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Chapter 135

Chapter 135 – “Night Demon” Lin En

At the base of the ‘Temple Forest Association,’ Su Hao met four individuals who claimed to be from the ‘Tiansha Gang’ and were collecting protection fees.

Among them, a half-naked man with two short knives tucked behind his waist braid paced around inside a small building, shouting, “I don’t care about your ‘associations’ or ‘gangs.’ Let me make it clear. All the different gangs and factions in Temple Forest City, big or small, have three days to gather a total of six million Zhu, including the past five years.”

He continued with a sinister tone, “Otherwise, wait for our Tiansha Gang’s leader to arrive personally! At that time, hehe, I won’t be as easy to talk to as I am now! Don’t expect to have a peaceful conversation.”

The three leaders of the ‘Temple Forest Association,’ [Explosive Beast] Soubang, [Hiding Beast] Meng achuan, and [Doppelganger] Beast Nana, remained hidden in the vicinity, keeping a close eye on Lin En and his group to prevent any sudden disruptions.

Although they were fearful, they continued to fulfill their duties, maintaining the stability of Temple Forest City. The ordinary people around had already been evacuated from the beginning, so there was no need to worry about them getting hurt in any conflict.

As for whether the fight would damage the surrounding buildings, they didn’t have to worry. According to what the big bosses had said, there was a need for urban planning in the center of Temple Forest City to demolish the messy buildings and construct distinctive ones, becoming the symbol of the city. If a fight broke out now, it would be an opportunity to tear down and rebuild.

Temple Forest City had been a labor of love for many people, and as long as Boss Wei and Boss Yashan were still there, they were determined to protect their territory.

While the three of them nervously observed Lin En and his three henchmen, they suddenly saw Su Hao and Yashan arriving, and their faces lit up with joy. “Boss Wei, Boss Yashan!”

As Su Hao assessed Lin En and his group, Lin En also observed Su Hao. Lin En took a few steps forward, adopting a condescending attitude, and said with a smirk, “You’re the leader of Temple Forest City’s largest gang, right? I’m sure someone has informed you of our demands! So, what’s your plan? Are you going to pay up willingly, or resist to the end?”

Before Su Hao could respond, Lin En added, “Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Lin En, known as the ‘Night Demon’ in the Tiansha Gang, a subordinate of the leader, ‘Steel Armor King’ Abi! Hahaha!”

After his triumphant and wild laughter, Lin En stared into Su Hao’s eyes and said, “So, young man, do you understand now?”

Su Hao gazed at Lin En for a moment, carefully sensing his strength, and then turned to Yashan, asking, “Is this the guy trying to extort protection money?”

Yashan, with a smile on his face, replied, “Yes, Boss Wei!”

Lin En, now visibly angry, his expression turned menacing. He asked, “What’s your meaning, kid? State your name!”

Su Hao remained silent, turning to Yashan and saying, “Yashan, say it again, so he can hear clearly.”

Yashan declared, “Boss Wei!”

Surprisingly, even Soubang, Mengchuan, and Nana simultaneously shouted, “Boss Wei!”

Su Hao said, “Aren’t you that ‘Night Demon’? Don’t tell me you can’t even hear this?”

Lin En retorted, “Bastard, do you know who you’re talking to?”

His three henchmen chimed in unison, “Tiansha Gang’s Squad Leader, ‘Night Demon’ Lin En! Subordinate of the invincible ‘Steel Armor King’ Abi!”

Su Hao smirked, “You guys, with your audacity, dare to come for protection money? Who gave you the courage? Is it that ‘Steel Armor King’ Abi, right?”

At this moment, Lin En regained his composure and stared quietly at Su Hao, saying, “Young man, do you even understand what ‘Tiansha Gang’ represents?”

Su Hao raised his chin, indicating, “Please, go on.”

Lin En shrugged his shoulders as if he was suppressing the urge to burst into laughter and said after a while, “When did the reputation of the Tiansha Gang lose its influence in this small place? It’s laughable, truly pitiful! Perhaps it’s because Tiansha Gang has been too merciful these years.”

Lin En continued, “Maybe we need to go through bloodshed and slaughter once again to make you all remember the fear of being under the Tiansha Gang’s control.”

Su Hao frowned and asked, “Are you going to talk or not?”

Lin En replied, “How can I fully explain the strength of the Tiansha Gang to you, kid? You’re ignorant. Only when ‘Steel Armor King’ himself sets foot here will you understand what despair truly means. Compared to the inconsequential money, your own life is the most important.”

【Night Demon】 Lin En’s tone turned cold as he said, “I’ll ask one last time, within three days, six million Zhu, or six hundred golden Zhu. Will you hand it over, Temple Forest City?”

Su Hao sneered, “With your abilities, you won’t take away this six million. If you want it, let someone with real power come.”

Lin En looked at Su Hao for a moment, nodded, and said, “Very well, don’t regret it.”

He then turned to his three henchmen and said, “Let’s go!”

After Lin En and his group had gone far, Yashan regretfully asked, “Boss Wei, did we just let them go like that?”

Su Hao smiled and replied, “They won’t get away. We’ll deal with them once they’re out of the city. Inside the city, let’s not spoil the peace.”

Yashan nodded and said, “You’re right, Boss Wei.”

On the other side, after leaving the city, one of Lin En’s henchmen with a big nose appeared disgruntled, “Lin En, we’re leaving just like this? We haven’t got the money yet!”

Lin En said, “What else can we do? Find another place and continue! As long as we make a profit, it’ll be enough to last us for several years!”

Just then, Lin En’s eyebrow twitched, and he turned back to see a small black dot in the sky gradually getting larger.

“What’s that?” Lin En was the first to ask this question, but he immediately realized what was happening and told his three henchmen, “Run, people from Temple Forest City are chasing us.”

With that, he sprinted ahead, analyzing the situation for his henchmen, “The opponent can fly, and I sense it’s not a ‘Night Demon.’ It might be a ‘Devourer’ from the ‘Mimic’ sequence. Attacking the ‘Devourer’ is futile because they can assimilate with their enemies, consuming them completely. So, don’t even think about attacking. Just try to get as far away as possible.”

His three henchmen quickly responded, “Understood, Lin En, boss!”

Lin En muttered, “Hmph! Faster than me, and it’s not even nighttime. But I, ‘Night Demon’ Lin En, am not someone to be trifled with!” He occasionally turned his head to watch the approaching figure, now able to see the distinctive bone armor.

Suddenly, Lin En was shocked. Those were bones, right? Is it a ‘Bone Demon’? Can ‘Bone Demons’ fly? What’s going on?

Lin En shouted, “No, it’s not a ‘Devourer.’ Everyone, be careful!”

(End of this chapter)


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My Divine Diary

My Divine Diary

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