Chapter 135

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Chapter 135: Brothers, what’s going on? Did someone mess with you?

On the second day, Mo Wu Hui came with a few people.

They set up a temporary clinic in the shade at Chaoyang Square, arranged some tables and chairs, and hung up a horizontal banner that read: “Ghost Valley Doctor, Free Consultation!”

Underneath, there was a pair of couplets with elaborate calligraphy.

No common ailments, no need to look!

No chronic diseases, be vigilant!

It looked very impressive!

Mo Wu Hui was dressed in a fine robe, holding a fan in his hand, with neatly combed hair, a healthy complexion, and a bit of stubble, giving him an air of elegance.

He leisurely sat down under the canopy and began to fan himself. This picturesque scene naturally attracted the elderly folks who had just finished their square dancing.

“Free consultation? So, you’re a doctor here to offer free medical advice?” one elderly lady asked, looking at the banner.

“Of course, of course!” Mo Wu Hui replied with a smile.

“Is it really free?” she inquired.

Mo Wu Hui shook his head, “Absolutely, it’s free!”

This notion of a free doctor intrigued the elderly lady. “Well, Doctor, can you take a look at me?”

Mo Wu Hui shook his head again. “No, I won’t.”

“Why won’t you?” the lady was puzzled.

Mo Wu Hui pointed to the couplets and said with a faint smile, “Look at my couplet; I only treat complex and chronic conditions. Your health is quite good, with only some minor chronic issues, so there’s no need for you to see me.”

Another elderly lady couldn’t help but ask, “What about me?”

“Wow! You can tell that too!” she exclaimed in amazement.

Mo Wu Hui observed for a moment and said, “If I’m not mistaken, you have some kidney issues, poor appetite, frequent nighttime insomnia, and frequent urination. Have you had surgery before? Am I right?”

“Wow, you can see all that! You’re a miracle doctor!” the second elderly lady was greatly astonished.

Mo Wu Hui reached into his sleeve and said, “Come, let me check for you.”

“Thank you, miracle doctor!” the lady immediately sat down.

Mo Wu Hui then demonstrated his impressive medical skills and used a few acupuncture needles to alleviate the lady’s condition, improving her appetite significantly.

“Miracle doctor, miracle doctor!” she praised, giving a thumbs-up. “This illness can’t be cured; it can only be managed. Here’s your prescription. Take it home, make the decoction as instructed, and your health will naturally improve.”

“Thank you, miracle doctor!” the lady clutched the prescription as if it were a precious treasure.

“Is it true?”
“Is he really that skilled?”
“Are we being fooled?”

Everyone was very skeptical.

“Believe it or not, I’m going to the pharmacy to get the medicine now!” the elderly lady happily left.

At the beginning, many people didn’t believe it; they thought it was a performance.

But as more and more people came for medical help, they gradually started to believe.

The person in front of them was a capable traditional Chinese medicine practitioner!

A miracle doctor is here, offering free medical consultations, a rare opportunity!

So they invited their relatives and friends to come for checkups, forming a long line on the spot.

Some young people also came to see what was happening and started livestreaming the event.

“Hey, folks, do you know what I encountered today? I met a miracle doctor who’s offering free consultations here! He’s genuinely skilled, specializing in complex and chronic conditions…”

“Great, isn’t he? He can tell your general condition with just one look. How amazing is that?”

“It’s truly incredible! Look, all these patients came here because they’ve heard about him!”

“Old buddies, if you like this, give it a thumbs-up!”

As for these livestreamers, Mo Wu Hui only gave them a brief glance and paid no further attention. He knew that they were doing livestreams, which was a popular form of entertainment today, and many people were watching behind the scenes.

He considered this a good thing.

With them present, it would quickly boost the reputation and influence of the Ghost Valley School, and it could help restore their lost prestige.

At this moment, two sneaky individuals, one chubby and one skinny, arrived.

It was the tomb raiding duo, Wu Ge and Wang Pangzi.

“Wu Ge, you mean that’s the guy?”

“Yes, that’s him!”

“Alright, just look at me, and wait for my good news!”

“Wait a minute!”

“Is there anything else?”

Wu Ge took out a bottle, and there was a crawling insect inside. He said, “Let this insect bite you.”

Wang Pangzi’s face was filled with shock. “Really? Are you serious?”

“Of course, we have to make it look real. His medical skills are high, and if he figures it out, we’ll be in trouble. Many things won’t be easy to explain. So, we need to go all the way in our act.” Wu Ge patted Wang Pangzi on the shoulder reassuringly. “Don’t worry, I’ll give you medicine after we’re back, and you’ll recover quickly. Just endure it for a while.”

“Okay, I’m really afraid of you.”

Wang Pangzi extended his hand and let the small insect bite him.

Afterward, Wang Pangzi’s face rapidly turned an unprecedented shade of green, as if he had been poisoned.

Feeling dizzy and disoriented, Wang Pangzi mumbled, “Hey! This little guy’s venom is something else!”

“You can go now!”

Wang Pangzi walked to the end of the line.

Everyone turned their heads in unison, and someone couldn’t help but ask, “Brother, what’s wrong with you? Did someone poison you?”

“You’ve been poisoned, and your whole family’s been poisoned!”

Wang Pangzi’s body swayed a bit, and he said, “I don’t know what happened. I woke up like this in the morning. I’m feeling extremely unwell now, and I think I can’t take it anymore. Can I see the doctor first?”

“Of course, please go ahead!”

“Do you need help walking?”

“No, I’m good.”

And so, Wang Pangzi quickly made his way to the front of the line.


Mo Wu Hui lifted his head, and suddenly, he saw a green face right in front of him. He was startled and said, “Who are you, some kind of monster or demon? Tell me the truth!”

“Doctor, I’m not a monster or demon; I’m a patient!”

“Oh, you’re a patient. You scared me for a moment. But why is your complexion…”

“I don’t know. I woke up like this in the morning,” Wang Pangzi said, with vacant eyes. “Doctor, do you think there’s any hope for me?”

“Your condition… I’ve never seen anything like it before,” Mo Wu Hui furrowed his brow. “I suspect you’ve been poisoned. Let me examine you closely, and after that, I’ll tell you more.”

“Thank you, Doctor!”

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