Chapter 14

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===014 Solution===

He Qingqing dragged her tired body back home. Inside the house, a big man sitting cross-legged with closed eyes opened his eyes.

This man was He Jianyong, the leader of Chashan Outpost and He Qingqing’s father. He Jianyong had a tall and sturdy figure, with countless scars on his muscular arms exposed under a short-sleeved shirt. His hair, tied in a ponytail at the back of his head, gave him the appearance of a swordsman caught in a fierce wind, but it was shorter and messier. When his resolute face saw He Qingqing, it unexpectedly revealed a hint of tenderness.

“Qingqing, where did you go running? Why are you so tired?”

He Qingqing suddenly smiled mysteriously and said, “It’s a secret. I won’t tell you.”

He Jianyong couldn’t help but burst into laughter by He Qingqing’s cute behavior.

Suddenly, He Qingqing remembered something and wrinkled her nose, saying to He Jianyong, “Dad, the answer you gave was completely wrong! I won’t ask you questions anymore.”

He Jianyong was puzzled, “What answer?”

He Qingqing gestured, “The one about what a person can have but doesn’t need to see a doctor for when they’re sick.”

He Jianyong became interested, “Oh, was it wrong? What’s the answer then?”

“The answer is a blind person!”

He Jianyong was stunned for a moment, then suddenly realized, and burst into laughter, covering his stomach, “Hahaha. Interesting, interesting! It is indeed a blind person, you’re right.”

He Qingqing stomped her feet in anger and said, “Dad, you’re still laughing. Only stupid people can’t answer Xiangwu’s question. He doesn’t want to play with stupid people.”

He Jianyong laughed again, “Old San’s son is interesting. Qingqing, you should play more with Xiangwu in the future.”

“Hmph! Even this question can’t be answered, why do you care!”

He Jianyong scratched his head awkwardly.

Su Hao slowly dragged his exhausted body back home and as soon as he entered the door, he saw Wu Yuntian handing him a bowl of vegetable egg soup.

Su Hao didn’t hesitate and quickly finished it in three to five mouthfuls.

Wu Yuntian took the bowl away and pointed to the neatly arranged cushions, saying, “Sit here and slowly feel the changes in your body.”

After saying this, he left and closed the door behind him.

How to feel it? Su Hao didn’t know. He could only slowly try to explore. First, empty his mind and enter a confused state. At this time, a person’s spirit would reach its highest point, just like meditation. And then…

Then Su Hao fell asleep.

He was just too tired and couldn’t help but fall asleep, which was a mistake.

Checking the log and the time, an hour had passed and during that time, his father had come to check on him once. Seeing Su Hao asleep, he left with a smile.

Standing up and stretching his sore legs, Su Hao began to reflect on himself.

“For such an important matter, how could I fall asleep? Su Hao, your willpower is too weak. Do you still think you can practice martial arts like this? Dream on!”

He made up his mind to control himself next time and not fall asleep.

However, when he thought about how he would exhaust himself completely before the next meditation, Su Hao couldn’t help but lament, “Being an athlete is so hard.”

The next morning, the sound of orderly footsteps could be heard on the playground.

Originally, Su Hao used to run alone, but since He Qingqing and her two followers found out the secret to becoming intelligent, they joined Su Hao’s team and ran together, panting and heaving.

To add credibility, Su Hao gave He Qingqing a question, “There are 3 fish in a creek, one is caught, how many are left?”

He Qingqing answered eagerly, “2!”

“Correct! You see, after running for just one day, Qingqing can already answer the question correctly! Amazing!”

He Qingqing beamed with joy, and her two followers gained confidence.

Back at home, after drinking the vegetable egg soup, Su Hao suddenly asked, “Father, why do we drink vegetable egg soup?”

“Because it absorbs quickly.”

So that’s why, Su Hao no longer had any other thoughts and was focused on sensing his own body. However, he still didn’t make any progress today. The good news was that he managed to control his desire to sleep.

One month later.

Su Hao opened his eyes from meditation, but shook his head inwardly. It still wasn’t working. For the past month, he had exhausted himself every morning, then drank vegetable and egg soup followed by meditation. But no matter how hard he tried, he still couldn’t sense the blood energy his father had mentioned. He began to doubt whether his father taught him the right method.

However, this month of running and meditating wasn’t completely fruitless. His body had become much stronger, the flesh on his hands and feet was no longer soft, and his physical strength had greatly increased. He no longer trembled after running for a while, like he did in the beginning. Of course, as his physical strength increased, depleting it every day became a difficult task.

Through meditation and stillness, Su Hao’s mind was free from many distractions. He no longer planned what to eat for dinner the moment he closed his eyes like he did in the beginning.

Now, he could quickly rid his mind of distractions and focus his thoughts on one thing. His thinking became clearer, and he enjoyed the feeling of sitting in stillness.

In other words, he enjoyed daydreaming.

But daydreaming couldn’t help him find his blood energy.

On that day, Su Hao found Wu Yuntian and expressed his doubts, “Father, I have exhausted myself as you instructed and then meditated, but it has been a month and there hasn’t been any change. I still can’t find the blood energy. Am I doing something wrong?”

Wu Yuntian shook his head and said, “Xiangwu, you’re not doing anything wrong. But finding the blood energy is not as easy as you imagine. It is the threshold for ordinary people to become martial artists. This threshold can only be overcome by yourself. No one can help you. That’s why not everyone in our human race becomes a martial artist. Every year, countless people are stopped by this threshold from becoming martial artists.”

Su Hao frowned and asked, “What should I do now then?”

Wu Yuntian comforted him, “Don’t worry, take your time to comprehend it. Immerse yourself completely and if one month is not enough, try half a year. If half a year is not enough, try one year. You will find it.”

Su Hao suddenly became curious and asked, “Father, how long did it take you to find your own blood energy?”

Wu Yuntian became silent immediately. Could he tell his talented son that it took him a year and a half to barely find his blood energy? The answer was no because he couldn’t predict when his son would suddenly find his blood energy. If that happened, where would he put his old face? The best way was to stay silent and let his son guess. In this past year, his son had given him too many surprises. Even if he suddenly came to him tomorrow saying that he had found his blood energy, he wouldn’t be surprised, would he?

Seeing Wu Yuntian’s silence, Su Hao thought he was just slow and that his father didn’t want to discourage him. He couldn’t help but wear a look of dissatisfaction and said, “Okay then, Father, don’t worry. I will work hard and find the blood energy as soon as possible.”

Wu Yuntian nodded and said, “I have something to attend to, I’ll leave for a while.”

After speaking, he left without turning back.

Leaving Su Hao alone, he was feeling dejected, wondering what he should do. What exactly was this blood energy? It seemed so mysterious…

After pondering for a while, Su Hao suddenly looked up, his eyes shining brightly.

“I have a way! It will definitely work!”

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