Chapter 14

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Chapter 14: Drug Dealer with a Business License?

The friend request has been sent.

Liu Juan, Li Jun, and the others were all caught up in anxious anticipation.

They were worried whether Ji Yan would approve their request.

They were also nervous about how to communicate with Ji Yan later.

From the information they currently have.

Ji Yan is the kind of drug dealer who can close more than fifty deals in less than two days.

Undoubtedly, an experienced major drug dealer.

If they are even slightly careless, they might reveal their intentions.

If such a drug dealer becomes aware that someone is investigating him.

It would be a loss outweighing the gains.

A few minutes later.

Ji Yan accepted their QQ request.

The officers, who were tense just moments ago, were now on high alert, focusing all their attention on this chat box.

On the other side, in the Sichuan province.

Ji Yan was extremely busy with his business.

Not even half a day has passed, and there are already more than twenty buyers knocking on his door.

They all came to buy crystal meth.

When he counted them all up.

Ji Yan realized he had already taken more than fifty orders.

“Are these people’s money so easy to earn?”

Ji Yan typed quickly, his face filled with a smile.

Just then.

Another group of people added Ji Yan on QQ.

Ji Yan had gotten used to people adding him on QQ.

He immediately clicked “Agree.”

“Buying rock candy?”

Ji Yan sent a message to “Hu Daxi” on QQ.

Upon receiving Ji Yan’s message.

Liu Juan and the others tensed up.

Their casual conversation with Ji Yan formed a stark contrast.

“It’s okay, just talk to him normally!”

Li Jun patted Liu Juan’s shoulder.


After thinking for a few seconds, Liu Juan replied to Ji Yan’s message.

“Yes, how’s the product over there?”

Ji Yan replied quickly.

“It’s of high purity, don’t worry.”

Could it be anything other than high purity?

Pure crystal meth!

Absolutely guaranteed!

“How much do you sell it for?”

Liu Juan continued probing.

“300 yuan per gram, 500 yuan for two grams, 1,200 yuan for five grams, and 1,800 yuan for ten grams. I only sell these quantities!”

Seeing Ji Yan’s reply, everyone was puzzled.

How could someone sell crystal meth like this?

“Ask him if he has always been selling it like this.”

Li Jun instructed Liu Juan.

Liu Juan agreed and sent the message to Ji Yan as instructed.

Ji Yan was somewhat speechless.

What does it matter to him how he sells it?

“Yeah, just tell me how much you want to buy!”

The constables quickly received Ji Yan’s response.

“How long have you been in this business? Do you have any other products? Like red wine and stuff.”

Liu Juan wanted to fish for more information from Ji Yan.

However, after sending that message, there was no reply from the other side.

The officers became anxious, wondering if they had inadvertently revealed something suspicious.

On the other side, Ji Yan was still replying to other messages at lightning speed.

After two or three minutes, he finally opened the chat with “Hu Daxi.”

“Tsk, why is this person so indecisive?”

Ji Yan replied to his message with a frown.

“No, only rock candy.”

“Why do you have so many questions? Are you buying or not?”

At the moment, Ji Yan had many customers on hand.

He couldn’t be bothered to engage with a single customer for so long.

It would delay his money-making!

At the same time, Liu Juan and the others also received Ji Yan’s message.

Seeing that Ji Yan didn’t suspect anything, everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

But there was also some slight disappointment.

They wanted to continue extracting information from Ji Yan by coaxing him with conversation.

Now it seemed they couldn’t prolong it any further.

This “major drug dealer” was already getting impatient.

“Go ahead and place an order with him.”

Li Jun spoke up.

Liu Juan nodded and continued messaging Ji Yan.

“Buying, buying, buying! Bro, don’t get angry, I was just asking.”

“I want to buy five grams, can you do express delivery? I’m in a hurry!”

When Ji Yan received an order for five grams, his expression improved slightly.

“Express delivery? Just make the payment first.”

Immediately, Ji Yan sent his account number to Liu Juan.

Upon receiving Ji Yan’s account number, Li Jun was thrilled.

“I didn’t expect to get the account number so quickly!”

“Quick! Find out who the owner of this account number is!”

“Right, let’s transfer the payment first, don’t alert him.”

Li Jun understood that if they wanted to catch Ji Yan, they couldn’t afford to skimp on this “payment.” 1,200 yuan was a small price to pay. They couldn’t let this audacious major drug dealer become suspicious.

“Got it!”

Several officers immediately got up and started working.

The most important task was to find out the identity of this drug dealer.

The computer experts in the office were ready to display their skills.

Resultantly, even before the payment to Ji Yan was made, the constables had already uncovered his identity.

“Captain Li, we’ve found out…”

Chen Jin turned to look at Li Jun, hesitating.

“You’ve found out already?!”

Li Jun was clearly astonished and quickly walked over to check.

“Ji Yan, 22 years old, from Sichuan province. His parents died in a car accident when he was 17.”

“He owns a candy shop located next to Chengnan Elementary School in Sichuan province.”

“Ji Yan started selling crystal meth online about a week ago.”


Chen Jin reported Ji Yan’s identity information one by one.

But Li Jun and the others were completely puzzled.

What’s going on?

How did they easily find Ji Yan’s identity information?

Based on the information, he seemed like a law-abiding young man!

Moreover, he even had a licensed candy shop!

A drug dealer with a business license?

“Could it be real? Is it really that easy to find?”

Li Jun’s face was full of doubt.

He carefully examined Ji Yan’s information.

The more he looked, the less he believed it.

“Boss, this must be fake, right?”

“A major drug lord who distributes drugs all over the country, and his information is so easily accessible?”

“I don’t think it’s real…”

“He even runs a candy shop… That’s a bit far-fetched!”

“Could he have forged this information to prevent polices from investigating him?”


The officers surrounding Li Jun were all discussing it.

Their initial reaction was that Ji Yan’s information was fake.

Otherwise, there was no way to explain it!

He’s clearly a well-known drug dealer in the drug circle.

But the investigation reveals him as the owner of a sugar shop?


It must be forged.

Li Jun also thought that the information was likely fake.

“Continue investigating this person’s identity!”

“We must dig out his real identity!”

“In the meantime, let’s report this situation to our superiors.”

“We’re not familiar with the situation in Sichuan province, so this time we need the constables from there to work with us!”

Li Jun decided on a plan of action.

The others had no objections to this method.

They immediately stood at attention, acknowledging the order, and began working on it.

Not long after, the superiors were informed of the situation.

The drug dealer who completed fifty transactions within two days drew high attention from the higher-ups.

In fact, the upper echelons of Daxia convened a special team of Jinyiwei (a secret police organization) to investigate this matter!


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