Chapter 136

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Chapter 136, Senior Brother… How did he get inside?

Next, Mo Wu Hui first checked Wang Pangzi’s tongue coating, eyelids, and other external symptoms.

Apart from the greenish change in skin, there seemed to be no abnormalities.

Then, he began to pulse check but found no issues at all; Wang Pangzi appeared extremely healthy.

“This is truly strange; all your symptoms are entirely normal, even healthier than an ordinary person! But you clearly look abnormal at a glance. I’ve been practicing medicine for many years and haven’t seen a case like yours,” Mo Wu Hui furrowed his brow, deeply puzzled.

“Is there anywhere you feel uncomfortable?” he asked.

“It’s just that my skin is getting greener, and my head feels a bit… ” Wang Pangzi, dazed.

“This is indeed strange! Your condition appears more like poisoning, a very rare toxin, one that primarily affects the skin and causes dizziness,” Mo Wu Hui explained.

“Uh?” Wang Pangzi was surprised.

This doctor seems quite skilled; he’s identified my poisoning!

“Doctor, should I still be saved?” Wang Pangzi asked.

“Your body is perfectly normal, so this poison isn’t life-threatening,” Mo Wu Hui considered seriously. “I’ll try acupuncture to detoxify you. If it works and your condition improves, it proves my approach is right, and we’ll continue. If not, we’ll explore further.”

“Thank you, Dr. Mo,” Wang Pangzi said.

Next, Mo Wu Hui used the Ghost Valley Shen Needle to detoxify Wang Pangzi.

He operated swiftly.

However, despite his efforts, Wang Pangzi turned even greener.

Like a green giant!

“Strange, why is he getting even greener? Your condition should be alleviated under my divine needle,” Mo Wu Hui remarked.

Wang Pangzi chuckled in his mind; his poisoning was no ordinary case. Unless he had the real antidote, no other method would work, and it might even worsen the condition.

Mo Wu Hui said, “Don’t worry; if this method doesn’t work, I’ll try a different one.”

“Doctor, I appreciate your help,” Wang Pangzi replied.

Mo Wu Hui proceeded with another swift operation, but the result was that Wang Pangzi turned blue-green.

“Doctor, are you sure about this?” Wang Pangzi inquired.

“Of course, I am! If I can’t do it, no one can! I’ll try another method,” Mo Wu Hui affirmed.

“Thank you, Dr. Mo!” Wang Pangzi expressed his gratitude.

Mo Wu Hui once again operated swiftly.

Wang Pangzi finally stopped being green and turned completely blue!

“Even though you’re blue now, your physical signs are quite normal! Give me another chance…”

“Is this what you call normal? You’ve changed the color of my skin! I used to be a green giant, now I’ve turned into an Avatar! You’re just a quack!”

Wang Pangzi finally found an opportunity to lose his temper and started smashing tables and chairs.

“He’s attacking!”


The people around were scared and began to flee in panic.

“Stop this! I understand your anger, but anger won’t solve the problem. Let me take another look…”

“Stop talking! I’ll beat you, you quack!”

Wang Pangzi began to attack, catching Mo Wu Hui and beating him, while he begged for mercy.

“Stop hitting me!”

“Please, stop hitting me!”

“If you keep hitting me, there will be serious consequences!”

Surrounding onlookers, mostly older women and men, couldn’t do much to stop the violence.

“Quick, call the police!”

“I’ve already called them, but they might not arrive in time!”

“Get a few strong people to intervene!”

“Otherwise, someone might get seriously hurt!”

A few strong young men stepped in, but they couldn’t match Wang Pangzi’s strength and were quickly pushed away.

Then, he continued to beat Mo Wu Hui.

Wu Ge, who was hiding nearby, chuckled to himself, “Exactly! This is how you do it! Target his henchmen and make sure he can’t treat Xiao Chen’s illness!”

After a while, some city management personnel arrived and separated the two.

“What’s going on? Why are you fighting?”

Wang Pangzi pointed to his face and angrily said, “Ask him what he did to me!”

“Bro, how did your face end up like this? Did he do it?”

“It was him; he turned my face green!”

“Oh my, that’s quite explosive!”

“I misspoke! My face used to be green; he turned it blue!”

“Isn’t that lucky?”

“Lucky? Who knows, my condition might have worsened!”

“I swear by the heavens and earth, I was only trying to treat his illness, but who would have known that as I treated him, his face changed from green to blue! So, he got angry and attacked me, very ruthlessly…”

Mo Wu Hui covered his panda eyes with trembling hands, feeling deeply wronged.

“You dare to argue? If it weren’t for you turning me blue, would I be this angry?”

Wang Pangzi was extremely agitated.

“Both of you, please wait. Let’s stay calm and sort things out one by one. We will definitely provide you with a reasonable explanation!”

The city management officer first looked at Mo Wu Hui and asked, “Are you a doctor? Are you conducting a free clinic here?”

Mo Wu Hui nodded and said, “I just wanted to do a good deed.”

“Let me ask you a question then. Since you claim to be a doctor, do you have a practicing license?”

“Of course, here it is.” Mo Wu Hui presented his license.

“Oh, you really are a doctor! Have you received approval from the relevant authorities for conducting a free clinic here?”

Mo Wu Hui looked puzzled and asked, “Approval from what authorities?”

“From your tone, it seemed like you haven’t! Doctors practicing outside need approval from the relevant authorities; otherwise, it’s considered practicing without a license!” The city management officer’s expression became serious.

“When I used to conduct free clinics, I never needed this!”

“That was in the past. Times have changed, and everything is regulated now. Without the necessary approvals, regardless of whether you charged for your services or not, practicing in an unauthorized location is considered illegal. Since you don’t have the required approvals, you both need to come with us!” Mo Wu Hui felt wronged and protested, “But I was doing a free clinic, purely to help people without charging!”

“Whether or not you accepted money, practicing without approval is illegal. If you don’t have the necessary permissions, you can get into serious trouble. Right now, the main responsibility falls on you.” The city management officer waved his hand and said, “Enough talking; both of you, come with us!”

And so, both of them were taken away.

Later in the evening, Wang Pangzi was released. Although he had been involved in a physical altercation, his injuries were not severe, and he received Mo Wu Hui’s forgiveness, so he was fined and released.

However, Mo Wu Hui faced a more serious situation due to his illegal medical practice, and he remained detained.

On the other side, Xiao Chen, lying in bed, was left in shock upon learning this news. “How did Master Uncle end up getting into trouble too?”

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