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Chapter 136

Chapter 136 – “Two Hundred Blast”

Su Hao, dressed in a striking bone armor, flew in mid-air, looking down at the four panicked individuals fleeing on the ground. His long knife carved out a pattern as he descended.

He had no intention of letting these people return, regardless of whether they were from the ‘Tiansha Gang’ or not. Anyone who dared to target Temple Forest City was disrupting Su Hao’s peaceful research life, wasting his time, and making themselves his enemy.

Su Hao never showed mercy to his enemies. He swiftly struck down his foes, eliminating the threat. After all, who hadn’t faced death before?

“First, take out the leader, then keep a few of the underlings for questioning,” Su Hao thought as he descended faster and faster.

“So fast!” Lin En, the ‘Night Demon,’ saw Su Hao approaching and was suddenly filled with fear.

When they were far away, Lin En didn’t realize how fast Su Hao could fly. However, as the distance closed, the perceived speed increased, putting more pressure on Lin En.

Lin En couldn’t help but feel indignant. The ‘Bone Demon’ itself was already bizarre, and he had always avoided them in the past. But now, he encountered something else entirely, someone who could fly. How is that possible?

Su Hao watched the ‘Night Demon’ getting closer, and his bone knife gleamed with a faint light. The runes were ready, and one strike would be enough to kill him.



The long knife swept past, but to Su Hao’s surprise, it didn’t instantly kill the ‘Night Demon.’

Seeing the situation turning against him, Lin En immediately sank into the ground and escaped underground.

Su Hao ascended again, circling in the sky for a few rounds before descending once more. Since the ‘Night Demon’ wanted to play a game of whack-a-mole with him, Su Hao decided to indulge him and test the effectiveness of blasting moles.

But before that, he had to deal with the ‘Night Demon’s’ three Level 3 subordinates.

He had already sensed that Yashan was catching up, so he slowed down and flew above Yashan. He shouted loudly, “Yashan, go capture those three Level 3 Mutants, don’t kill them; they might be useful.”

Yashan replied loudly, “Understood, Boss Wei!”


Su Hao’s feet erupted with power, and he accelerated forward. Then, he hovered in the air above the ‘Night Demon.’

Su Hao pondered for a moment and decided to drop a ‘Two Hundred Blast’ bomb on the ground to see if it could flush the ‘Night Demon’ out. Ideally, it would kill him outright.

The ‘Night Demon’ wasn’t particularly fast when moving underground, so there was no need to worry about missing the target. This saved him the steps of creating a bomb and a launcher.

During his previous battle with ‘Speed Demon’ An, he had used ‘Fifty Blast’ bombs because they were smaller, faster to launch, and could explode and cause damage to An before he could escape. If he had used ‘Two Hundred Blast’ bombs against An, while it might have been a guaranteed kill, they wouldn’t have been able to hit him.

Su Hao retracted his long knife and extended his palm. In his hand, he began forming bone bombs, layer upon layer, quickly reaching the size of a basketball.

Su Hao descended to a height of around two hundred meters, confirmed the ‘Night Demon’s’ position, and made sure there were no other people around.

Input blood qi, activate!

Heave the bomb!

Su Hao exerted force and threw the ‘Two Hundred Blast’ bomb downward at an extremely high initial speed, getting faster with each passing moment.

Three seconds later, it struck the ground with a thunderous explosion.


The deafening sound drowned out everything, even briefly deafening Su Hao.

A powerful shockwave radiated outward, clearing all obstructions, as plant life and soil disintegrated and scattered.

The chaotic airwaves caused Su Hao, who was flying in mid-air, to become unstable, swaying from side to side.

The intense vibrations transmitted deep underground, and some insufficiently robust rocks even cracked from the shock.

At that moment, the ‘Night Demon’ was underground, utilizing high-frequency body oscillations and secreting a specific substance that caused the surrounding soil to break down into fine, particle-sized dust, enabling the ‘Night Demon’ to move freely beneath the ground.

Suddenly, the earth violently shook, causing the once-stable underground structures to collapse, and the surrounding mud and rocks were compressed and twisted by tremendous pressure, instantly slamming into the ‘Night Demon.’

Caught off guard, the ‘Night Demon’ suffered serious injuries, and a mouthful of blood sprayed out.

His ears also rang violently due to the intense vibrations.

Reliant on sound waves for location while underground, the loss of hearing caused him to lose his sense of direction. In a state of panic, he continued burrowing deeper underground.

Without the buffer provided by the powdered chamber he had created during his subterranean movement, that previous impact would have been fatal.

Lin En didn’t know how his opponent had created such a powerful vibration, but he understood that if he didn’t burrow deeper and evade the explosions, he would be in grave danger if more of them occurred.

“I can move underground for a long time; I should dig deeper and then make my escape from the underground,” Lin En decided. He descended rapidly and continued digging until he reached what he considered a safe depth, then slowed down and waited for his hearing to recover.

After a while, he proceeded to burrow in the direction away from Temple Forest City.

“I’ll never come back here again!”

On the other side, Yashan, accompanied by Mong Chuan and the others, had already subdued all three of the ‘Night Demon’s’ subordinates. Suddenly, they heard a massive explosion in the distance, followed by a strong gust of air that nearly knocked them over.

Soon, a large cloud of dust rose in the distance, forming a small mushroom cloud.

The powerful ‘Two Hundred Blast’ explosion released a tremendous amount of heat, and as the hot air rapidly rose and flipped downward, it carried the dust, creating a small mushroom cloud.

Yashan and the others had never witnessed such a scene before.

They raised their hands to shield their eyes, bracing against the strong wind, and adopted defensive postures, loudly asking, “What’s happening?”

“We don’t know! First time seeing something like this!”

Yashan immediately said, “Don’t panic; it should be something Boss Wei did. Let’s go and check it out, but keep your distance.”

These individuals looked naive and inexperienced, a mix of fear and curiosity.

Mong Chuan marveled, “Boss Wei is really… too amazing!”

Nana, the ‘Doppelganger Beast,’ looked at Yashan with curiosity and asked, “Yashan, you’re also a Bone Demon. Why don’t you know how to fly?”

Yashan’s face turned red, and after struggling to hold back for a while, he said, “No more chit-chat. Get everyone ready; we’re going to see what’s happening.”

To be honest, Nana found Yashan in this state very adorable and liked him very much.

On the other side, Su Hao, still sensing the ‘Night Demon’s’ blood aura, observed that he was still moving underground “slowly.” He muttered, “He’s not dead yet, even after all that?”

Although the ‘Night Demon’s’ blood aura had diminished somewhat, indicating he was injured, Su Hao was amazed at his opponent’s incredible vitality.

However, the ‘Night Demon’ had now burrowed to a depth where bombing him was no longer effective.

Su Hao had no intention of letting the ‘Night Demon’ escape.

“Is there no way for me to get to him underground?”

Su Hao lowered his altitude and descended gently to the ground. He walked over to the ‘Night Demon’ directly below him and began rubbing his chin while pondering how to directly deal with the ‘Night Demon’ hidden underground.

“The ‘Ground Spike’ runes, although capable of generating spikes underground to attack the target, have insufficient launching distance. It seems I need to modify the ‘Ground Spike’ runes.”

In his previous life, Su Hao had never considered that there might be enemies hiding underground, as even fierce beasts didn’t burrow that deep. When he developed the ‘Ground Spike’ runes, he had never taken this into account.

Now he had discovered his own limitations.

First, he needed to find a way to attack enemies deep below the ground. Second, he needed a way to effectively attack extremely fast enemies. Third, he needed a solution for enemies with special forms.

Su Hao needed to reconsider all these points and find corresponding solutions.

“The ‘Ground Spike’ runes conduct energy into the ground, inducing structural changes, while using hydraulic principles to generate powerful piercing forces. The reason the launching distance is insufficient is that my rune energy can’t penetrate deep into the ground.”

After thinking for a while, Su Hao smiled. “That should do it!”

(End of this chapter)


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My Divine Diary

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