Chapter 130

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Chapter 130: The Knees of the Ghost Valley Heir Are Really Weak!

The audience’s disdainful voices!

And the mocking laughter of those two jerks!

It all felt like a blade, each one piercing his heart!

It hurt so much that he wanted to cough up blood! He couldn’t understand it. This was supposed to be his shining moment, but how did it turn into this?

How did his legs suddenly stop obeying his command?

It was so embarrassing!

He was the legendary physician, Xiao Chen!

Xiao Chen, the number one physician in Yan Country, actually embarrassed himself like this? And he was being mocked by so many people?

Xiao Chen shivered with anger and roared, “Wang Siquan, stop talking nonsense. I’m not kneeling for you! I just… my leg went numb a moment ago, and I lost my balance and knelt down!”

“Then why don’t you stand up now?” Wang Siquan made a welcoming gesture.

“Fine! I’ll stand up!”

Xiao Chen pushed hard and straightened his legs, standing up straight. But before he could even enjoy that…


He knelt down again!

Facing Wang Siquan!

Audience: “…”

“Hahaha!” Ye Xingchen and Wu Ge were laughing heartily.

Once again, the audience expressed their disdain. “What the heck! Just stood up, and he’s kneeling down again!”

“He’s really good at kneeling!”

“These knees are so weak!”

“He wants to kneel, so he kneels, and he even finds an excuse!”

“Do they think we’re fools?”

Xiao Chen: “Cough!”

Wang Siquan’s eyebrows furrowed, “Xiao Chen, what are you trying to say this time? Are you representing some group and making me kneel again?”

The doctors next to him immediately shook their heads in denial, saying, “Dr. Wang, don’t misunderstand. He definitely doesn’t represent us. We have no connection with him, and I’m not that spineless!”

Xiao Chen: “Cough!”

“Are you trying to make yourself kneel on behalf of some group?” Wang Siquan asked seriously. “Xiao Chen, let me tell you, your kneeling can only represent yourself. I won’t accept anyone else! I might be a bit arrogant, but my principles are still upright.”

Xiao Chen: “Cough!”

Xiao Chen angrily exclaimed, “It’s not that! My legs are weak, so I knelt down again!”

Wang Siquan responded, “Then quickly stand up, it’s making me feel uncomfortable!”

“Okay, I’ll stand up!”

Xiao Chen pushed hard and stood upright once again. Then, he went straight down and quickly knelt.


Xiao Chen: “…”

“Soft-kneed Xiao Chen! Hahaha!” Ye Xingchen and Wu Ge laughed until their stomachs hurt.

The audience expressed their disdain once again.

“Still trying to make excuses?”

“He stands up just to kneel down again eagerly!”

“He clearly wants to kneel but is too embarrassed!”

“Triple kneel! I’ve never seen such devotion to kneeling!”

“This is too ridiculous!”

Xiao Chen: “Cough!”

Wang Siquan pleaded, “Xiao Chen, please don’t kneel anymore! You feel awkward, and I feel awkward!”

Xiao Chen quickly explained, “It’s not… it’s my legs that have an issue! Every time I stand up, my legs go weak.” He took out two silver needles, poked himself a few times, and said, “This should solve the problem!”


With a forceful push, he quickly stood up.


Then, he rapidly knelt again.

Xiao Chen: “…”

“Hahaha! I’m laughing so hard that my eyes are watering!” Ye Xingchen and Wu Ge were convulsing with laughter.

Xiao Chen: “Cough!”

Wang Siquan spread his hands and asked, “What’s your excuse this time?”

“My legs went weak, and the acupuncture didn’t work. Can you give me a hand?” Xiao Chen said, embarrassed.

Wang Siquan looked cautious, “You’re not trying to extort me, are you? I’ll tell you, there are so many people here watching, and they’re all my witnesses! If you dare to mess around, I guarantee you’ll end up in prison!”

Xiao Chen retorted, “Don’t worry, I’m the rightful heir of the Ghost Valley Sect; I won’t extort you!”

“Alright, I’ll help you then.”

Wang Siquan assisted Xiao Chen to his feet and tried taking a few steps.

“Is it okay now?”

“It’s okay!”

“Do you still need me to help?”

“No need!”

As a result, with one movement of Wang Siquan’s hands, Xiao Chen went straight down.


Xiao Chen: “…”

“Hahaha!” The two troublemakers started laughing out loud again.

“Give me another hand up!”


This time, whenever Wang Siquan helped him up, there were no issues. But as soon as he held him, Xiao Chen knelt again. After several times, Wang Siquan finally got angry and said, “Xiao Chen, that’s enough! Are you deliberately trying to embarrass me over and over?”

Xiao Chen was also annoyed and said, “This time, I don’t need your help; I’ll do it myself!”

“That’s the spirit!”

“First, bring me a chair!”

Wang Siquan: “…”

After getting the chair, Xiao Chen held onto the armrests of the chair and tried to stand up. “I think there’s something wrong with a certain nerve in my leg. That’s why I can’t exert any strength. When I stand up, my legs go weak. I need to examine it carefully!” He supported himself with the chair and prepared to sit down slowly.

However, his legs were still too weak, and without gripping the armrest, he lost his balance and fell down.

This time, he didn’t just kneel straight; he was face down on the ground.

A loud thud!

At that moment, Xiao Chen felt like the whole world had gone quiet!

His knees were fine, but his chest…


He let out a heart-wrenching scream.

“What the heck! His rib might have broken again. Falling like this, there’s definitely an issue!”

“Listening to that scream, it’s probably true!”

“Quick, someone help him!”

Fortunately, there were doctors present, and they quickly attended to Xiao Chen. After a preliminary assessment, it was confirmed that his rib had indeed broken again. They would need to reopen the wound, perform a reduction, and then reapply a fixative and medication.

Moreover, due to the intense pain, they would need to administer anesthesia. However, at that moment, Xiao Chen had already passed out from the pain.

When he regained consciousness, he found himself back in his original hospital room. The familiar white bandages, the familiar white flowers, and that one face that was as annoying as ever!

Why was this guy always around whenever something happened? What bad luck!

“The doctor says your rib has broken again and needs to be reconnected. This is the third time, and the situation is quite severe. So, you’ll need more time to recover, around three to four months,” Lin Beifan said.

Xiao Chen tilted his head slightly and asked, “Isn’t there medicine in the Medicine King Hospital? Why would it take such a long time?”

Lin Beifan replied, “You’ve forgotten that your rib has broken and needs to be reset. So, the original medicine was removed because of that. Once the medicine is removed, its effectiveness decreases significantly, and it can’t be used anymore.”

“Can’t we buy new medicine? I’ll reimburse you for the cost later!” Xiao Chen suggested.

Lin Beifan shook his head and said, “I wanted to buy, but they won’t sell it to us.”

“Why won’t they sell it?”

“They said you’re the heir of the Ghost Valley Sect and that you intend to disrupt their business. They don’t want to provide you with good medicine,” Lin Beifan explained.

Xiao Chen: “…”

“Alright, don’t think too much about it! Even though the regular medicine will take longer to show results, it’s better than having none. Take good care of your recovery. I’ll go check on Brother Ye now.” Lin Beifan lightly patted his shoulder and left the hospital room.

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