Chapter 140

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Chapter 140: Damn! Isn’t this “Gangnam Style”?

Qingyue: How about you take a guess! There’s a prize for getting it right!

“Again? You’re such a little mischief-maker,” Lu Mobai shook his head and laughed, finding that chatting with Qingyue always lifted his spirits.

Mobai: With your strong literary skills, adept in poetry, songs, and various classical forms, I guess you like more classical and quiet music, like folk songs or traditional melodies!

Mobai: Am I right?

Qingyue: Wrong!

“Seriously? Not even close?” Lu Mobai was surprised.

In his impression, Qingyue often appeared in traditional Han clothing.

Clad in white, with a cold demeanor, singing songs with an ancient style, gracefully captivating, like a fairy descending from the moon palace. Hence, she was considered the goddess of the moon by many!

But now, he had guessed wrong?

Mobai: Then I guess you prefer love songs, some melancholic and some healing melodies!

Qingyue: Also wrong, guess again!

“Still not it?” Lu Mobai was surprised again.

Apart from traditional melodies, Qingyue sang mostly about love. And when she sang love songs, she portrayed various emotions.

It showed she had a unique feeling for this genre of songs.

And now, he guessed wrong again?

Mobai: Well… I give up! Just tell me!

Qingyue: Hehe! Can’t figure it out, huh?

Qingyue: Actually, I prefer more upbeat songs, the stronger the rhythm, the better! I love songs where I can’t help but dance to the beat! You… understand what I mean?

“Damn!” Lu Mobai was jaw-droppingly shocked.

He never expected it!

The serene goddess in his mind, the goddess of the moon, actually preferred highly rhythmic dance music!

And the kind of music that made one tap their feet while listening!

Qingyue: Hehe, didn’t see that coming, did you?

Mobai: No! Completely unexpected!

Mobai: How could you like this kind of music? It doesn’t seem like it from our conversations!

Qingyue: Actually, I’ve always liked it. I find this kind of dance very interesting, a way to release myself, to relax, just didn’t express it!

Qingyue: Because my fans don’t allow it, neither does my family!

Qingyue: So, I usually listen secretly, no one knows!

“Qingyue, sorry to make you feel wronged,” Lu Mobai instantly understood the goddess’s helplessness.

Because she’s a super big star, her persona is that of a fairy, she should stand quietly for everyone’s appreciation, not being wild and dancing around.

Otherwise, her image would collapse.

Moreover, she hails from a reclusive family, those families are quite traditional, so allowing Qingyue to sing is already quite generous.

If she dances around, it would definitely cause trouble.

In reality, she’s just a girl in her twenties, liking these things is very normal.

To be honest, it’s these types of women that he prefers.

Otherwise, with poetry and literary works every day, it’s a bit much for him!

Mobai: Actually, I really like dance music too, I often secretly listen to it!

Qingyue: Is that so? I thought you were a scholarly bookworm, didn’t expect you’re a hidden party animal, haha!

Mobai: Besides that, any other special requests?

Qingyue: Yes, the kind of songs that immediately hook people, ones you can’t stop listening to!

Mobai: ???

Qingyue: Those addictive songs, or tunes that make you tap your feet!

Mobai: Ah, I see!

Mobai: Any other unique requests?

Qingyue: Yes, preferably something bold, a song that gives you the feeling of galloping on horseback!

At this moment, Lu Mobai was deep in thought.

Super upbeat, highly rhythmic dance music!

Music that easily hooks people, makes them tap their feet, makes it impossible to stop! And the feeling of galloping on horseback!

A familiar yet terrifying song surged into his mind.

“Damn! Isn’t this ‘Gangnam Style’?”

In a previous life, he followed Lin Beifan’s path and became his artist.

Then, he was made to perform ‘Gangnam Style’ while dancing. He thought this song was so vulgar, nonsensical, and trashy!

Unexpectedly, upon its release, this song became a global hit, everyone imitating it!

He was even affectionately dubbed ‘Bird Brother’ for his somewhat seductive horse-riding dance.

Although he became globally famous, he felt incredibly embarrassed!

Because at that time, Lin Beifan made him wear a red crop top and perform, the dance was extremely seductive and eye-catching, almost making him want to cover his eyes!

He performed this in front of the global audience hundreds of times!

Now, thinking back, it’s all a nightmare!

“In fact, this song can still be sung, after all, it’s a song that became a global sensation, it’s a pity not to sing it! But, the costume and the dance need improvements, can’t be so eye-catching!” He shuddered at the thought.

The more he thought about it, the more he felt the idea was not bad.

“Decided, the first song in my debut will be ‘Gangnam Style’!”

So, he immediately churned out 50,000 words overnight for the manuscript “Dragon King’s Excessive Son-in-law,” then returned to the company for preparations.

Meanwhile, online, the new update of the book “Dragon King’s Excessive Son-in-law” caused a huge sensation.

“Damn! This novel has updated again, and it’s 50,000 words! Congratulations! I can see how the Dragon King washes his feet, so refreshing… hehe!”

“I used to think this book was toxic, but now it’s becoming more interesting the more I read!”

“Exactly! Seeing even the mighty Dragon King living in such misery, I’ve gained more confidence in myself!”

“Dragon King’s Excessive Son-in-law has become a must-read in my Foot Washing City!”

“With such a long hiatus, I almost suspected the author was taken out by the Dragon King! After all, he wrote about people so miserably, someone might come out of the book and beat him to death!”

“Secretly, there’s actually a Dragon King called Zhaotian among us!”

Dragon Fang Capital headquarters.

Dragon King Zhaotian, looking at the updated “Dragon King’s Excessive Son-in-law,” was full of anger: “Still no clue about the mastermind behind this?”

The black-clad individuals shivered: “Dragon King, still no trace!”

“Idiots!” Dragon King roared.

“However, Dragon King, following your instructions, we further investigated Wu Ge, and indeed found some peculiarities, please have a look!” The black-clad person nervously presented a set of information.

“Pass it over!”

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Table of Content
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