Chapter 137

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Chapter 137: The Capital Can No Longer Satisfy Your Appetite, Reaching out to the Whole Country?

“You righteous officials combined don’t contribute as much as I do alone. Why do you have the right to teach me how to do things? What qualifications do you have to teach me?” Lin Beifan questioned loudly once again.

“Ah!” Yao Zheng sighed, drinking silently and looking as if he had aged several years.

He truly had no qualifications!

None of the righteous officials in the entire court had any qualifications!

Although Lin Beifan was indeed corrupt, he had also done concrete good deeds for the court and the people!

These righteous officials didn’t even have the opportunity to serve the court or plead for the people!

With no contributions to their name, what right did they have to criticize others?

Was it just based on their reputation and integrity?

Sometimes, these things were useful, but sometimes they were completely useless!

Just like now, at the critical moment of the nation’s survival, whether the country could be preserved was a question. What use were these reputations and integrity?

What use were righteous officials?

Otherwise, Her Majesty wouldn’t have promoted corrupt officials!

“No, righteous officials are still useful!”

“As long as capable righteous officials are cultivated, Her Majesty will definitely promote them, and the court will definitely promote them!”

“Therefore, I must cultivate capable righteous officials!”

“Not only incorruptible, but also capable of handling practical matters for the people and solving problems for the court!”

“At that time, when the entire court is filled with capable righteous officials, the face of the court will undoubtedly be revitalized, and the lives of the people will inevitably improve. Our Great Wu Dynasty will be saved!”

Yao Zheng’s spirit shook, finding a new faith and radiating new vitality!

Lin Beifan smiled brightly, “Congratulations, Sir Yao, for your enlightenment! As you said, it is only useful to cultivate capable righteous officials! When the entire court is filled with capable righteous officials, the Great Wu Dynasty will undoubtedly be saved!”

“But it is very difficult to cultivate capable righteous officials!”

Lin Beifan sighed, “You see, the reason why righteous officials cannot contend with corrupt officials is because righteous officials have ethics and integrity, while corrupt officials do not! Righteous officials are self-disciplined and serve the public, while corrupt officials do not! Righteous officials have a broad vision, while corrupt officials only protect their own interests!”

“Under such restrictions, it is too difficult to cultivate capable righteous officials!”

“No matter how difficult it is, I am willing to try!” Yao Zheng’s face was resolute.

“Good! I will give you an opportunity!” Lin Beifan exclaimed, “Currently, our imperial academy is lacking two directors. So I plan to promote you to take up the position of one of the department heads, responsible for the education of students in subjects and moral cultivation. Would Sir Yao be interested?”

Yao Zheng’s body trembled, shocked as he said, “Principal Lin, you…”

He had always been dealing with Lin Beifan before, but he didn’t expect that the other party would disregard past grievances and want to promote him to the position of department head!

It would allow him to step into the officialdom once again and fulfill his lifelong ambition!

He stammered, “Mr. Principal, why are you doing this?”

Lin Beifan smiled slyly and said, “Since I became a Principal, my official duties have become increasingly burdensome. So I wanted to find someone to help share the workload. Sir Yao, you have served as an official for many years and have rich experience! You have also spent some time in the imperial academy, familiar with its operations, and have done an excellent job. That’s why I thought of promoting you to assist me!”

Although these words were spoken lightly, for Yao Zheng, who had dedicated his life to being an official, it was like being given a second life!

His heart was filled with gratitude, with a thousand words rushing to his mind, but he didn’t know what to say!

All he could do was bow and, with a slightly choked voice, say, “Thank you, Mr. Principal!”

“No need to be polite, this is something you should be thankful for! However, I won’t do good deeds for nothing!” Lin Beifan smiled slyly and continued, “You see, I have helped you rise in rank and wealth. Don’t you think… you should show your gratitude in some way?”

Yao Zheng was dumbfounded!


He wanted him to show gratitude?

Wasn’t he just asking for personal gain?

This Principal, actually asking for bribes from him, a former censor!

“Mr. Principal, you can’t be so greedy. I really don’t have money at home…”

“Who said I’m being greedy? I’ve already searched your house thoroughly. How much money you have, don’t I know? I’m asking you to offer a bribe first, and then I will firmly refuse!” Lin Beifan scolded.

Yao Zheng: “Damn!”

He bribes first, and then the other party refuses?

So, I’m the one in the wrong, and you can still maintain your innocence?

Isn’t this intentionally playing with me?

“You see, I’ve done such a big favor for you. Can’t you let me enjoy myself a little?” Lin Beifan complained.

Yao Zheng: “Damn!”

Enjoy what?

Clearly, he wants to establish his own happiness on top of my suffering!

You should know that I have served as an official my whole life, with utmost integrity!

Not to mention bribing others, I have never even accepted bribes!

He has always been proud of this!

However, now you’re asking me to bribe you, and then you refuse…

Isn’t this trampling on my dignity?

This is utterly despicable!

How could you come up with such a disgusting scheme?

“Sir Yao, can you make a decision? If you can’t, just say so. If not, I’ll find someone else! After all, the position of department head in the imperial academy is a sixth-rank official, and many people are eager to take it!” Lin Beifan said.

“Wait, give me a little time to consider! Just a little time…” Yao Zheng said, his heart in great turmoil, his expression constantly changing.

Should I do it or not?

If I don’t, I’ll miss the opportunity to become a department head!

In the future, there may never be another chance for me to step into the officialdom and fulfill my ambitions!

But if I do it, I will be going against my lifelong principles and beliefs!

In that case, am I still me?

This decision is too difficult for him!

Meanwhile, Lin Beifan happily drank his wine, enjoying Yao Zheng’s struggle.

In the end, Yao Zheng made up his mind.

Trembling, he walked to the bookshelf and took out a slender box, then approached Lin Beifan with great pain and said, “Mr. Principal, this is a calligraphy and painting by Master Fuzhang, which I have cherished all along. I now present it to you as a gift! Please entrust me with the position of department head in the imperial academy.”

After saying these words, Yao Zheng felt as if all his strength had been drained from his body.

I have finally become…

The person I hate the most!

Heaven, why are you treating me like this?

And the person in front of me is simply a demon!

Lin Beifan smirked triumphantly and said, “Sir Yao, you see, now you’re becoming more adaptable, aren’t you? As long as you have the position and can still fulfill your ambitions and ideals, what does a small sacrifice matter? If you fall into the hands of corrupt officials, no matter how much you regret or try to save yourself, it will be in vain!”

“Please remember…” Lin Beifan spoke with great emphasis, “Don’t give your most beloved things to the people you hate the most! Because they will only ruin them, not cherish them!”

After hearing Lin Beifan’s words, Yao Zheng suddenly regained his spirits and regained much of his vigor.

These words make so much sense!

Don’t give your most beloved things to the people you hate the most!

Because they will only ruin them, not cherish them!

So, even if it means going against some conscience and making sacrifices, it is completely worth it!

“Thank you for your guidance, Sir Lin,” Yao Zheng bowed respectfully.

Lin Beifan glanced at the painting and said, “This thing is not worth much, take it back. Just wait for my good news!”

“Thank you, Sir Lin!” Yao Zheng expressed his sincere gratitude.

After finishing the wine, Lin Beifan left.

The next day at the imperial court, Lin Beifan submitted a memorial.

“I humbly report to Your Majesty, since I assumed the position of Principal, I have been diligent and dedicated, working tirelessly, never daring to slack off! However, the official duties have become excessively burdensome. Not only do I have to manage the affairs of the Imperial Academy, but I also have to oversee the Ministry of Industry. Moreover, both positions of the two chief department in the Imperial Academy are vacant simultaneously, severely affecting the normal operation of the National Academy!”

“Fearing to disappoint Your Majesty’s favor, I propose to appoint an official to fill the position of Director in the National Academy!”

“May Your Majesty grant permission!”

The Empress expressed her concern, “My loyal subject, you have worked hard. Do you have a suitable candidate?”

“The former censor, Yao Zheng, is suitable for this position!”

Lin Beifan reported loudly, “Sir Yao has served as an official for thirty years, with sufficient qualifications and rich experience in the officialdom. He is upright and admirable in character. Moreover, he has been teaching at the Imperial Academy for several months now, familiar with its affairs, and has performed excellently in his work!”

“Therefore, I propose to promote Yao Zheng to the position of Director in the Imperial Academy!”

The officials were somewhat bewildered.

Yao Zheng was just barely dealt with by you, and now you want to promote him?

Aren’t you afraid that he will continue to cause trouble for you?

However, these are all matters concerning the Imperial Academy, which falls under Lin Beifan’s jurisdiction, and they are too lazy to interfere.

The Empress spoke, “Yao Zheng indeed has a commendable record as an official, but sometimes his rigid adherence to principles and his aversion to evil have brought about many troubles. That is why I had him resign for self-reflection. Now, it seems he has learned his lesson, so I approve of Lord Lin’s proposal! Yao Zheng will be reinstated and promoted as Director of the Imperial Academy!”

“Thank you, Your Majesty!” Lin Beifan saluted.

Then, he presented another memorial.

“I have another submission!”

“Present it!”

At the same time, Lin Beifan loudly declared, “To demonstrate the vast grace of the emperor and convey Your Majesty’s concern, I propose that all officials of fifth rank and above, their eligible children, should enroll in the Imperial Academy!”

The Empress, sitting on the dragon throne, and the officials were stunned!

“Sir Lin, why do you propose such a thing?”

Lin Beifan saluted and reported loudly.

“Firstly, it reflects the vast grace of the emperor and solves the education problem for officials’ children. Where can local education compare to the Imperial Academy? By providing them with this precious opportunity, officials from all regions will be deeply grateful and devoted to Your Majesty and the court!”

“Secondly, the children of officials will benefit from their fathers’ teachings and have excellent lineage. Most of them are outstanding in both character and learning. By studying in the Imperial Academy, they can receive a more comprehensive education, improve their abilities, and better serve the court!”

“Thirdly, it can enhance the cohesion of the dynasty! The children of officials from various regions are scattered, making it difficult for them to interact regularly. By giving them a priority opportunity to study together, work together, and experience the emperor’s grace together, they will inevitably be more loyal to the court in their future official careers! Thus, the cohesion of our dynasty will be greatly enhanced!”


Lin Beifan presented several more benefits before saying, “Therefore, this strategy benefits the nation and the people. The advantages are numerous! I came up with this plan overnight and was delighted. I immediately present it to request Your Majesty’s approval!”

Everyone was dumbfounded, and their mouths twitched.

We don’t believe you!

You despicable scoundrel!

You make it sound so noble!

You speak so confidently!

In the end, isn’t it all about making money?

By gathering all the eligible children of officials of fifth rank and above in the Imperial Academy in the capital city, isn’t it convenient for you to make money?


You can come up with such methods!

You’re already not satisfied with the capital city; now you’re reaching out to the whole country?

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