Chapter 134

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Chapter 134: Did he snatch your Auntie Liu and make you hold a grudge?

Next, Lin Beifan and Mo Wu Hui sat down and chatted happily.

Xiao Chen lying on the bed watched it very awkwardly.

You were both enemies in your previous life, wanting to kill each other, but now you’re sitting together, chatting so happily.

I’d better close my eyes and pretend you don’t see it.

At this point, they discussed how to restore the reputation of the Ghost Valley Sect.

“The method is already in my mind; it’s offering free consultations! By providing free consultations, more people will know about the powerful medical skills of our Ghost Valley Sect, and our lost reputation will naturally be restored!” Mo Wu Hui said with a smile.

Lin Beifan asked with concern, “Do you need my help?”

Mo Wu Hui shook her head, saying, “No, Mr. Lin, you’ve already helped us a lot. I can handle these small matters myself.”

“In that case, I wish Mr. Mo every success!”

“Haha, thank you!”

After the conversation, Lin Beifan turned to visit Ye Xingchen and then got back to work.

He had just returned to the company when he met Wu Ge, who was still engrossed in reading “Dragon King’s Son-in-Law,” enjoying it every time.

“Mr. Lin, you’re back!”

Lin Beifan nodded and said, “Yes, I just came back from the hospital.”

As soon as he heard the word “hospital,” Wu Ge immediately sat up and asked with concern, “Mr. Lin, did you go to the hospital to visit Xiao Chen and Ye Xingchen? How are they now? Have they improved?”

“They’re okay! Brother Ye is experiencing some insomnia and loss of appetite symptoms, but that’s normal for patients!”

“That’s a relief!”

Wu Ge smiled, and Lin Beifan smiled as well.

Wu Ge asked again, “What about Xiao Chen? Is he doing better?”

“Brother Xiao’s spirits are good! Because Brother Xiao’s Master Uncle Mo Wu Hui has arrived! After treating Brother Xiao, his recovery is very fast. He might be able to leave the hospital in about a month! It’s really a great joy, haha!”

Xiao Chen’s Master Uncle has come?

And he’s treating him?

Wu Ge furrowed his brows slightly. He didn’t know Xiao Chen’s Master Uncle, but being a renowned physician’s Master Uncle, he must have considerable medical skills.

With him around, Xiao Chen would surely recover quickly. However, for Wu Ge, the most important thing was that Ye Xingchen didn’t come back.

“Well, it is indeed great news!”

Lin Beifan sat down happily, pouring himself a cup of tea and said, “Oh, I can’t wait for Brother Xiao to recover as soon as possible and come back to help me! With the powerful medical skills of their Ghost Valley Sect, he can definitely help me make connections with many high-ranking officials and build a strong network of relationships! More friends mean a broader path, right, Brother Wu?”

Wu Ge suddenly woke up, “Right! Why didn’t I think of that?”

He felt a bit regretful, realizing he had been heading in the wrong direction all along. It turned out that, for Lin Beifan, the most valuable person was not Ye Xingchen, but Xiao Chen.

Ye Xingchen could help Lin Beifan make money or act as a bodyguard, but did Lin Beifan lack the skill to make money? Not at all. Did Lin Beifan need someone to protect him? Absolutely not. So, while Ye Xingchen had value for Lin Beifan, it was limited.

Xiao Chen, on the other hand, was different because he was a divine physician, capable of reviving the dead and snatching lives back from the King of Hell. In a time when people feared death, especially the wealthy, Xiao Chen’s value became evident. Lin Beifan could easily build a vast network of connections by leveraging Xiao Chen’s medical skills.

Lin Beifan had been caring about Xiao Chen all along, and it turns out he had calculated this far in advance. Terrifying!

Wu Ge felt a sense of urgency. He must not let Xiao Chen leave the hospital, ideally, keep him lying there until Wu Ge had finished seeking revenge.

Now, the biggest issue was Xiao Chen’s Master Uncle. He had to stop him.

At this moment, Lin Beifan said, “Well… Dr. Mo is preparing to conduct free consultations at Chaoyang Square tomorrow to restore the reputation of their sect. The level of people attending will be high. It’s a rare opportunity. You can bring some family and friends to have a look!”

Wu Ge’s mind shifted, “Mr. Lin, I understand!”

After work, Wu Ge brought a bunch of delicious food back. Wang Pangzi’s eyes lit up when he saw it, and he readily accepted the food.

“Wu Ge, what’s the big occasion today that you’ve brought so much good food? Is it something related to Auntie Liu that has you so excited?”

Wu Ge’s face turned pale, and he said with irritation, “Pangzi, you’re not mute if you don’t speak. Just eat the food. After eating, there’s something I want to discuss with you. I hope you can do me a favor!”

Wang Pangzi was taken aback and looked at Wu Ge skeptically, “Are you telling me… you’re not asking me to send antiques to Lin Beifan again, are you? Let me tell you, I absolutely won’t do it! My heart still aches from sending out that 3 billion worth of stuff last time. If you make me do it again, I’ll cut ties with you!”

“Don’t worry, it’s definitely not about sending antiques; it’s something else!”

“Alright, as long as it’s not about antiques, I’m open to other things. Let’s talk over some good food and drinks!”

During the meal, Wu Ge explained the situation to Wang Pangzi.

Once again, Wang Pangzi was shocked, “You want me to find a doctor? Who is this doctor, how old is he, and what’s the deal? What kind of grudge do you guys have?”

“He’s called Mo Wu Hui, a traditional Chinese doctor. He looks like a middle-aged man, but he’s actually over 50.”

“In his 50s and still looking like a middle-aged man, he must be a handsome old guy!” Wang Pangzi teased, “Did he snatch your Auntie Liu, making you hold a grudge?”

Wu Ge kicked him in the leg with a dark expression, “Don’t mention Auntie Liu again!”

“Alright, alright, I won’t bring it up!” Wang Pangzi held back his laughter.

Wu Ge gave him a stern look, “I have no grudge or enmity with him, but I have to do this because it’s crucial for me! I can’t do it personally, so I might be able to ask for your help.”

“Fine, it’s just a small matter for me! Messing with people, that’s something I’m really good at!”

“You better not mess it up!”

“Don’t worry, can a small thing like this really stump me?”

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