Chapter 13

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Chapter 13: The second protagonist appeared, that man is too terrifying!

Lin Beifan was driving, accompanied by the newly appointed beautiful secretary, heading to the group headquarters.

As soon as they arrived at their destination, the beautiful secretary, Liu Rumei, got off the car without paying attention and said, “Vice President Lin, I will go and make early contact with the investment business! As for the bodyguard matter, you can choose by yourself!”

Then, she left with graceful and swaying steps.

Lin Beifan chuckled, “She still has such a unique personality!”

After parking the car, Lin Beifan strolled towards the security department.

The manager of the security department had been waiting at the door.

Seeing Lin Beifan approaching, he slightly bowed and warmly greeted, “Young Master Lin, you’re here!”

“Don’t call me Young Master Lin anymore, I am now working in the company, serving as the vice president of the investment company. You can call me Vice President Lin from now on!” Lin Beifan said seriously.

“Alright, Vice President Lin!”

The other party was particularly good at flattery, just a few dozen steps and he already complimented more than ten times.

Lin Beifan felt a bit nauseated listening to it.

Although I like to listen, don’t say so much, it will become sickening.

The two of them walked into the lobby of the security department, chatting and laughing.

There were many tall bodyguards inside, some were exercising, some were checking the monitors, and some were organizing the security facilities. They were all busy with their own tasks.

The manager of the security department clapped his hands, “Everyone, gather around!”

Except for the two who were checking the monitors, the others hurriedly came over and lined up in three rows.

“Let me introduce to you, the handsome and promising young man standing beside me is the son of our group’s chairman, as well as the successor of our group, Lin Beifan, Young Master Lin!”

“Now, he is ready to take up the position of vice president in our group’s investment company! According to the regulations, he can choose one of us to be his bodyguard! This is a very precious opportunity, and you all must seize this chance and perform well! Do you understand?”

“Yes, understood!” The security guards all replied in unison.

“Now, let our Vice President Lin say a few words. Let’s welcome him with applause!”

*Clap, clap…* Applause erupted.

Lin Beifan gestured for them to stop clapping and smiled, “I don’t have much to say, just one sentence: Follow me and enjoy the good life!”

“Great! Although this sentence is simple, it is thought-provoking and impressive!” The manager of the security department applauded first.

Lin Beifan: “…”

“Vice President Lin, how do you plan to choose?” The security department manager asked, “Most of them here are veterans, their strength is impressive, and their security abilities are strong! In addition, they are skilled in various car models…”

Lin Beifan smiled faintly, “Everyone looks good, but has anyone volunteered? I like proactive people!”



Two security guards stood up in response.

One of them was the purpose of Lin Beifan’s visit, a formidable and loyal fighter.

But the other person…

What is he doing here?

You are supposed to be the second protagonist, shouldn’t you be a security guard at Licheng Group?

Then encounter the beautiful CEO and perform the classic scenes of being her personal bodyguard?

Why did you end up here?

Lin Beifan looked expressionlessly at the other person, feeling that something seemed off!

At the same time, the other person was also looking at Lin Beifan expressionlessly, feeling very excited.

His name was Ye Xingchen, 28 years old this year, and currently an ordinary security guard in the security department of the Lin Group.

But secretly, he was also known as the king of mercenaries in the underground world, a super warrior!

Having successfully completed hundreds of missions, he had taken the lives of countless people, but eventually grew tired of the violent and killing lifestyle. That’s why he returned to the urban city and became a small security guard, immersing himself in the hustle and bustle of the world.

In addition, he had a third identity.

He was someone who had been reborn!

Originally, he should have been working at Licheng Group, then encountering the beautiful CEO Chu Ruoxue and embarking on a passionate love story.

But then he met Lin Beifan, an almost unbeatable man!

On the surface, Lin Beifan was a rich second-generation playboy who was ignorant and indulgent, but in reality, he was a terrifyingly strong man!

He was too strong, to the point of being unimaginable!

He excelled in all aspects!

Even the strength he was proud of was nothing in front of Lin Beifan!

With various abilities, in just a few years, he had amassed trillions of assets and stood at the top of the world!

However, the most infuriating part was that Lin Beifan took away his woman, Chu Ruoxue!

He also destroyed all the forces behind him!

And crippled his martial arts, driving him out of his kingdom like a stray dog!

He became a public enemy, everyone calling for his death!

Therefore, after being reborn, he swore to take back everything and repay it a hundredfold!

But Lin Beifan was too strong, too perfect. How could he be defeated?

Later, he came up with an idea.

“Only by getting close to him, infiltrating his side, gaining his trust, can I find his weaknesses and completely destroy him, avenging the hatred in my heart!”

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