Chapter 14

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Chapter 14 – Footsteps of Decline (Viscount 4)

At the same time, Viscount Ladrith, who had returned from the evening party in high spirits, noticed that the foyer light had been changed to a somewhat dim torch.

“Hehehe. Oh, Yesman. Did you change the foyer light? ”

“Yes. Did you notice, my lord? I tried a little rearranging. By the way, you seem to be in a very good mood, Viscount.”

With a slightly startled look on his face, Viscount Ladrith laughed while holding a tube against his face to cool down. He became talkative when asked about the topic he wanted to talk about.

“Thanks to my idea, that defective mage was equipped with beginner-level ice and wind magic, and by chance, the Princess took an interest in it at the party. She was very pleased when I presented one to her.”

“That’s perceptive of you, Viscount.”

Yesman, the butler, sighed with relief as he gently stroked his chest at having narrowly survived a crisis. Currently, the legacy of Aix’s broken down performance was becoming unusable one after another in the mansion, and it was expected that rearrangement would continue in the future.

First, the foyer light’s effect time had expired, and they were forced to rearrange it to a torch.

“The Princess praised my idea a lot and promised to give presents for her friends the next time we meet. This is an unexpected opportunity to get a foothold in the royal family.”

“As expected of you, Viscount. However, there is one problem. Aix has left the adventurer profession.”

The Viscount’s face became somewhat displeased, but the self-proclaimed quick-witted Viscount started to make unreasonable demands on his butler.

“Oh, right! I’ve got a good idea. Then we should hire him into our household. The defective mage, who is out of work and in desperate straits, would cry tears of joy. Let’s have him produce 200 of the same item as his first job.”

“That’s a good idea, my lord. I will inquire about it at once.”

The struggling butler, Yesman, eagerly jumped at the bait. He knew that with Aix’s return, he wouldn’t be subjected to unreasonable demands.

“Hehehe. Looks like a high-ranking noble has arrived.”

“As expected of the Viscount.”

Unbeknownst to them, they couldn’t imagine that they were unable to eat this huge fake bait and dreamt up an unrealistic and happy future, sacrificing Aix for it.

When the Viscount went to bed, the head maid approached the butler with a troubled expression.

“Butler-sama, we have a problem.”

“What is it, Head Maid?”

A workplace with thorough communication and cooperation.

Apart from relying heavily on the excessive magic tools left behind by Aix (temporary), they are somewhat skilled.

“The biggest ice cube in the seventh freezer has melted. Can you make a new one? When will it be ready?”

“I understand. …Dispose of everything in the seventh freezer. Eternal ice cannot be prepared for a while.”

The Head Maid looked perplexed.

“That’s wasteful. Why don’t we call a mage to make a new one?”

“A mage’s ice ball won’t last an hour. We are considering the revival of eternal ice, but until then, please proceed with the same disposal.”

Yesman learned from his mistake. He learned that a mage couldn’t replace Aix and that magical instruments were useless.

“I understand. Please revive it as soon as possible, Butler-sama. Please be aware that disposing of everything will lower family’s rank.”

“I understand, Head Maid. I’ll find a way before then.”

He hurried towards the accumulated safe. Finally, he recognized the value of Aix, who he had been unfairly exploiting, and took action.

However, it was a little too late.

Too late!

Yesman’s face showed hope and a sense of duty, but it was a shame. If only there was some remorse within him, he might have had a chance.

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