flesh and blood, Su Hao prompted, “Yashan, relax. How will you lead when you’re the boss if you’re like this? You need to learn to control your emotions. Even if there are turbulent waves in your heart, you should maintain a calm demeanor on the surface. Alright, we can discuss these things later. Just swallow it quickly.”

Yashan immediately gulped down the flesh and blood and said, “Thank you, Boss Wei!”

Su Hao drew a bone blade, activating the ‘sharp’ rune. Yashan swallowed and hesitated, “Boss Wei, why do you need fresh blood now? Be gentle later! I’m afraid I’ll wake up suddenly, and the evolution will fail!”

Su Hao chuckled, “Don’t worry, Yashan! I’m quick and steady with my cuts. You won’t wake up. You’re already a grown man, still afraid of this.”

(End of this chapter)


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My Divine Diary

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