Chapter 133

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Chapter 133: Are There Reincarnates Worse Off Than Him?

Xiao Chen couldn’t figure out why he was in such a miserable state. He was clearly a reincarnate, holding the script of the protagonist, and should have been even more exceptional than in his past life. Moreover, he knew everything about the future, so he should have soared high. But the result was two months in the hospital, unable to move, and facing his arch-nemesis every day. Are there reincarnates worse off than him?

“Alright, you’ve had enough bad luck. I won’t dwell on it,” Mo Wu Hui sighed and said, “I didn’t expect so much to happen when I came down from the mountain. Let’s get things in order, the things we need to do.”

“The first thing is to heal your injuries.”

“The second thing is to save Zhao Siming.”

“The third thing is to restore our Ghost Valley Sect’s reputation.”

“And the last thing is to resolve your marriage.”

Mo Wu Hui pulled over a chair and continued, “We don’t need to say much about the first thing. Even if you’re not the sect’s head, you are our Ghost Valley Sect’s heir. We’ll make sure you recover completely within a month this time.”

“Thank you, Master Uncle,” Xiao Chen gratefully replied. Mo Wu Hui had always been so good to him in both lifetimes, treating him as if he were his own.

“The second thing, saving Zhao Siming.”

“However, his situation is a bit complicated,” Mo Wu Hui furrowed his brow. “This case has already entered the public prosecution stage, and it’s not just up to us to decide. But if you draft an explanation and clarify the reasons, we can leverage some old connections to possibly get him out. This won’t be resolved overnight, so there’s no need to rush. Let’s put it on hold for now.”

“The third thing, restoring our Ghost Valley Sect’s reputation.”

Saying this, Mo Wu Hui gave Xiao Chen an exasperated look, causing him to bow his head in shame.

“This is my main purpose for coming down! No matter what, our Ghost Valley Sect is an important part of Yan Nation’s traditional medicine, with a legacy spanning centuries. Although not widely known, it still has a reputation. We can’t let it be tarnished by our generation. So, we must salvage this reputation.”

“Master Uncle, I’ll help you with this,” Xiao Chen said, feeling ashamed.

Mo Wu Hui quickly waved his hand. “No, you focus on recovering from your injuries. I’ll handle this personally. I’m afraid you might mess it up again. Our sect can’t withstand a second blow.”

Xiao Chen lowered his head in embarrassment.

“And the last thing is about your marriage.”

Mo Wu Hui urged, “I heard that Song’s daughter, Song Yuqing, is in her early twenties now. Not only is she exceptionally beautiful, but she’s also very capable, managing the Song Family Hospital impressively. Both your senior and I are very satisfied with her. You, a young man with talent, and her, a beautiful young lady – it’s like a match made in heaven! So, I’m going to visit the Song family later and make this matter clear to get you two engaged quickly. You’ll have a chubby child in no time, hahaha!”

Xiao Chen was startled, “Master Uncle, please don’t!”

Mo Wu Hui was puzzled, “Why not?”

“Master Uncle, look at me in my current state. Can I go for a proposal?” Xiao Chen chuckled, “I’m covered in injuries, lying in the hospital all the time. I look so terrible! Besides, I haven’t achieved anything yet, and she’s already a well-known CEO in the city. How can I face her for a proposal?”

“What’s there to be embarrassed about? You are the heir of our Ghost Valley Sect, possessing the highest level of medical skills in the world. In ancient times, we were esteemed guests of high-ranking officials, even treated with great respect by emperors! There’s no one you can’t match up to; who says you’re not good enough for anyone?” Mo Wu Hui said proudly.

Xiao Chen sighed, “Master Uncle, please leave my marriage out of this! Nowadays, it’s all about free love. Arranged marriages and formal proposals are no longer the norm. Let me become strong enough and eligible, and then I’ll consider proposing.”

Mo Wu Hui impatiently replied, “You young people and your complicated matters… Fine, this is your business, and I don’t want to get involved.”

“Thank you, Master Uncle!”

Xiao Chen secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

He was afraid to propose because of Lin Beifan. When his identity as Song Yuqing’s fiancé was exposed, it would essentially mean going to war with Lin Beifan. He had witnessed how ruthless and terrifying Lin Beifan could be, and not only would he be ruined, but his sect would be as well. With his current state and achievements, there was no way he could contend with Lin Beifan. So, he preferred to maintain the current relationship, slowly growing and developing under Lin Beifan’s watchful eye, until the time came to deal the final blow.

He was sure Lin Beifan couldn’t imagine that the one who would ultimately hurt him the most would be his “brother.”

Thinking about a brighter future, Xiao Chen’s mood improved significantly.

“Xiao Chen, let me help you with your treatment first.”

“Thank you, Master Uncle!”

Half an hour later, Mo Wu Hui finished the treatment and said with a smile, “The situation is better than I expected. As long as you have acupuncture once a day, you’ll definitely make a full recovery within a month!”

“Thank you, Master Uncle!” Xiao Chen was overjoyed.

With his Master Uncle here to treat him, plans to save his senior, and the prospect of uplifting the Ghost Valley Sect’s reputation, everything seemed to be heading in a positive direction. Xiao Chen was in an exceptionally good mood.

At that moment, Lin Beifan walked in, carrying a bouquet of white flowers, and asked in surprise, “Brother Xiao, who is this…?”

“You must be Mr. Lin Beifan, right?” Mo Wu Hui stood up and laughed heartily.

“Indeed, you are…”

“I am Xiao Chen’s Master Uncle, Mo Wu Hui. I heard he got injured, so I came down the mountain to visit him and also provide him with medical treatment,” Mo Wu Hui said with a smile.

“So, you’re Brother Xiao’s uncle. Nice to meet you! I’m really delighted to see you,” Lin Beifan extended his hand, and they shook hands.

“I’m delighted as well!” Mo Wu Hui held Lin Beifan’s hand firmly and said very politely, “I’ve heard that in these past days, Mr. Lin, you’ve been taking care of my nephew, providing financial and moral support. It must have been quite a trouble for you!”

“No trouble at all, Brother Xiao and I are best friends. Isn’t that right, Brother Xiao?” Lin Beifan laughed heartily.

“Right, right…” Xiao Chen laughed, trying to maintain composure.

I want to stab you with a sword!

Mo Wu Hui still held Lin Beifan’s hand, touched by his words, and said, “Good people like Mr. Lin are hard to come by! Regardless, you’ve done our Ghost Valley Sect a favor, and you are our friend. If you ever need anything, just call, and we will be there to help!”

“Thank you!” Lin Beifan nodded earnestly.

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