Chapter 136

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Chapter 136: Useless Officials and the Promotion of Corrupt Officials!

Finally, Lin Beifan tearfully accepted the empress’s reward.

The empress advised, “Sir Lin, due to the consecutive incidents of leakage in the Ministry of Industry, I have great concerns about the department! Therefore, you need to be more diligent and closely monitor the Ministry of Industry. Do not let the manufacturing method of the air cushion ship leak again! And strive to mass-produce air cushion ships, enhance our country’s power, and awe the world!”

“Yes, Your Majesty!” Lin Beifan happily accepted the order.

The case of the leakage of the manufacturing method for the air cushion ship had come to an end.

Next, Lin Beifan shifted his focus back to the Imperial Academy.

It had been half a month since he took up the position of Principal.

During this half month, Lin Beifan mainly focused on the handover work. He took over all the rights from the previous Principal and completely gained control of the Imperial Academy.

The handover process went very smoothly, and no one dared to disobey!

In fact, no one dared to disobey!

Lin Beifan was the favored one in front of the empress!

He had offended countless civil and military officials multiple times, yet he still lived a carefree and impressive life!

He even thoroughly dealt with the Ministry of Industry, leaving nothing behind!

With such an impressive Principal, who would dare to offend him?

However, he also encountered some problems.

The main issue was that he was too busy. He not only had to take care of matters at the Imperial Academy but also had to keep an eye on the Ministry of Industry. He even had to attend the morning court session every day, helping the empress with state affairs.

Therefore, it was necessary for him to find some people to share his workload.

On this evening, Lin Beifan arrived at the former censor Yao Zheng’s residence with a barrel of fine wine, wearing a smile on his face.

Yao Zheng led his family to greet Lin Beifan at the door and said, “This subordinate pays respects to Principal!”

Although Yao Zheng disliked Lin Beifan and his corrupt behavior.

Lin Beifan was still his immediate superior, and moreover, a respected Principal. Personally paying a visit, Yao Zheng had to treat him with respect, otherwise it would become a subject of ridicule.

“No need to be so formal!” Lin Beifan smiled and said, ” Sir Yao, it’s rare to have some free time today. I have prepared some wine and dishes. How about we have a drink?”

“It’s my honor, Principal, please!” Yao Zheng made way for him.

The two of them sat in the same study once again.

On the table were wine and dishes, enjoying them while chatting.

They were called wine and dishes, but they were far from ordinary.

The wine was the exquisite wine bestowed by the empress, and the dishes came from the imperial kitchen, things that couldn’t be bought outside with money.

As soon as the wine barrel was opened, Yao Zheng couldn’t wait to have a drink, thoroughly enjoying it.

“This Longyan wine is truly fragrant! The last time I drank it was at the grand palace feast three years ago! But back then, I was in a lowly position and only received a cup! That taste is unforgettable even now!”

“Is it really that delicious?” Lin Beifan held up his wine cup, gulped it down in one sip, and said.

Then, Lin Beifan drank two more cups and said, “The taste can only be described as decent.”

Yao Zheng sighed and said, “Drinking like this is such a waste, it’s like a cow chewing peonies. Fine wines like this should be savored slowly! First, take a sniff of the fragrance, let it open up your nasal passages, and let the aroma intoxicate you!”

“Then take a sip, don’t swallow it, let it linger in your mouth and savor it, allowing your taste buds to fully experience it!”

“Finally, take small sips, one after another!”

“Only then can you truly taste the essence of Jade Dragon Wine!”

“Let me demonstrate it to you personally!”

With that, Yao Zheng indeed demonstrated it to Lin Beifan, and in the end, he blissfully exclaimed, “Fragrant!”

Lin Beifan blinked his eyes and said, “Sir Yao, does it really become more fragrant this way? Why do I feel a bit silly? Who invented this drinking method? Were they so poor that they couldn’t afford to drink, so they came up with this self-numbing way of drinking?”

Yao Zheng coughed…

Lin Beifan quickly patted his back and said, “Sir Yao, take it easy, no one is competing with you!”

Yao Zheng gave Lin Beifan a resentful glare.

Every time he talked to him, he was driven half to death with anger!

His mouth was too venomous!

What was even more infuriating…

His gaze was even more venomous!

“Let’s forget about those matters,” Yao Zheng lifted his wine cup and said seriously, “I offer a toast to Sir Lin, wishing you promotion and success as the Principal of the Imperial Academy!”

“Thank you, Sir Yao!” Lin Beifan raised his cup with a smile.
They clinked their glasses together and finished their drinks in one gulp!

After drinking the wine, Yao Zheng’s face flushed slightly, and his gaze towards Lin Beifan carried a hint of envy!

To be honest, he was truly envious!

In just three short years, the other party had achieved the top score in the imperial examination thrice!

And within a mere four months, he had jumped four ranks, becoming the Principal of the Imperial Academy, a fourth-rank official!

A Principal of the Imperial Academy under the age of 20, the first in history!

If everything went smoothly, there was a possibility of reaching the position of a high-ranking minister, a noble or even the prime minister in the future!

In contrast, he had been an official his entire life and only held the position of a seventh-rank court censor!

Compared to the other party, the difference was truly significant!

The wine emboldened him, and Yao Zheng spoke earnestly, “Sir Lin, now that you have become the Principal of the Imperial Academy, you are an exemplary figure for scholars across the country! Your words and actions deeply influence the entire scholarly community! It’s not too late to stop now, don’t make any more mistakes!”

Lin Beifan poured himself another cup of wine with a smile, “Sir Yao, are you trying to teach me how to be an official?”
Yao Zheng shook his head, “I dare not lecture, I can only offer a reminder! You are still young and clearly have a bright future ahead of you. It would be such a pity if you ruin it because of these matters!”

“I appreciate your kind intentions, Sir Yao!” Lin Beifan clinked his glass with Yao Zheng’s and smiled, “However, I have a question for you now. What kind of officials do you think the Empress needs?”

Yao Zheng didn’t hesitate to say, “What the Empress needs are good officials!”

Lin Beifan asked again, “What qualifies as a good official then?”

Yao Zheng replied without hesitation, “An official who is upright and dedicated, practices self-restraint and observes propriety, and advocates for the people’s interests. That is a good official!”

Lin Beifan asked for the third time, “But currently, the entire court is filled with corrupt and treacherous officials. How do you explain that?”

“The Empress has been deceived by corrupt and treacherous officials!”

Lin Beifan asked for the fourth time, “Since the Empress has been deceived by corrupt and treacherous officials, and the entire court is filled with them, do you think the court has collapsed? Do you think the country is in chaos?”

Yao Zheng was speechless, “Well…”

Lin Beifan smiled and shook his head, “Although the entire court is filled with corrupt and immoral officials, the government still operates normally and deals with state affairs. Although there is turmoil in the country, the surface remains calm!”

“Sir Yao, let me ask you this: In this situation, who has made a greater contribution, the corrupt officials or the clean officials?”

Yao Zheng’s face became sweaty, “Well…”

“You can’t answer, right? Let me answer for you!” Lin Beifan shouted, “The entire dynasty belongs to the Empress, and no one wants to govern this country better than the Empress. No one hopes for the prosperity of this country more than the Empress!”

“Therefore, those who can accomplish tasks for the Empress are good officials! Whether they are clean or corrupt officials, it makes no difference to her!”

“If there are officials who are both clean and capable of accomplishing tasks for her, of course, she would favor them the most!”

“But if they can’t accomplish tasks for her, what use is their cleanliness?”

“It is precisely because clean officials are useless in the current court that she favors corrupt officials!”

“She has no choice!”

“No, the next moment, the country will surely fall into chaos!”

Lin Beifan questioned loudly, “Sir Yao, let me ask you one question. If you were sitting in the Empress’ position, at this critical moment of life and death, would you choose to use corrupt officials or clean officials?”

“I… I…” Yao Zheng’s face was full of sweat as he was cornered…

Lin Beifan’s words completely overturned his worldview, values, and beliefs that he had held all along.

He had never thought that the reason why the entire court was filled with corrupt and immoral officials was because clean officials were useless, and therefore, they had no choice but to rely on corrupt officials!

If they were useful, the Empress wouldn’t hesitate to use them!

“So you see, when the Ministry of Industry was involved in two treasonous acts before, the Empress merely deducted their salaries and executed a few low-ranking officials to vent her anger. What kind of punishment is that for them? With their positions and power, they can easily enrich themselves without relying on their meager salaries!”

Lin Beifan shook his head and smiled, “It’s precisely because no one can replace them that the Empress has to endure this!”

“But being corrupt officials is wrong…” Yao Zheng’s voice weakened significantly.

Lin Beifan nodded, “Indeed, being a corrupt official is wrong, but if you don’t have the ability, you can’t become a corrupt official! You have to understand, embezzlement is a beheading offense, yet they carry their heads on their waists and climb up the ranks step by step. What else is it if not ability? Such top talents, why shouldn’t they be used?”

Yao Zheng once again found himself speechless in the face of this refutation.

Lin Beifan chuckled lightly, “So, as long as the benefits you bring to the country outweigh the benefits you personally gain from being corrupt, the Empress will tolerate you and even promote you! Otherwise, if you can’t solve any problems, what good is your integrity? It would be a waste of the country’s resources!”

Yao Zheng closed his eyes in despair.

Being a corrupt official is indeed wrong, but if you don’t have the ability, you can’t become a corrupt official!

Corrupt officials who can climb to high positions are all top talents, so why shouldn’t they be used?

As long as the benefits you bring to the country outweigh the benefits you personally gain from being corrupt, the Empress will tolerate you and promote you!

Otherwise, if you can’t solve any problems, what good is your integrity?

It would only be a futile… waste of the country’s resources!

At this moment, his worldview was completely shattered, leaving nothing behind!

He had always upheld his beliefs, which now crumbled!

“So, let’s return to the previous question!”

Lin Beifan smiled and said, “Sir Yao, you say I’m wrong and ask me to stop in time, but what wrong have I done?”

“Yes, I am a corrupt official, but have I ever taken a single cent from the common people? Yes, I have indeed been corrupt, but it was all from the hands of the officials! If they weren’t corrupt, would I have had the opportunity?”

“In my own way, I am indirectly avenging the common people!”

“Compared to others, I can be considered the conscience of the court, much more upright than them!”

Lin Beifan proudly raised his cup and took a drink.

“Moreover, I have resolved many matters for the court and the Empress!”

“If it weren’t for me advising the Empress and the officials to give up on the compensation from the Darro Kingdom, within three years, the border would have surely seen warfare again! How many brave men would bleed on the frontier? How many people would be displaced? How great would be the losses for the court? Have you considered all of this?”

“It was me who made it possible to avoid this war!”

“It was me who saved countless men and common people, minimizing the court’s losses!”

“I have also invented the miraculous flying vessel, the Great Air Balloon, and the watercraft, the air-cushion ship! These are artifacts that benefit the country and the people, each one enhancing the national fortune and increasing the national strength!”

Lin Beifan proclaimed, “Sir Yao, I have done so much for the court, for the people, more than all of you upright officials combined! So, what wrong have I done?”

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