Chapter 137

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Chapter 137: There are still many good people in the world!

“It’s because of practicing medicine illegally!”

Lin Beifan sat in front of the sickbed and sighed, “I was quite surprised when I heard this news! So, I went to investigate the situation. It turns out that Dr. Mo did not have permission from the Wesheng department and was conducting free clinics in Chaoyang Square. Although his intentions were good, and his medical skills were superb, it was still illegal.”

“Not only that, during the medical treatment, medical accidents occurred, disputes with patients, and even fights broke out. This became a serious problem. As a result, he was taken to the police station by the urban management.”

Lin Beifan continued with a serious tone, “Currently, it’s under review, and I heard the situation is quite serious.” Xiao Chen panicked, “What should we do then?”

His first thought was to save his mentor. He felt indebted to him, and it was his responsibility to rescue him. But he was injured and bedridden, and he was unfamiliar with the city. Whom could he ask for help?

Wait a minute, there was someone right in front of him, wasn’t there?

Looking at his arch-enemy, Xiao Chen hesitated several times before finally speaking.

It was incredibly difficult to ask an enemy for help.

But the thought of his mentor in prison, not knowing what had become of him, made Xiao Chen equally distressed.

Alright, he would ask just once!

For the sake of his mentor, he had to swallow his pride.

Xiao Chen pleaded, “Mr. Lin, my mentor has been incredibly kind to me, treating me as if I were his own. Without him, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Could you please do me a favor and help me save my mentor?” Lin Beifan sighed, “I can only do my best. After all, it’s not a straightforward situation.”

“Mr. Lin, I beg you,” Xiao Chen said gratefully.

With Lin Beifan’s efforts, it didn’t take even two days for Xiao Chen’s mentor, Mo Wu Hui, to be released.

However, after his release, he looked significantly different.

His hair was extremely disheveled, his clothes were tattered, he had dark circles under his eyes, and his mouth and eye were skewed. His right hand was bandaged, and he appeared several years older. Once a handsome man, he was now an elderly figure.

Xiao Chen was shocked, “Uncle, how did you end up like this? Who hurt you?” Mo Wu Hui let out a sigh and said in a melancholic tone, “It was a misunderstanding that occurred while treating a patient, and I was beaten by the patient. It escalated, and I ended up here.”

“Is the situation serious?” Xiao Chen inquired further. “Not too serious. I was fined some money, and I can’t practice medicine for a year,” he replied, with a surprisingly light tone.

Only he knew how bitter his mentor’s smile was.

After all, as an experienced doctor, he had lived a life of diligence, saving countless lives for his country. Yet, in the end, his reputation was tarnished, and the blow to him was undeniably heavy.

Xiao Chen silently blamed himself. If it weren’t for his incompetence, his mentor wouldn’t have come down from the mountain to help him, and he wouldn’t have faced such adversity.

In the past, his senior martial brother helped him and ended up in trouble. Now, his mentor had helped him and found himself in a similar situation. In his previous life, his entire sect helped him, and it ended in disaster.

He was caught in self-doubt. Could it be that he was really a jinx? Anyone who helped him ended up in trouble?

No way!

“And, I can’t help you with your injuries now,” Mo Wu Hui said bitterly. “Look at me, my hand is injured; I can’t even hold a needle properly…”

Xiao Chen quickly responded, “Uncle, you should focus on healing first. Don’t worry about me. I can recover a bit more slowly, but if you don’t take care of your hand properly, you might lose your ability to practice medicine for the rest of your life, and that would be my fault.”

“Alright,” Mo Wu Hui sighed, “I never expected that I, Mo Wu Hui, who was once so brilliant, would end up in this situation. I wanted to elevate the reputation of our Ghost Valley sect, but instead, I’ve only tarnished it and become a laughingstock in the medical community. Fortunately, Mr. Lin helped, or I don’t know when I would have gotten out.”

With that, Mo Wu Hui stood up and expressed his gratitude to Lin Beifan, saying, “Mr. Lin, thank you. I know it might sound insincere to say thank you too many times, and it might not be genuine. So, I’ll just say one thing: in the future, if you ever need help from the Ghost Valley Sect, just let me know, and we will do our best to assist.”

Lin Beifan quickly responded, “Dr. Mo, you’re too polite. I haven’t done much.”

“It should be you, Mr. Lin, who is being polite,” Mo Wu Hui replied. “You not only helped my nephew but also did a lot for our sect. We owe you a debt of gratitude.”

Mo Wu Hui turned to Xiao Chen, who was still reluctant, and said, “Xiao Chen, why aren’t you thanking him?”

“Mr. Lin, thank you,” Xiao Chen awkwardly said those words. Lin Beifan listened with great satisfaction. He liked it when someone who disliked him, couldn’t defeat him, and still had to say thank you.

I really want to hear it one more time!

Lin Beifan’s wish was quickly granted. Mo Wu Hui furrowed his brow and said, “Xiao Chen, how can you speak like that? Your tone lacks sincerity. Have you forgotten what I taught you before? You’ve grown up, but you’re still so immature. Say it again.”

Xiao Chen: “…”

“Your tone should be sincere, and you should smile, understand?”

Xiao Chen: “…”

“Say something bad again, and I’ll hit you! Just because you’re injured doesn’t mean I won’t dare to act!” Xiao Chen: “…”

Tears of frustration welled up in Xiao Chen’s eyes. Saying those few words was already my best effort; what more do you want from me?

But listening to his mentor’s threatening tone, he had to lift his head once again.

With teary eyes and a forced smile, he looked extremely “sincere” as he said, “Mr. Lin, thank you!”

“No need to thank me; we’re like brothers,” Lin Beifan replied with a smile.

Xiao Chen: “…”

Why didn’t you say that just now?

This time, Mo Wu Hui was finally satisfied. “In our Ghost Valley Sect, we believe in repaying kindness. Xiao Chen, meeting someone like Mr. Lin is a blessing you’ve earned through your karma. So, after you’ve recovered, you must repay Mr. Lin properly, understand? Otherwise, I won’t let you off even if I become a ghost!”

Xiao Chen was left in disbelief, tears choking his throat. This is my lifelong arch-enemy, and you want me to repay him? Bullying someone isn’t supposed to work like this!

Lin Beifan smiled faintly, “Dr. Mo, don’t say it like that! I feel a deep connection with Xiao Chen, and I believe everything I’ve done is just what I should do. It’s not a matter of repaying or not repaying. Alright, I’ll take my leave, and you two can continue your conversation.”

Watching Lin Beifan’s departing figure, Mo Wu Hui sighed with gratitude. “Truly, there are many good people in the world!”

Xiao Chen almost spat out a mouthful of blood! Him? A good person?

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