Chapter 14: Quality Improvement and Feng Wanxi’s Helplessness!

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Fixing the Silver Dragon Sword was quite easy for Chen Chang’an.

It took him only the time it took to brew a cup of tea.

The entire Silver Dragon Sword, with its flowing silver light, released an astonishing sword aura!

It was perfectly repaired.

Then, Chen Chang’an used the【Proficient at Refining】, to further refine the Silver Dragon Sword.

Originally, the sword had many flaws. After Chen Chang’an’s refinement, these flaws were quickly remedied. He even inscribed some enhancing patterns on the sword to amplify its power.

Moreover, since Chen Chang’an had mastered not only the【Artifact Refining Mastery】but also the【Swordmanship Mastery】, he could ensure that the sword was perfect. Even if Ye Ningfrost’s soul couldn’t merge with the sword, she could still wield it with ease and unleash its full power!

More importantly, the power that the Silver Dragon Sword could now exert had increased by more than forty percent compared to before it was damaged!

Suddenly, as Chen Chang’an inscribed the last pattern, the sword’s brilliance intensified, accompanied by the sound of a dragon’s roar and the sword’s hum!

The Silver Dragon Sword’s quality had soared from a nine-star mystic treasure to a four-star earth-ranked treasure.

The sword’s power had increased several times!

Chen Chang’an held the sword’s hilt with one hand and stroked the blade with the other, feeling the icy sensation similar to his interaction with Ye Ningfrost today. He was somewhat surprised.

“I was only casually repairing it, and the quality of the Silver Dragon Sword accidentally improved to a four-star earth-ranked treasure. This【Artifact Refining Mastery】is truly amazing! I wonder what Ye Ye Ningshuang will think when she sees it tomorrow?”

Of course, this was the limit of the Silver Dragon Sword’s current quality, given the material it was made of.

Limited by the materials and patterns, the sword couldn’t be further improved.

If the materials had been better, it would have been easy for Chen Chang’an to raise the nine-star mystic treasure to a heavenly rank.

Chen Chang’an stroked his chin, “I wonder how much a four-star earth-ranked treasure can sell for? However, with a repair price of 300,000 spirit stones, it’s definitely worth it. Ye Ningfrost only paid 100,000 spirit stones, and Li Tianci covered the remaining 200,000. So, Ye Ningshuang makes a profit, I don’t lose anything, and the only one at a loss is Li Tianci.”

Afterward, Chen Chang’an put away the Silver Dragon Sword, waiting for Ye Ningshuang to pick it up tomorrow.

In the evening, Feng Wanxi didn’t return.

Chen Chang’an sighed.

“Tonight, I can’t take advantage because Master’s absence. Master, I miss you during these three and a half hours.”

Then, Chen Chang’an cooked dinner.

Although Feng Wanxi didn’t come back, he still prepared dinner for two.

He ate one portion himself and left the other in the pot to keep warm.

Just in case his Master returned hungry.

After dinner, Chen Chang’an felt a little tired from building his small house during the day.

Yawning, he left a note for Feng Wanxi in the treasure room, informing her that there was a portion of dinner left for her in the pot.

Then, Chen Chang’an went to his room to sleep.

The comfortable bed, more than two meters wide, was especially cozy thanks to a mattress that Chen Chang’an had made. It was soft, comfortable, and springy.

“Good night.”

Chen Chang’an was very happy. Starting from today, he could finally enjoy the comfort of a good night’s sleep for the next three years.

He would definitely sleep soundly tonight.

Taking off his clothes, Chen Chang’an left only his underwear on and crawled into bed.

With a look of contentment on his face, he said, “It’s so warm and comfortable; it feels like I’ve become one with the bed.”

In no time, Chen Chang’an fell asleep.


Although he was sleeping, his strength continued to steadily increase under the “Automatic Cultivation” function.

Half an hour after falling asleep, Chen Chang’an’s aura suddenly trembled.

His cultivation made a breakthrough, and under the “Automatica Cultivation” function, it advanced to the eighth level of Qi Refining!

Late at night, the Feixian Peak was quiet, occasionally filled with the chirping of insects.

At that moment, a streak of divine light cut through the dark sky – it was Feng Wanxi returning.

Feng Wanxi wore a white jade silk dress with her long hair fluttering. At this moment, she was wiping a sword in her hand.

It was a thin sword, adorned with countless powerful inscriptions. It was of extremely high quality and formidable power – a Heavenly Ranked treasure called the “Cloud Flowing Sword.”

However, the sword was now stained with the blood of a fierce demon, and a small crack appeared on its blade.

Feng Wanxi shook her head slightly.

“The quality of Cloud Flowing is still too low. Just by killing a single Nascent Soul demon, it has been damaged. If it were up against a stronger opponent, the sword would likely be destroyed.”

But there was no other option.

(Tentative: Treasure ranks from low to high: Gold, Mystic, Earth, Heavenly, Spirit, King, Saint, Emperor, Immortal, and each rank is divided into one to nine stars.)

In the Nine States Continent, Heavenly Ranked treasures were already considered top-tier.

It was extremely difficult to obtain a treasure that surpassed the Heavenly Rank.

After all, to forge a treasure that surpassed the Heavenly Rank, not only were the materials for refining scarce, but the inscriptions and the refiner were also extremely demanding.

At least in the Nine States Continent, there were not many refiners who could create treasures that surpassed the Heavenly Rank. Moreover, they needed to master inscriptions above the Heavenly Rank to create such treasures.

There were such refiners within the Immortal Life Sect, but they did not have access to many inscriptions above the Heavenly Rank, especially in the field of Sword Dao, where Spirit Ranked inscriptions were even rarer.

So there were no treasures above the Heavenly Rank in Sword Dao.

Feng Wanxi shook her head, not dwelling on the thought. If the Cloud Flowing Sword were to break, she would simply have to replace it with another Heavenly Ranked sword.

For a powerhouse like her, finding a suitable life-bound treasure was extremely difficult.

After cleaning the Cloud Flowing Sword, it transformed into a ray of light and fused into Feng Wanxi’s right index finger for nurturing.

At this time, she had returned to Feixian Peak.

She saw three houses arranged in a scattered pattern.

One was her treasure house, one was the kitchen, and the last one was the small house that her disciple had built today.

The small house was simple but not out of place, looking natural and peaceful, as if it had blended with Feixian Peak, seamlessly integrated.

Feng Wanxi was somewhat surprised.

“Although the small house my disciple built is simple, it’s much better than I expected and quite pleasing to the eye.”

Feng Wanxi was not an expert in refining artifacts, so her understanding of artifact crafting was quite ordinary, and she couldn’t see anything special.

If an artifact refining master were to see the small house that Chen Chang’an had built, they would be so shocked and amazed that they would kneel in awe.

This house was in perfect harmony with heaven and earth, with its Dao principles naturally formed, making it akin to the legendary House of the Great Dao!

As long as one cultivated within this house, there would be a much higher chance of resonating with the Great Dao. During cultivation, there would be no need to worry about deviating from the path or being possessed by evil. Furthermore, it could help dissolve bottlenecks in one’s cultivation, allowing for rapid progress in just one day!

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