Chapter 138

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Chapter 138: With you as a friend, Xiao Chen is fortunate!


He really wanted to laugh out loud three times!

Because this is the biggest joke he has heard in two lifetimes!

Blame it on this villain for hiding so well!

He’s too good at acting, fooling everyone!

If he hadn’t experienced it firsthand, he wouldn’t believe that such a despicable person exists in the world!

Looking at Master Uncle’s grateful expression, he knew that Master Uncle wouldn’t listen to anything he said, so he changed the topic. “Master Uncle, what was the situation back then? How did the medical accident occur?”

He understood that this Master Uncle here is very strict when it comes to diagnosing and treating patients, and he usually follows conservative treatment methods. Even if the illness can’t be cured, he wouldn’t let the condition worsen.

So, how could a medical accident happen? It’s very illogical! Mo Wu Hui fell into contemplation and said, “At that time, I was examining a patient, and this patient was very strange! His skin had turned completely green, and he claimed to have some dizziness! But when I examined him, I found that his body was perfectly normal everywhere! So, I diagnosed him with a rare toxin and administered detoxification therapy!”

“However, what’s even stranger is that his condition not only didn’t improve but kept getting worse! In the end, he turned from green to blue, completely infuriating him…”

Mo Wu Hui slowly described the situation at the time.

Xiao Chen, after listening, also fell into deep thought.

If he had been there at the time, he would have chosen the same treatment method as Master Uncle.

This method was indeed conservative and had no harmful effects.

In theory, using this method shouldn’t have worsened the patient’s condition. Even if it couldn’t cure him, it should have provided relief.

But, the problem occurred exactly there.

“Master Uncle, what kind of illness was this, just making the skin turn green?” Xiao Chen was a master physician, and he was very curious about all kinds of complex conditions.

“It really was just turning green and feeling dizzy! As for other symptoms, maybe there were, but I didn’t notice them at the time,” Mo Wu Hui shook his head.

“Master Uncle, do you have any information about that patient? Like photos, medical records, and so on?” Xiao Chen asked again.

“I don’t… Wait a moment!” Mo Wu Hui took out his phone with his one remaining healthy hand and began searching for something. After a while, he exclaimed happily, “Ah… I found it!”

Then he handed the phone to Xiao Chen.

“You see, at that time, a few young people were live streaming and recorded the whole scene! The one with green skin is that patient! Take a look, do you notice anything?”

Xiao Chen glanced at the video for a moment and felt that the person with green skin looked somewhat familiar.

Upon closer inspection and deeper thought, he finally recognized who it was.

“Wang Pangzi!”

“Wang Pangzi, Wu Ge’s loyal buddy!”

“The friend who’s been through thick and thin with Wu Ge, always by his side, Wang Pangzi!”

“He thought he could fool me just by changing his skin color!”

Xiao Chen’s eyes blazed with anger!

Now, everything became clear. It was definitely Wu Ge playing tricks.

Both of them were tomb raiders with various bizarre techniques, so changing skin color wasn’t surprising. They had secretly made attempts on him before, luckily detected by him.

But now, they weren’t targeting him; they had gone after his Master Uncle.

Disrupting his elderly Master’s free medical clinic!

Injuring him!

And getting him thrown into jail!

Ruining a lifetime of reputation in an instant!

It was simply outrageous!


“Xiao Chen, did you see something unusual?” Mo Wu Hui noticed Xiao Chen’s unusual expression.

Xiao Chen took a deep breath and smiled, “I didn’t notice anything! I’ve never seen a condition like this before; it’s completely unfamiliar to me, so I found it strange.”

“Is that so? You little brat, are you telling the truth? Tell the truth or I’ll beat you!”

Xiao Chen shrank back a bit and said, “Master Uncle, how could I dare? Master Uncle, look, you’re injured now, and staying here doesn’t make much sense. It’s better to go back home and recover properly. Let Master Fu take care of you!”

“And what about you? What will you do?”

“Master Uncle, don’t worry, I can take care of myself.”

Mo Wu Hui’s gaze was complex, “Alright! You’ve grown up and have your own ideas. I can’t keep watching over you forever. So, I’ll pack up and leave tomorrow.”

“Alright, Master Uncle!” Xiao Chen breathed a sigh of relief.

The main reason for convincing Master Uncle to leave was to ensure his safety. Those two were grave robbers! They had no qualms about harming even the dead, so why would they spare the living? For Master Uncle’s sake, he had to make sure he left this place!

He would handle this matter on his own!

“Wu Ge, Wang Pangzi!”

“My revenge! My Master Uncle’s revenge! I will definitely get it!”

The next day, Mo Wu Hui took a flight and left, with Lin Beifan accompanying him.

Before parting, Mo Wu Hui felt a bit sentimental, “Xiao Chen has grown up, he has his own concerns, and he even advised me to leave.”

“Dr. Mo, he probably suggested you leave for your own good,” Lin Beifan consoled.

“I know! So I left without hesitation, not wanting to cause him trouble,” Mo Wu Hui smiled at Lin Beifan, “After I leave, Xiao Chen will rely on you!”

“He’s a bit proud, a bit stubborn, but he has a good heart!”

“Don’t worry, I will take good care of Xiao, my friend!”

Mo Wu Hui patted Lin Beifan’s shoulder with force, “With you as his friend, he’s lucky!”

Lin Beifan nodded seriously, “I also think it’s worth it! As long as he behaves, I can keep him in the hospital for a lifetime. Not many kind-hearted antagonists like me!”

“Alright, I’m leaving! Goodbye!”


Lin Beifan waved as he turned and left.

On his way back, he couldn’t help but sigh, “Mo Wu Hui is truly a good doctor and a good elder! If it weren’t for our different stances, I wouldn’t want to harm you! It’s just… fate can be unpredictable!”

At that moment, Lin Beifan’s other phone vibrated.

Opening it, he found a familiar WeChat account.

Mobai : Qingyue, I’m sorry! I’ve been hospitalized due to illness for some time, and I left my phone at home, so I couldn’t reply to you!

Mobai : You… you’re not mad at me, are you? (Nervous.jpg)

Lin Beifan smiled slightly, the protagonist is back online, and the game begins again! He immediately started typing.

Qingyue : How could I be mad?

Qingyue : I’ve been unable to reach you for a while, and I suspected something might have happened, worrying myself sick!

Qingyue : Now that I know you’re okay, I’m relieved! (Happy.jpg)

Qingyue : So, what illness did you have, and how serious was it? Can you tell me?

On the other side of the ocean, the protagonist, Lu Mobai, saw the reply from his crush and couldn’t contain his excitement!

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