Chapter 13

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=== Chapter 013: Methods to Become Smarter ===

Two days later, Su Hao found his father.

“Have you memorized it?”

“Of course.”

Wu Yuntian naturally didn’t believe him.

So, in front of him, Su Hao returned the book and recited every word from memory. Wu Yuntian’s mouth was wide open the whole time. How much time did he take when he memorized the manual back then?

Then, Wu Yuntian took Su Hao to a deserted place and explained the contents of the book to him, sentence by sentence, just as it was recorded in the book.

The Book of Qi Cultivation is something that, if not explained sentence by sentence, will most likely be practiced incorrectly according to one’s own guesses. Because it is very difficult to accurately express one’s thoughts with words, just like in the past when someone said, “Oops, the bowl accidentally broke,” it was easy to understand, clear and concise.

But there are always people who interpret it as, “Why did the bowl break? Did they have an argument with their partner?”

“Did something bad happen recently?”

“Let’s search on Baidu what the hidden meaning of ‘bowl breaking’ is”…

So, Wu Yuntian told Su Hao to memorize it, and he obediently memorized it without guessing its meaning and waited for his father to explain it to him. After all, his father was a senior high-level elite martial artist, which was quite powerful.

It wasn’t until it became dark that they finished explaining the whole book. Su Hao diligently recorded Wu Yuntian’s explanations word for word in the “Light of the Universe” and prepared to study and review it at any time.

“Is there anything you still don’t understand?” Wu Yuntian asked.

“No.” After speaking, Su Hao immediately praised, “Father, you are really amazing. You can explain such a complex book so clearly. It’s such a pity that you’re not a teacher.”

Wu Yuntian laughed heartily for the first time and said proudly, “Of course, did you think I spent half a year…”

But before he could finish speaking, he stopped himself. He changed the topic and said, “Since there is nothing you don’t understand, let’s leave it at that. Go back. If you have any further questions, ask me.”

“Okay.” Su Hao jumped up and followed closely behind.

The next day, Su Hao found his father again and said, “Father, I have thoroughly understood this book.”

Wu Yuntian’s evaluation of his son once again increased. He knew that Su Hao would quickly understand the manual, but he didn’t expect it to be this fast.

After confirming that Su Hao truly understood it, Wu Yuntian said, “Then our study ends here for now. The next important thing for you to do is to find the blood energy.”

“Find the blood energy? How do I do that?”

Wu Yuntian revealed a mysterious smile, “Every morning, you go for a run until you’re exhausted and can’t run anymore, then eat something. After eating, find a quiet place to sit and truly feel the process of food transforming into energy. After a while, you will be able to perceive the blood energy.”

“Just like that?”

“Yes, just like that.”

Su Hao remembered the slogan he had heard before: simplicity, belief, follow the instructions. Alright then, he’ll just follow the instructions….

The next morning, Su Hao started running around the valley.

His actions quickly caught the attention of his little friends.

He Qingqing still tied her hair in double ponytails, looking very cute. She came over with two little followers and curiously asked when Su Hao ran past, “Xiangwu, what are you doing?”

Su Hao rolled his eyes and said, “Running.”

“Why do you want to run?”

Su Hao pretended not to hear and ran past her. But when Su Hao came back around, He Qingqing couldn’t let it go and asked persistently, “Why do you want to run? Running is not fun, let’s go catch field mice with us instead!”

Su Hao didn’t answer and ran past again.

On the third lap, He Qingqing got angry and shouted, “Xiangwu, no matter what, you must come with us to catch field mice today.”

Su Hao was already out of breath and didn’t want to answer, but seeing He Qingqing getting angrier with her ponytail almost standing up, he was afraid that she would come and pull him, so he could only reply, “He Qingqing, I already told you, I don’t play with fools.”

He Qingqing, hearing Su Hao mention it again, went crazy and said, “Wu Xiangwu, I also told you, I am not a fool. Just play with me!”

Su Hao slowed down and said, “Did you answer that question correctly that day?”

He Qingqing immediately said, “I answered it, it’s a dead person, right?”

Su Hao shook his head and said, “No.”

He Qingqing immediately retorted, “Impossible. My dad said that a dead person doesn’t need to see a doctor, and it absolutely can’t be wrong. A dead person doesn’t do anything.”

Su Hao shook his head again and said, “Still not right. I asked, who gets sick but doesn’t see a doctor, and dead people won’t get sick, so they’re not included in this category.”

He Qingqing didn’t accept the contradiction and immediately asked back, “Then what is the answer?”

“A blind person.”


Su Hao repeated, “A blind person! Because a blind person can’t see, how can they see a doctor?”

He Qingqing widened her mouth, and that little look on her face was unexpectedly cute.

At this time, Lu Hongtao, next to them, asked the chubby kid, “Fatty, do you know why it’s a blind person?”

The chubby kid suddenly moved away from Lu Hongtao a bit and muttered, “I don’t want to play with fools anymore.”

Lu Hongtao asked, “What?”

“Nothing! Lu Hongtao, if you don’t clean your boogers properly in the future, don’t come near me.”

Lu Hongtao sniffed and said with difficulty, “Okay…okay! But my mom said that kids with boogers are healthy.”

“Get lost!”

He Qingqing thought for a moment and realized that Su Hao’s answer was impeccable. She was so frustrated that she couldn’t say a word.

What should she do now? She was starting to doubt if she was stupid, why couldn’t she think of such a simple answer? If that’s the case, she would never be able to make Su Hao her little brother companion, and he would never play with them.

When Su Hao passed by her again, she suddenly ran up and grabbed him.

Su Hao was already exhausted, his feet floating in the air. He was suddenly pulled down by He Qingqing, and they both fell to the ground, becoming a tangled mess.

“What are you doing?” Su Hao was too tired to get up, gave He Qingqing a fierce glare, but he didn’t really get angry at this little brat. Indeed, he hated kids the most.

He Qingqing held onto Su Hao’s hand tightly, afraid that he might run away. Her little face serious, she said, “Wu Xiangwu, you have to play with us today, no matter what you say is useless. If you don’t play with us, I will let Lu Hongtao and Fatty beat you up, I promise.”

Su Hao was speechless, what kind of situation is this, his martial arts value doesn’t allow him to resist, furthermore, seeing Lu Hongtao and Fatty approaching with excitement, he felt discouraged. Does he really have to play house with these little brats today?

No way! Give an inch and they’ll take a mile. Does he have to keep running with these little brats in the future? It’s simply a waste of time.

After catching his breath, Su Hao tried hard to get up and brushed off the dirt on his body.

“You agreed?” He Qingqing thought Su Hao agreed and immediately smiled happily.

Su Hao didn’t answer, instead he asked, “Qingqing, did you just ask me why I was running?”

“Yes!” Qingqing responded.

“Then ask me again.”

Without much thought, He Qingqing asked, “Then why were you running?”

Su Hao immediately praised, “Qingqing, that’s a good question! You hit the nail on the head. So Qingqing, let me ask you, do you know why I’m so smart?”

He Qingqing’s eyes widened, this is the secret she has always wanted to know. She dumbly asked, “Why?”

Lu Hongtao and Fatty curiously leaned in to listen.

“Because of running!”

“What?” x3

Su Hao calmly replied, “Running! That’s right, I’m running.”

“Really? Can running make me smart like you?”

“Of course, it’s a secret I discovered. You can’t tell anyone.”

“Mmmhmm!” x3.

“So what are you waiting for? Let’s start running!”


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