Chapter 13

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Chapter 13: Too brutal, too inhumane!

At this moment, the spectators outside the arena were dumbfounded!

The mighty extraordinary expert, Wang Chuan, was actually completely defeated by Lin Beifan, a mere body-refining practitioner!

Is it my eyes playing tricks on me, or has the world gone so crazy that I no longer recognize it?

The only thing they could do now was to cheer and encourage Wang Chuan.

“Wang Chuan, quickly get up!”

“You’re an extraordinary, how can an extraordinary lose to a body-refining practitioner?”

“Don’t hide your strength anymore!”

“Enough playing around, rise to the occasion!”

However, all they got in response were the loud thudding sounds.

That was the sound of Wang Chuan’s body colliding with the ground.

The sound was crisp and loud, almost deafening, like successive slaps hitting people’s faces.

Looking at Wang Chuan, he was now unrecognizable, only resembling a human figure.

Many people covered their faces, unable to bear watching.

Meanwhile, Wang Chuan, as the person involved, felt so frustrated that he spat out blood, extremely on the verge of going crazy.

He was a mighty extraordinary expert!

Yet, in front of everyone, he was being tossed around like a sandbag by Lin Beifan, that little upstart!

I’ve lost all my face!

He wanted to resist, to struggle, but every time he gathered his divine power, Lin Beifan would shatter it with a punch, and then he would be thrown over Lin Beifan’s shoulder like a sack.

“Bang” “Bang”…

Each shoulder throw not only ravaged his body but also tortured his soul.

His Dao-heart was on the brink of collapse.

Wang Chuan roared, “Lin Beifan, that’s enough! Let go of me. We should have a fair and square, honorable fight!”

Lin Beifan innocently remarked, “Aren’t we already having a fair and square fight? Besides, you’re extraordinary, and I’m just a humble body-refining practitioner. Even in this match, I’m at a disadvantage. What more do you want?”

Saying this, he executed another shoulder throw, leaving Wang Chuan breathless.

“Cough, Lin… Lin Beifan, give me some face, don’t throw me again, it hurts!”

“Are you kidding? You, an extraordinary, have no shame challenging me. Why should I give you face? Watch this move!”

Another shoulder throw, and Wang Chuan’s face met the ground.

His nose flattened, and two teeth were knocked out, causing him to speak with a lisp.

“Lin… Lin Beifan, don’t throw my face again, I beg you!”

“Wang Chuan, it’s not me picking on you. You’re so picky in a fight; who do you think you are! Hey~~ I specifically like throwing your face. If you can’t take it, come and bite me!”

“Bang” “Bang”…

Several consecutive times, face first into the ground, Wang Chuan’s face became a bloody mess.

The surrounding spectators couldn’t help but feel sympathy.

“Too brutal!”

“So pitiful!”

“So inhumane!”

Filled with rage, Wang Chuan let out a mournful roar, “Lin Beifan, you’ve really gone too far. Don’t force me! If you keep pushing me, I’ll have to use my trump card!”

“Come on, if you have the guts, use it. Don’t disappoint me!”

“Fine… You asked for it!”

Gritting his teeth, Wang Chuan’s eyes gleamed with a fierce look, and his aura changed accordingly.

Not daring to be careless, Lin Beifan prepared to counter.

Suddenly, Wang Chuan held his breath and exerted the greatest force of his life, roaring, “Brother, save me!!!”

Lin Beifan: (⊙o⊙)!

At that moment, Lin Beifan felt a terrifying force approaching from behind.

Without hesitation, he swung Wang Chuan backward.

The force hesitated for a moment, caught the flying Wang Chuan, and then came charging back towards Lin Beifan.

In this brief moment, Lin Beifan had already retreated to the entrance of the mansion.

A graceful figure rushed out from the mansion, rebuking, “How daring! You dare to harm my brother!”

A surge of blue divine power erupted, transforming into a colossal 40-meter-long sword that swept down like the opening of the heavens.

The opponent also used divine power, forming a golden bell.


The sword and the bell shattered simultaneously, causing space to ripple as divine power swept in all directions.

Many individuals with insufficient strength were sent flying by this force.

“So… powerful!”

“A Divine Sea expert, terrifying indeed!”

As the dust settled, a gloomy figure appeared in the arena, wearing a gray robe and cradling Wang Chuan, bearing a resemblance to him.

Some people recognized this person and exclaimed.

“That’s Outer Sect disciple Wang Yao!”

“At the Divine Sea cultivation level, he’s quite prominent even among the outer disciple!”

“He also has another identity, Wang Chuan’s brother!”

Bai Yiyi also recognized him, disdainfully saying, “So it’s you, Wang Yao! Both brothers share the same traits, enjoying bullying the weaker!”

Wang Yao, looking at Bai Yiyi, seemed somewhat wary, “Bai Yiyi, I was wrong to act just now! However, I was only anxious to save my brother. Lin Beifan hasn’t been harmed, so let’s call it even!”

Bai Yiyi retorted, “That’s easy for you to say. If it weren’t for my timely reaction, he would have been the one injured!”

“How do you want to settle this?” Wang Yao said in a deep voice.

Bai Yiyi continued to demand, “Either bow down and apologize to my brother, or we’ll have a showdown!”

“I won’t apologize to a junior, it’s impossible!” Wang Yao’s expression grew even more grim.

“Then we’ll have a showdown, bring it on!” Bai Yiyi charged without hesitation.

Wang Yao gently placed Wang Chuan down and prepared to meet her in battle.

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