Chapter 114

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Chapter 114: Grenade Launcher!

These densely packed threads couldn’t be touched. Touching them might alert the “Silk Demon.” Besides, these threads were highly likely to be razor-sharp and could potentially cut hands and feet. Furthermore, Su Hao was in the shadows, which was an advantage, and there was no need to alert the opponent. It would be best to prepare something significant first, hit hard, gain the upper hand, and then engage in combat.

Su Hao slowly backed away and moved to the roof on the opposite side.

“Let’s send the opponent a grenade launcher!” Su Hao’s idea was straightforward. While the threads were sharp, they were most likely vulnerable to fire and corrosion. Therefore, as soon as the flames were ignited, the threads would lose their effectiveness, allowing his attack to reach the “Silk Demon.”

In this way, Su Hao had a significant advantage over the “Silk Demon.” During the battle, as long as he continuously used the “Fire Ring” to strike all around, the “Silk Demon” could only watch helplessly without any way to retaliate.

With his battle plan confirmed, Su Hao immediately took action. He bound three “Twenty Explosions” small balls together, slowly infused them with blood energy, and activated a ten-second countdown.

On the surface, he applied the “Corrosion” and “High Temperature” properties.

Holding the small balls in his hands, he aimed at the location of the “Silk Demon” and fired like launching a Kamehameha wave.

His hands were equipped with “Hard” and “Barrier” armor, more than enough to serve as a cannon barrel.

“Triple Burst!”

The three-fold “Burst” runes on his palms instantly activated.


Su Hao’s hands suddenly exploded, and he was pushed back by the recoil, almost flipping over the roof of the building.

The three “Twenty Burst” projectiles had already penetrated the windows. The “High Temperature” and “Corrosion” attached to them burned through the countless fine threads in their path, heading directly for the “Silk Demon.”

In the blink of an eye, they arrived.

The “Silk Demon,” Sik, was not awakened by the deafening explosion but by the sensation caused by the destruction of his own threads. The shockwaves generated by the explosion followed closely behind the projectiles but hadn’t reached Sik’s ears in time.

As Sik turned over inside the giant cocoon, he opened his eyes.

In a slow-motion-like fashion, he witnessed the side of his cocoon swelling, turning black from burning, and then breaking open, revealing three fist-sized spherical projectiles heading towards his abdomen.

“What’s this?” Sik’s mind could only produce a single question.

The three balls struck him as they reached his chest.


A violent explosion resounded, shaking the entire building. Massive energy rampaged through the room, destroying a considerable amount of furniture, and the windows were sent flying outward. The walls of the small building were covered in a web of fine cracks.

“Bang!” A side of the building suddenly burst open, and a figure quickly fled into the distance.

It was the “Silk Demon” Sik.

At this moment, Sik looked extremely disheveled, with his clothes turned into tattered rags hanging from his body. His face and abdomen were covered in gruesome bloodstains, terrifying and gruesome, as if he had been plowed through by an electric saw. An ordinary person would probably have died instantly.

His hair, which had lost its former grace, was messy and hung above his head.

This wasn’t just disheveled; it was tragic.

To be hit head-on by three “Twenty Explosions” projectiles without any defense and still run so fast, Su Hao had to acknowledge his resilience.

“Wanna run?” Su Hao revealed a faint smile. Over the past two years, this individual had caused chaos throughout the entire city. Su Hao wondered if the “Silk Demon” had ever considered this day.

Su Hao followed suit.

However, he soon slowed down because he discovered that the escape route of the “Silk Demon” was covered in an intricate web of fine threads, blocking his pursuit. If he recklessly entered, he might be dismembered on the spot. If he encountered someone else, he might consider giving up the chase. But when it was Su Hao, it wasn’t that simple.

He immediately applied “High Temperature” and “Corrosion” to his entire body.

Su Hao reached out and touched the fine threads.


The invisible threads instantly broke, and the break points ignited with flames.

Su Hao no longer hesitated. He added another layer of “High Temperature” to his armor and chased after the “Silk Demon.”

All the threads blocking his path broke the moment Su Hao touched them, as if crumbling to dust. Simultaneously, he continuously activated the “Fire Ring” to radiate outwards, incinerating any possibly concealed special threads.

Su Hao needed to finish the battle quickly because… he was getting hot!

Speed was not Sik’s strong suit. He had seven abilities as a Level-4 “Silk Demon” and none of them increased his speed. He would soon be caught up to by Su Hao.

At the same time, he realized that the threads he had set behind him were destroyed in an instant, unable to stop Su Hao in the slightest, making his face full of disbelief.

Sik’s face was covered in injuries and bloodstains. This incredible expression made him look even more ferocious.

He couldn’t help but turn to look back.

Immediately, he understood why his threads couldn’t stop the opponent.

“Damn flames!” Sik cursed. The natural enemy of a “Silk Spitter” was flames. At other times, the threads were incredibly tough, sharp, and could cut through anything, but when they encountered flames or high temperatures, they were useless.

“Escape!” At this moment, Sik had already given up on the idea of fighting and wanted to survive this ordeal first.

However, Sik was much slower than Su Hao. He was soon caught up to by Su Hao.

Su Hao used a burst of speed and headed straight for Sik.

Sik knew he couldn’t escape anymore and had to stop to find another opportunity.

He leaped from the rooftop, landing in the middle of the street, searching for advantageous terrain.

“Thread Tide!” Sik’s body suddenly released large masses of threads, thousands upon thousands, all rushing toward Su Hao. The momentum was overwhelming.

“Fire Dragon!” Su Hao activated the rune he had prepared in advance. A massive fire dragon generated from his right hand’s long blade, continuously extending and sweeping through the oncoming threads.


As the fire dragon passed, Sik’s Thread Tide instantly ignited in flames, turning into ashes, and even scorched Sik’s body.

Sik, with a contorted face, immediately severed the threads.

Then he extended his hand and flung it toward Su Hao.

“Thread Cutting!” Su Hao instantly activated “Fire Ring.”

As the Thread Cutting passed through the “Fire Ring,” it also turned into ashes.

Sik didn’t give up and aimed his ten fingers at Su Hao.

“Piercing Thread!” Ten slightly thicker threads shot out from his fingertips, piercing toward Su Hao.

Su Hao waved his long blade, cutting the threads, but to his surprise, the cut ends still maintained their momentum and nailed themselves into Su Hao’s armor.


Like putting hair on a red-hot iron, the piercing threads immediately sizzled, curled up, and became ineffective.

“Impossible!” Sik went mad, as if he had lost his sanity.

He generated large masses of Thread Tide once again, and they all rushed toward Su Hao. Each thread was incredibly sharp and resilient.

However, it was all in vain. Under Su Hao’s flames, all the threads turned into ashes, losing almost all their utility.

When Sik tried to counterattack again, the pitch-black Su Hao had already arrived in front of him, raising the long blade in his hand.

At this moment, a flash crossed Sik’s mind, and he stared wide-eyed, blurting out, “You’re the ‘Night Demon’!”

(End of this chapter)

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