Chapter 13: Building the hut and Starting to Repair the Silver Dragon Sword!

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Li Tianci was surprised when he heard the price.

“Twenty thousand?”

For him, as a direct disciple of Elder Lu Ban of Refining Treasure Peak, it wasn’t a lot, but it wasn’t a small amount either.

However, it was still within his means.

He breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that Elder Feng, would demand an exorbitant sum. Fortunately, she was understanding of their situation as disciples.

But Chen Chang’an wasn’t aware of Li Tianci’s thoughts. He thought he might have said too much.

He felt a bit embarrassed about conning him and wondered if it was a bad idea.

However, Li Tianci was a direct disciple, not a mere handyman like he used to be. He had just become Feng Wanxi’s direct disciple these past two days.

Being poor was normal.

Li Tianci should be able to come up with 200,000 spirit stones, right?

If not, he could always reduce the amount by half. Cheating him out of ten thousand spiritual stones would be fine, right?

Chen Chang’an patted Li Tianci on the shoulder and continued.

“Don’t worry, senior brother. Since we have such a good relationship, and you’ve come up with the spiritual stones, I’ll talk to my master and try to get her to ask for a few thousand less.”

Li Tianci shook his head.

“No need, junior brother. I can come up with twenty thousand spiritual stones. For someone as influential as Senior Feng, ten thousand spiritual stones is already too little.”

With that said, Li Tianci took out a stack of spiritual tickets from his storage ring and pulled out twenty of them.

“Junior brother, count them.”

Chen Chang’an’s eyes widened.

Wow, it turns out I was the clown all along!

At this moment, Chen Chang’an no longer felt guilty.

To note, these spiritual tickets were equivalent to the circulating currency in the Nine Regions Continent and could be exchanged for spiritual stones in various major businesses.

One spiritual ticket could be exchanged for ten thousand spiritual stones.

And this stack?

There must be one or two hundred of them.

First, Ye Ningshuang spent a million to forge the Silver Dragon Sword.

Now, Li Tianci had taken out a stack of spiritual notes.

Were all the direct disciples of the sect this damn rich?

It was heart-wrenching, but he was really poor.

Taking the twenty spiritual tickets, Chen Chang’an handed Li Tianci a piece of paper.

“Senior brother, these are the materials that Master will need to repair the Silver Dragon Sword. It would be best to have them delivered by evening.”

Li Tianci glanced at the paper, and it was just some common materials found in the warehouse, nothing too precious. He nodded.

“No problem. I’ll go back and prepare them now, and I’ll bring them to you as soon as possible.”


Before Li Tianci left, Chen Chang’an reminded him in a low voice.

“Regarding the matter of Master repairing the Silver Dragon Sword, she doesn’t want anyone to know, so keep it a secret.”

Although Li Tianci was confused and wondered what there was to keep secret, he still nodded.

“No problem.”

After Li Tianci left, Chen Chang’an smiled lightly and held the twenty spirit tickets in his hand, murmuring to himself.

“With these two hundred thousand spirit stones, I can buy some top-quality ingredients tomorrow to improve the meals for my master. Since this disciple borrowed your name, let me compensate you with delicious food.”

He put away the spirit tickets and looked at the building materials all over the floor. Chen Chang’an rolled up his sleeves and said, “Let’s start building!”

As a Qi Refining Seventh Level cultivator, building a house by himself was more than enough for him. He had already drawn the blueprints in advance, and with the help of “Proficient in Refining ,” the construction went smoothly.

One hour later, the half of the small house was built.

At this moment, Feng Wanxi woke up from her nap and walked out of her room to see Chen Chang’an busy at work. Although only half of the house was built, it already looked quite impressive.

Feng Wanxi couldn’t help but be surprised. “Disciple, you’re amazing! You really built this little house.”

Chen Chang’an grinned, wiped off his sweat, and continued building. “It’s just a room, no big deal.”

“Do you need any help?” Feng Wanxi asked.

Chen Chang’an shook his head. “No, I can handle this little matter myself.”

“Okay, then you continue.”

At this moment, Feng Wanxi seemed to sense something and took out a palm-sized purple-gold jade talisman. This was a communication treasure in the Nine Regions Immortal Domains called the “Communication Talisman,” which was very expensive and worth a hundred thousand spirit stones.

There is a way to convey messages through messaging tokens.

Chen Chang’an thought to himself that he should buy one too, so that he could communicate with his master when they are not together and develop their relationship.

Feng Wanxi frowned slightly as she checked the messaging token.

“Master, what’s wrong?” Chen Chang’an asked.

“There’s something that needs to be dealt with in the sect, so I’m afraid I won’t be able to come back for dinner tonight,” Feng Wanxi replied.

Afterwards, she left Feixian Peak.

Chen Chang’an was a bit disappointed that he couldn’t profit from his master’s absence.

But he didn’t mind, as he had plenty of time to profit from his master.

He continued building his house, and midway through, Li Tianci brought over the materials on paper.

He praised Chen Chang’an for his house-building skills, chatted briefly, and then left.

Near dusk, a small house measuring over 30 square meters was completed.

The small house was not far from Feng Wanxi’s precious house, but with Chen Chang’an’s “Proficient at Refining,” the difference between the two was apparent. Although Chen Chang’an’s small house looked average at first glance, upon closer inspection, it was naturally formed, exquisite, and extraordinary, containing a natural charm that was simple but in harmony with the heavens and earth.

Chen Chang’an had some remaining Green God Wood that he used to make himself a bed and some simple furniture.

Clapping his hands, Chen Chang’an looked at his small house and nodded in satisfaction.

“Mission accomplished. I can sleep on this bed peacefully tonight.”

Then, Chen Chang’an took out the Silver Dragon Sword from his storage ring.

Looking at the damaged sword, Chen Chang’an smiled slightly.

“30,000 spirit stones for repair costs. I need to fix this Silver Dragon Sword properly.”

His qi flowed through his fingers and into the Silver Dragon Sword, and the repair began.

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