Chapter 14

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Chapter 14: I, the protagonist, became the antagonist’s personal bodyguard!

So, he came here to apply for a security guard position.

As soon as he saw that they were hiring bodyguards, he couldn’t wait to rush out.

He must seize this rare opportunity!

Lurking by his side, ready to strike at a critical moment!

“I didn’t expect two people to step forward, I am really happy!” Lin Beifan said excitedly, “What are your names?”

“Reporting, sir, my name is Zhao Hu!” the serious-looking security guard with a dark face said.

“Zhao Hu has been working here for many years, about five to six years. He is very familiar with all aspects of our work and has done a great job. There is no doubt about his loyalty!” the head of the security department introduced.

“Reporting, sir, my name is Ye Xingchen!” The second protagonist, Ye Xingchen, also said seriously.

“Ye Xingchen is a newly recruited security guard here. Although he is relatively young, he is very capable! None of us here can match him in terms of fighting skills!” the head of the security department introduced again.

“Oh? Quite capable?” Lin Beifan seemed interested.

“He is indeed very capable. Ordinary people can’t even get close to him! However…” the head of the security department whispered, “He just arrived, so we haven’t thoroughly investigated his background yet! There was a period of time when his information was blank!”

“Don’t suspect a person without cause, don’t doubt a person’s capability! Since he has come to our company, it means he has faith in our company. We should sincerely accept him!” Lin Beifan approached Ye Xingchen, patted his shoulder, and encouraged him, “You are excellent! From now on, you will follow me! Don’t worry, I can have meat, and you will at least have some soup!”

“Yes, thank you, sir!” Ye Xingchen was extremely excited. He didn’t expect it to be so easy to get close to him!

He has taken another step towards revenge!

Lin Beifan, just you wait, I will make you regret it sooner or later!

Lin Beifan smiled warmly, “From now on, we are family. Don’t call me sir, just call me Vice President Lin!”

“Yes, Vice President Lin!” Ye Xingchen said loudly.

Then, Lin Beifan turned to look at Zhao Hu and said, “You are also great, I really admire you! Just wait for me. Once I move up another level and have an extra bodyguard slot, I will transfer you here!”

“Thank you, sir!” Zhao Hu excitedly stepped back into the queue.

Then, Lin Beifan led Ye Xingchen into the office.

Ye Xingchen followed obediently without any unusual behavior.

But at that moment, he saw the figure of a beautiful woman in the office, and his spirits were lifted.

It’s her!

Liu Rumei, Lin Beifan’s most trusted subordinate!

In the previous life, it was this woman who appeared beautiful and charming but constantly came up with malicious ideas that caused him to suffer defeat and retreat!

If it weren’t for her, he wouldn’t have lost so quickly!

In this life, I will never let you off the hook!


Now, it seems that she came here because of her best friend’s business, and there is no emotional connection between them, even a hint of hostility!

If he could turn her to his side and make her his person, wouldn’t Lin Beifan lose even faster?

Plus, she is so beautiful…

Easily on par with his crush, Chu Ruoxue!

If he could have her in his arms, it would be a great joy!

The more Ye Xingchen thought about it, the more tempted he became.

At this moment, the beautiful secretary Liu Rumei organized a set of documents and said, “This is the basic information of Lin Investment Company. I have already organized it! The key information is highlighted in red. Take a look!”

Lin Beifan took the documents and said, “Okay, make me a cup of coffee!”

Liu Rumei rolled her eyes and said, “I’m your secretary for work, I’m not responsible for this task. Find someone else to do it!”

Lin Beifan: “…”

At that moment, Liu Rumei noticed a young man in a security guard uniform standing beside them and exclaimed, “Is he the bodyguard you hired?”

Lin Beifan proudly said, “How about it? Handsome, right?”

Ye Xingchen raised his head and chest, showing off his most handsome appearance.

Liu Rumei nodded and said, “Not bad! The person you chose is just like you, good-looking!”

Ye Xingchen: “…”

“I’m going out to organize the information about your appointment. Don’t bother me if it’s not important!”

Saying that, Liu Rumei walked out of the office with swaying steps.

Lin Beifan jokingly punched Ye Xingchen and said, “Brother, don’t mind her! This new secretary I hired is like this, quite unique. She even looks down on me, the CEO!”

“Don’t worry, Vice President Lin, I won’t take it to heart!” Ye Xingchen said loudly.

In fact, seeing this scene made him even happier.

Because it means that there hasn’t been any progress between the two of them, making his plan even easier to succeed!

“Alright, do as you please, I’ll call you if there’s anything!”

“Yes, Vice President Lin!”

Then, Lin Beifan quickly glanced through the documents and found that there were no significant differences from the previous life.

In this way, it was already 2 p.m.

Lin Beifan packed up his things and left the office.

The beautiful secretary Liu Rumei saw this and called out, “Vice President Lin, where are you going?”

“To the hospital!”

Upon hearing the word “hospital,” Liu Rumei thought he was going to visit her best friend, Song Yuqing, and said, “Wait for me! I’ll go too!”

As for the second protagonist, Ye Xingchen, as a bodyguard, he naturally followed along.

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