Chapter 14

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Chapter 14: Bai Yiyi Takes the Lead, Domineeringly Protecting her Brother!

As the two Divine Sea experts clashed, an astonishing force erupted.

The momentum resembled surging waves, rolling outward without end, sweeping in all directions.

Within a radius of thirty yards, there was no stable ground.

The onlooking disciples were filled with shock.

“Is this the might of Divine Sea experts? It’s too terrifying!”

“Even a hint of their exposed aura could instantly kill me!”

“When will I be able to reach their level?”

However, at this moment, Bai Yiyi shouted, “The ground is inconvenient; let’s have a battle in the sky!”

Wang Yao didn’t respond verbally but forcefully stepped forward, soaring into the sky.

Bai Yiyi followed closely behind.

Once they reached a hundred yards above the ground, they engaged in battle once again.

The momentum became even more tumultuous, forming roaring winds that dispersed the clouds, shaking the surroundings.

The pouring force, like a waterfall, created a sense of oppression.

Once again, the onlookers were astonished.

“They can become even stronger?”

“I don’t even have the courage to face them!”

“If I can reach their level in my lifetime, I’ll be content!”

Lin Beifan also watched with a yearning heart.

This was his first close-up view of a battle between two Divine Sea experts.

The unleashed power made him tremble, filled with excitement.

In his mind, he couldn’t help but ponder – if the Divine Sea was already this formidable, how powerful would the divine cores above it be?

And what about the experts beyond the divine cores, the ones at the level of Saint and Immortal? How strong would they be?

And there’s even the realm beyond Immortality?

Just the thought sends shivers down the spine.

Like gods or demons, they are beyond ordinary comprehension!

Their strength not only failed to dampen Lin Beifan’s enthusiasm but also ignited his spirit of competitiveness.

“Someday, I will become like you and surpass you!”

The battle between the two Divine Sea experts also attracted many Outer Sect disciples to stop and watch.

They were equally shocked, not just by the power of the battle but by Bai Yiyi’s strength.

“In just two months, how did Bai Yiyi become so powerful?”

“Yeah, her divine power seems profound, and she’s already beginning to restrain it… It won’t be long before she steps into the realm of divine pellets!”

“An 18-year-old divine core expert, terrifying!”

“In the thousands of years since our sect was founded, the disciples who entered the realm of divine cores before the age of 20 can be counted on one hand! These individuals are all extraordinary talents, destined to achieve great things in the future!”

“So envious! How did Bai Yiyi cultivate? Could she have consumed some miraculous elixir?”

“It should be impossible; look at how solid her foundation is!”

“Hey, stop discussing; Wang Yao is about to lose!”

As if the Outer Sect disciple’s words came true, after a hundred rounds, Wang Yao began to fall behind.

Another hundred rounds, and Wang Yao appeared miserable, losing focus.

After 300 rounds, Wang Yao admitted defeat, leaving bloodied but with determination.

He left with a stern remark, “Bai Yiyi, I lost this round. We’ll meet again another day!”

“I’ll be waiting!”

Bai Yiyi replied, descending slowly from the sky.

Watching the shocked, admiring, and fearful disciples below, she spoke with an icy expression, “From today, Lin Beifan is my brother! Anyone who dares to bully him will face the consequences!”

This statement sternly intimidated everyone.

Thinking of Wang Yao’s fate, they all shuddered and quickly nodded.

“We dare not! We dare not!”

“I won’t bully Lin Beifan again!”

“He’s also my brother from now on; if I see him, I’ll take a detour!”

Seeing this scene, Lin Beifan pondered.

From his recent rampage to Bai Yiyi’s decisive victory over Wang Yao, it seemed all planned by her.

The purpose was probably to deter the small fry and protect him, her brother.

Well, she’s indeed a cunning sister!

But, that’s okay; you won’t survive in this world without cunning!

Observing everyone being subdued, Bai Yiyi was very satisfied. She gracefully approached Lin Beifan, hugged one of his arms, and smiled, “Brother, it’s getting late; let’s go!”

“Sure, let’s go!” Lin Beifan smiled.

Amidst the envious gazes of the crowd, they left hand in hand.

They were just going to the market to buy some things and return.

However, the impact they caused was spreading throughout the entire sect at an incredible speed.

“Did you hear? Since Lin Beifan followed Bai Yiyi, his strength has skyrocketed! Just today, he defeated dozens of refining body experts single-handedly!”

“With only the cultivation of refining body, he defeated Wang Chuan, who just entered the extraordinary realm!”

“Damn! That’s impressive!”

“It is! Not yet in the extraordinary realm but defeating extraordinary experts; there are only a few in the world! However, Lin Beifan, a guy with no apparent talent, managed to do it, making people envious!”

“What’s the big deal? He’s just clinging to a powerful thigh! Without Bai Yiyi, would he have such strength?”

“That’s true! The most powerful one is Bai Yiyi; she defeated Wang Yao, who was in the Divine Sea realm, in less than 300 moves. Dominantly protecting her brother! I heard from an Outer Sect senior; soon, Bai Yiyi will step into the realm of divine pellets!”

“I envy not Bai Senior Sister but Lin Beifan! Damn, that guy with no talent, how can he gain the favor of Bai Senior Sister?”

“Exactly! He just looks a little good; what’s the use of looking good?”

“He’s just plain lucky!”

The more they talked, the angrier they became.

They wished they could tear Lin Beifan apart and take his place.

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