Chapter 132

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Chapter 132: Can I not come? If I don’t come, it will be a disgrace to our Ghost Valley faction!

Shortly after, Wu Ge moved several potted plants into Xiao Chen’s ward. At this point, Xiao Chen had become more vigilant about Wu Ge’s actions. After the latter left, he keenly sensed that something was not right with his body.

Originally, he still had some chest pain, but he could bear it.

Now, the pain had intensified significantly.

Previously, due to illness, his appetite wasn’t great, but he could still manage to eat a bit.

However, he was now experiencing a nauseating feeling.

Just moments ago, he was wide awake and feeling very energetic.

But now, he was unexpectedly feeling drowsy.

There were other minor symptoms as well, and his keen medical intuition detected all of them.

“Wu Ge, it’s definitely you, you scoundrel! You’re plotting against me!” Xiao Chen gritted his teeth and said. He was now one hundred percent certain that it was Wu Ge, the grave robber, who was targeting him.

From yesterday until now, Wu Ge had been using underhanded methods, causing him more harm.

Now, while he was confined to his bed, Wu Ge was still playing dirty tricks…

So, he pressed the nearby call button. Shortly after, a nurse entered and asked, “What’s the matter, Mr. Xiao?”

“Mrs. Li, could you please help me get rid of these potted plants as far away as possible?” Xiao Chen said. Just now, he had been thinking for a while, and he suspected that the potted plants might be the method Wu Ge was using to harm him.

As a medical professional, he knew that some plants emitted unique odors. These odors might not be detectable but could have an impact on people, and some of these odors could even be toxic. These potted plants seemed to fit the bill.

The nurse was surprised, “These potted plants are so beautiful, and your friend sent them. Are you sure you want to just throw them away?”

“Yeah, get rid of all of them for me!” Wu Ge said earnestly.

“It’s such a waste. Are you sure you don’t want me to take them back?”

“It’s up to you!”

After these potted plants were removed, Xiao Chen felt noticeably better. He was once again sure that it was Wu Ge who had been plotting against him.

He couldn’t understand why, considering he had only recently met Wu Ge, and there was no preexisting grudge between them. Why would Wu Ge be so determined to harm him?

But as the protagonist, he carefully thought about it and quickly realized it was all because of Lin Beifan.

Seeing how good Lin Beifan was to him, he couldn’t help feeling jealous, which led him to use these tactics.

“He really is a loyal old dog!” Xiao Chen felt extremely wronged.

He and Lin Beifan were clearly enemies, but because Lin Beifan was treating him so well, it had attracted the jealousy of others, and he had suffered unjustly. His injuries had worsened!

He had been humiliated in front of his beloved and the doctors of the Mo Hai City. Just thinking about it made tears well up in his eyes.

“Nevertheless, this grudge must be settled!” Xiao Chen closed his eyes to regain his composure.

Now, he didn’t want to think about anything else; he just wanted to recover as quickly as possible.

On the second day, while Xiao Chen was still recuperating, he unexpectedly saw a middle-aged man walk in, which was both surprising and not surprising.

He shivered all over and blurted out, “Master Uncle, why are you here?”

The newcomer was none other than his Master Uncle Mo Wu Hui, who had watched him grow up.

Although he looked like a middle-aged man, he was actually in his fifties. Mo Wu Hui gazed at Xiao Chen, who was lying on the bed like a mummy, with a complex expression. “Can I not come? If I didn’t come, our Ghost Valley faction’s face would have been completely lost because of you!”

Xiao Chen’s face was full of embarrassment. “Master Uncle, I…”

“Two days ago, you actually knelt in front of the Pharmacist Guild successor at the Medical Exchange Conference in the Mo Hai City, representing our Ghost Valley faction! When I heard this news, I was utterly dumbfounded! Xiao Chen, how could you do such a thing?” Mo Wu Hui said bitterly.

Xiao Chen felt even more embarrassed. “I…”

“Do you know how angry our Senior Brother is about this? He locked himself in his room and didn’t eat for two days. His health is not good, sigh!”

Xiao Chen was too ashamed to say anything.

Mo Wu Hui sighed. “Originally, our Ghost Valley faction was waiting for you to make a name for yourself! But now, you’ve indeed gained notoriety. Instead of fame, it’s infamy! Now when I go out, I’m embarrassed to call myself a member of the Ghost Valley faction.”

Xiao Chen hurriedly explained, “Master Uncle, listen to me. It’s not something I wanted to do, but at that time, my legs…”

Mo Wu Hui waved his hand. “You don’t need to say it. I know you well. You’re a proud person, and you wouldn’t kneel to anyone, let alone bow to the successor of the Pharmacist Guild!”

“But still, you knelt! Regardless of how many reasons you had, they believe what they saw with their own eyes.”

“Your single act of kneeling has turned our Ghost Valley faction into a joke in the medical world. We can’t hold our heads up anywhere we go!”

Xiao Chen lowered his head in shame.

Mo Wu Hui lowered his head and looked at his mummy-like nephew in front of him. He sighed again, saying, “I originally wanted to scold you thoroughly, maybe even give you a good beating, but seeing you in this state, I can’t bring myself to do it.”

“Tell me, how did you end up like this?”

“Weren’t you supposed to go down the mountain to reunite with your fiancée? How’s that situation going?”

“And what about Zhao Shiming? Why hasn’t he come to visit you while you’re in this condition?” Xiao Chen explained everything that had happened after he went down the mountain in great detail.

Mo Wu Hui was left speechless after hearing it all.

The whole experience was incredibly bizarre!

He had set out to find his fiancée, only to be knocked down by a hefty woman on the way. She was so heavy that she broke his ribs, and he ended up in the hospital. After lying in the hospital for a month, he hoped for some respite, but the same woman knocked him down again, breaking his ribs once more. He was sent back to the hospital.

A few days ago, he heard about a medical exchange conference, and representatives from the Pharmacist Guild were attending. He decided to participate, hoping that after receiving treatment from the Pharmacist Guild, he could recover more quickly.

Everything was going well until the Pharmacist Guild’s representative provoked him, and he couldn’t help but stand up. That’s when everything went wrong.

Not only did he lose face, but his ribs broke again, and he was back in the hospital.

Mo Wu Hui couldn’t help but curse, “Damn! You’re like a modern-day version of ‘Three Visits and Three Failures.’ Even Zhao Zilong [Zhao Yun] wouldn’t be as unlucky as you!”

Xiao Chen felt ashamed and wanted to cover his face.

“So, you spent two months after leaving the mountain and didn’t accomplish anything, just lying in the hospital, is that right?”

“Yes,” Xiao Chen shamefully nodded.

“Even your fiancée doesn’t know you exist right now?”

“Yes,” he nodded with embarrassment.

“And Zhao Shiming got misunderstood and implicated because he tried to save you?”

“Yes,” he nodded again in embarrassment.

“And our Ghost Valley faction became a laughingstock in the medical world because of you?”

“Yes,” Xiao Chen nodded for the third time.

“Damn, it’s like you’re a jinx. Not only did you have a streak of bad luck, but you also dragged others down with you!”

Xiao Chen was so ashamed that he couldn’t face anyone.

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