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Chapter 141

Chapter 141: A Winning Situation

The smile on 【Steel Armor King】 Abi’s face grew more pronounced, and his eyes gazed at Su Hao with increasing cruelty. It was apparent that a mere “Bone Demon” dared to speak arrogantly in his presence, fueling an unnamed anger within him, causing his murderous intent to surge.

【Steel Armor King】 Abi said, “Tai, Rose, you two go kill the other two. I’ll handle this brat myself.”

“Kekeke, don’t worry, Captain 【Steel Armor King】 Abi,” Rose laughed lightly, her entire figure appearing ethereal, as if she had no tangible form, casting many shadows.

The stoic man, Tai, squinted his eyes, nodded, and began to transform, gradually resembling a bat, just like Meng Chuan, turning into a 【Night Demon】.

After observing for a moment, Yashan asked Meng Chuan, “Do you have all your bone cards?”

Meng Chuan nodded, “I have them all, Yashan boss.”

Yashan inquired further, “You just evolved not long ago. Do you have confidence in dealing with that 【Night Demon】?”

Meng Chuan flashed a confident smile and replied, “I have confidence, Yashan boss. I know the opponent’s abilities, but he doesn’t know mine, and the advantage is on my side.”

Yashan nodded in agreement, signaling, “Then, go deal with this 【Night Demon】, be careful, and don’t think about sparing him. Give it your all.”

Meng Chuan nodded in response.

Yashan turned to the beautiful Rose and said, “How about you, little lady over there? Do you want to have some fun with me?”

Rose was taken aback, thinking that she had picked a weaker-looking 【Night Demon】 to deal with, and was planning to let Tai handle this challenging 【Bone Demon】, but Yashan chose her instead. Without much thought, she cheerfully agreed, “Sure, we can have some fun!”

As for Meng Chuan, carrying a pile of bone cards, brimming with confidence, he voluntarily approached 【Night Demon】 Tai, saying, “You’re a 【Night Demon】 too, right? What a coincidence, I am too!”

【Night Demon】 Tai was a man of few words, directly heading to a large pile of broken rocks. That location was suitable for a 【Night Demon】 to shine, and Meng Chuan presumably wouldn’t refuse.

In fact, Meng Chuan had considered refusing; he had just evolved and couldn’t wield his abilities perfectly yet. His confidence primarily stemmed from his 【Spike】, 【Corrode】, 【Penetrate】, and second-level 【Barrier】 and 【Lightning】 runes. Inspired by Su Hao’s previous kill of 【Night Demon】 Lin En with 【Spikes】, he preferred to lure opponents underground and strike them down with 【Spikes】.

But since the opponent actively chose the battlefield, he wouldn’t back down. He could always dig underground, lure his opponent to follow, and finish him with a 【Spike】.

In this round, he would be victorious!

After Su Hao and 【Steel Armor King】 Abi and their respective subordinates had left, they shifted their attention to each other.

Su Hao retracted his wings behind him, and the bone blade extended slowly from his left hand. He generated a shorter bone knife as a secondary weapon. After some movement, he felt great.

After learning that Abi was a 【Bone Demon】 one level advanced from Su Hao, he intended to engage in close combat with Abi on the ground, researching Abi’s abilities and his level of development as a 【Steel Armor King】. This information would serve as a reference for Su Hao when he attempted to evolve into a 【Steel Armor King】 in the future, aiming to unlock more abilities.

Just as he did when he noticed how 【Bone Demon】 Deli had formed a bone blade, Su Hao continually experimented with controlling bone formation, which eventually led to the activation of his ability, “Bone Control.”

It also made him realize that there were many abilities within the genes, and they were selectively expressed.

Su Hao silently activated the runes on his bone armor and charged toward 【Steel Armor King】 Abi, delivering a horizontal slash. 【Steel Armor King】 Abi, on the other hand, created a massive wolf-toothed club and powerfully swept it across.


The sound of the metallic collision echoed far and wide. A severed section of the wolf-toothed club fell to the ground. Then both sides retreated, appearing surprised at their own performance.

Su Hao was astonished that he could only break Abi’s wolf-toothed club, indicating its formidable hardness.

【Steel Armor King】 Abi was equally astonished that, despite the result he had expected, he hadn’t sent Su Hao flying, and his wolf-toothed iron club was instead broken with a single strike.

Did this mean that the young 【Bone Demon】 could also decapitate his head with a single blow?

【Steel Armor King】 Abi hesitated for a moment. His originally clear mind suddenly felt insufficient, and this situation was beyond his understanding.

“Could it be that the other party is right, and my steel armor has become softer?”

“No,” 【Steel Armor King】 Abi quickly noticed something unusual about Su Hao. He thought, “The strange patterns all over that bone armor keep flashing faint light during the battle. Perhaps the sharpness of that bone knife is related to these patterns. But what exactly are these patterns?”

Perplexed, 【Steel Armor King】 Abi became more alert. He increased the thickness of his neck armor. As long as his head remained intact, he couldn’t be killed.

The severed half of the wolf-toothed club that had fallen to the ground slowly dissipated, while the club in his hand had regenerated.

Su Hao applied more runes to his bone knife and fixed his gaze on the thick and robust neck of 【Steel Armor King】 Abi.

This time, he wanted to test the strength of Abi’s neck armor.

Su Hao suddenly burst forward, causing rocks to scatter, leaving a large pit beneath him. He appeared in front of 【Steel Armor King】 Abi in an instant, poised to sever his opponent’s head.

【Steel Armor King】 Abi vigorously swung his wolf-toothed club to repel Su Hao.

“Shadow Slip!”

However, this was merely a feint by Su Hao. He slid past Abi, seemingly about to bypass him, but then appeared at Abi’s side, delivering a horizontal strike with his bone knife.

【Steel Armor King】 Abi’s pupils contracted, and by the time he tried to pull back his club for a counter, it was too late.

“Crack, crack, crack!”

In the blink of an eye, a thick layer of steel armor grew on the side of 【Steel Armor King】 Abi’s neck, blocking Su Hao’s blade.


The bone knife sliced through effortlessly at first, like cutting through tofu, but it got stuck halfway into the neck.

【Steel Armor King】 Abi tilted his head.


After a crisp sound, Su Hao’s bone knife was snapped in two by Abi.

Su Hao looked at the broken blade, which bore a trace of red, and nodded in satisfaction. 【Steel Armor King】 Abi had reacted well. If it weren’t for the sudden growth of a large piece of armor as a buffer, Su Hao’s head would be on the ground right now.

【Steel Armor King】 Abi reached out, seized the broken blade, and pulled it out from his neck, crushing it in his hand before scattering it on the ground. However, he was filled with a sense of dread, thinking, “I almost made a grave mistake. This 【Bone Demon】 kid is not simple! And…”

By rubbing the broken blade, he realized that there was nothing special about the bone knife. It was quite similar to the bone structure of a regular 【Bone Demon】. The reason it was so sharp must have been the patterns on the long blade.

“Now, I have to be careful. I can’t let that kid get too close.”

Having been slashed twice, it had cast a shadow over him, almost making him suspect that his steel armor had softened.

【Steel Armor King】 Abi quietly put away the wolf-toothed club, conjuring a massive, thick shield and a longsword. He thought, “Let the kid in front experience the power of the 【Steel Armor King】! Let him… rest in peace!”

On the other side, under the thick facial bone armor, Su Hao revealed a faint smile. “Oh? Are you getting serious now? If you don’t take this seriously, I’m afraid I might accidentally cut you!”

He shook the bone knife in his hand, and it rapidly grew and repaired itself in the blink of an eye.

Then, an idea suddenly crossed his mind: what if, as the bone knife pierced the enemy, he generated a large number of bone spikes from inside the opponent’s body…

(End of this chapter)


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My Divine Diary

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