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Chapter 129

Chapter 129 Bone Armor First Battle

Yashan immediately transformed into a handsome and tall “Bone Demon,” reaching out and grabbing the neck of “Thorned Beast” Fred tightly.

The spikes on Fred’s neck, when they met Yashan’s bone armor, were crushed.

Fred put all his strength into it, opened his mouth, and roared, “Safe—cough,” then Yashan increased the force, squeezing the other half into his throat.

Then Yashan lowered himself and fiercely smashed Fred’s head against a rock.


The spikes on Fred’s head broke one by one, but his armor defense was so strong that he didn’t faint.

Yashan simply tossed aside the “Hiding Beast” in his other hand and picked up a stone.


Then he repeatedly smashed it on Fred’s head…..

“Bang, bang, bang!”

After a while, Fred finally passed out.

Yashan threw the stone aside, muttering, “Boss Wei’s strength control is more accurate. He’s truly the boss!”

Then he picked up “Hiding Beast” Yi and ran straight for the city, passing by “Corrosion Beast” Alai, with the purpose of having Alai inform “Speed Demon” An.

In the fearful eyes of the onlookers, he ran towards the city with one in each hand.

As Yashan had expected, Alai found An.

Upon hearing the news, An’s initial reaction was suspicion; he believed someone was trying to lure him into pursuit.

“It must be the ‘Temple Forest Society’ people who found us! How did they find us?”

An stood still, not in a hurry to act, as his brain quickly raced.

“The crucial question is whether Fred and Yi should be saved. If not, the two of them are pretty much doomed. If I go, there’s a chance I might die too. So, should I go or not?”

In his hesitation, An consumed a great deal of mental energy.

The most mentally taxing thing, in fact, isn’t doing research or solving math problems; it’s making decisions. The mental energy required to make decisions is far greater than for other tasks.

After two breaths, An decided to make an attempt. If the attempt failed, he would retreat immediately and plan from a safe distance.

An thought to himself, “I absolutely must not be reckless! Furthermore, I don’t know how the other side discovered us. In theory, we’ve been extremely cautious these past few days and haven’t revealed any unusual abilities. After contemplating it thoroughly, I haven’t found any major loopholes. Before solving this puzzle, I mustn’t act rashly.”

Then An turned to “Corrosion Beast” Alai and said, “Alai, it’s dangerous here. Go in the opposite direction and return to Lake Abyss City. Wait for me there.”

Alai, a beautiful woman, nodded.

An slowly disappeared into invisibility.

Once An had moved far away, Alai quickly left in the opposite direction.

Not far after leaving the city, Alai’s path was blocked by several third-level “Temple Forest Society” members.

Alai’s face turned cold, her skin taking on a mottled brownish-gray color. Her face and body were covered in numerous warts, making her look terrifying. Her once-beautiful face now appeared grotesque and frightening.

Next, a light yellow gas radiated outward from her, causing plants to wither and rot as it passed.

The “Temple Forest Society” members who had blocked her path quickly dispersed. “It’s the ‘Corrosion Beast.’ We must be cautious and avoid anything touching us, or it will be troublesome.”

“What do we do then? We can’t get close, and we don’t have any long-range attack methods!”

“This is tricky!”

At that moment, someone suddenly suggested, “Pick up rocks and throw them at her!”

The group exchanged glances and immediately understood!

An’s speed was impressive. Just as Yashan had run out of the city, An caught up.


A gust of wind brushed past Yashan, and the bone armor on his neck suddenly shattered, bone fragments flying.

When An passed by Yashan, Yashan didn’t feel a thing. If it weren’t for the fact that a large piece of bone had shattered on his neck and left a gash, he would have thought it was just a gust of wind passing by.

Yashan held a person in each hand, not stopping for a moment, running with all his might in the direction of Temple Forest City, always remembering Big Brother Wei’s instructions: the farther, the better.

An didn’t reveal his form; he continued moving at high speed. He glanced at the pair of short knives in his hands and sensed something unusual: “His bone armor is peculiar. There’s a faint red membrane on the outside that blocked my first knife attack, and the bone armor on his neck blocked my second knife attack. The hardness of the bone armor is beyond imagination.”

It’s not that An was arrogant. Although his dual-knife technique might not decapitate the Bone Demon in one go, he could easily slice open half the neck. The first cut would break the bone, and the second would inflict damage, essentially dealing a severe blow to the “Bone Demon.”

However, this move was ineffective against the guy sprinting ahead, only managing to scrape the surface.

If all “Bone Demons” were like this, their “Speed Demon” sequence would have no place.

A strange gleam flashed in An’s eyes: “Let’s try again!”


The twin knives instantly vibrated at high speed.

An swiftly appeared at Yashan’s side, this time aiming for Yashan’s arm with the goal of severing it to save the people.


Similarly, it had no effect. The two cuts combined only managed to sever roughly half, and in the blink of an eye, Yashan had fully repaired it.

“Not good!” An hesitated!

No matter how fast he was, it wouldn’t work if he couldn’t break through the defense! Plus, where was the opponent trying to go? Lure me out of the city and then kill me?

An furrowed his brow slowly.

At this moment, he unexpectedly felt a bit dissatisfied with leaving like this. They had agreed to give it a try and leave, but who would have thought the other side wouldn’t even retaliate.

Meanwhile, when Yashan left the city, Su Hao arrived at the courtyard.

He transformed into a “Bone Demon” while walking.

The pristine bone armor formed, the shoulder plates thickened and rose, chest and abdomen plates generated, gleaming white, and two thin wings extended from the back plate…

“Crackle, crackle…”

The unique sound of bones echoed as the sleek winged armor was fully formed.

Su Hao extended his right hand, and a bone-like long knife slowly elongated, taking shape in an instant, gleaming with a cold light.

Following that, patterns were etched and covered the entire set of bone armor, extending to the bone knife as well.

By the time Su Hao reached the center of the courtyard, all transformations were complete.

Su Hao crouched slightly, leaped into the air, and soared a hundred meters high, causing an explosive shock underfoot. He resembled a projectile as he flew toward the city’s outskirts.



This time, Su Hao didn’t intentionally hide his form but flew directly over Temple Forest City, boldly pursuing An.

Is An fast?

Very fast!

On the ground, not even Su Hao would be confident in outpacing him. An’s speed wasn’t just about straight-line running but also the ability to turn and change direction while maintaining his speed.

It’s often said, “In martial arts, speed is unbeatable.” When speed reaches a certain level, it can indeed be quite invincible. A few years ago, the “Speed Demon” Flywheel, if not for his nemesis, “Silk Demon” Sik, might not have been stopped.

However, despite An’s speed, he couldn’t match Su Hao’s high-speed flight.

On the ground, An’s speed had no equal, but in terms of straight-line speed, Su Hao’s high-speed flight was much faster.

In other words, An couldn’t escape anymore. As long as he remained within Su Hao’s radar range, no matter how he tried to evade, Su Hao would gradually close in.

How wide was Su Hao’s radar range?

Six kilometers!

No matter which direction An ran, as long as he didn’t disappear from Su Hao’s radar range immediately, Su Hao would slowly approach.

From the moment Su Hao took off, An’s fate was sealed.

So, how would Su Hao, in the air, eliminate An, who moved swiftly on the ground?

(End of this chapter)


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