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Chapter 128

Chapter 128 – Steady

After entering the city, An and his team didn’t act rashly. Instead, they found a place to settle, secretly searched for Charlie, and began investigating the events that had occurred in the city over the past few years.

The Silk-Splitter Charlie had long been beheaded by Su Hao, so they were unlikely to find her.

After three days of fruitless searching, An gave up on further efforts to find her and began focusing on investigating the events in Temple Forest City over the past few years.

He employed a straightforward investigation method. Pretending to be newcomers from out of town looking to buy a house, they hired a guide to show them properties and casually inquired about the steep rise in property prices.

Subsequently, the guide’s mouth wouldn’t stop moving. An gathered all the information he desired.

Of course, he didn’t rely solely on one person’s word but instead sent three of his subordinates to investigate independently. In the end, they compiled their results to obtain the most accurate and reliable information.

In the evening, An sat quietly at his desk and reviewed everything he had learned about Temple Forest City, quickly arriving at several conclusions.

First, Temple Forest City had changed hands and was now controlled by a faction known as the “Temple Forest Clan,” responsible for the slogans on the city’s streets and alleys.

Second, the Bone Demon Deli and the Silk Demon Sik had died two years ago. If the Bone Demon’s flesh and blood were to be obtained, it had to involve a confrontation with the “Temple Forest Clan.”

Third, based on the intensity of combat two years ago, the “Temple Forest Clan” possessed only Fourth-level Mutants, known as “Boss Wei” and “Bos Yashans” No Fifth-level Mutants would appear because a Fifth-level Mutant would hardly engage in combat with Fourth-level Mutants; they would simply obliterate them.

Fourth, the “Temple Forest Clan” advocated protecting the normal lives of ordinary people and stipulated that Mutants’ battles must take place within certain rules.

Fifth, based on Charlie’s personality, it was highly likely she was dead, killed by the “Temple Forest Clan.”

An listed these conclusions one by one. Then, he pondered his goals.

Goal One: Find Charlie.

This goal could be crossed off.

Goal Two: Acquire the Bone Demon’s flesh and blood.

An closed his eyes, leaned back in his chair, and considered how to achieve this goal, obtaining the Bone Demon’s flesh and blood. As a Fourth-level Mutant Speed Demon, his abilities included “invisibility,” “super speed,” “dynamic vision,” “tearing,” and “hovering.”

If the Bone Demon was still Deli, obtaining a piece of Deli’s flesh and blood would be a piece of cake for him. He’d only need to meet Deli once, and he could effortlessly sever Deli’s arm and take it with him.

But now, it wasn’t Deli anymore; it was two individuals known as “Wei Boss” and “Yashan Boss.” An wasn’t sure who the Bone Demon was among them.

Once he made a move and happened to acquire the wrong individual’s flesh and blood, he would lose his advantage in the shadows. For him, this meant danger, a situation he absolutely couldn’t allow to happen.

Moreover, one of them was the Bone Demon, and he couldn’t confirm the sequence of the other Fourth-level Mutant.


Night Demon!!!

An had a flash of insight about the guy who had nearly tricked him four years ago as a Night Demon.

Of course!

Everything now made sense.

The Night Demon had infiltrated Temple Forest City, aided a Mutant in evolving, with the initial target being Fred, who was still a Rampager back then. Subsequently, the Night Demon seized an opportunity, killed the Bone Demon Deli and the Thread Demon Sik, and became the new ruler of the city.

Based on Fred’s description from the past, the shorter one was the Night Demon, and the taller one should be the new Bone Demon.

So, all he needed to do was inquire about the appearance of “Wei Boss” and “Yashan Boss” to confirm which one was the Bone Demon, the target of his attack.

An, who had figured everything out, slowly stood up. The others in the room immediately looked at him.

An smiled and reassured them, “Don’t worry! We’ll have the Bone Demon’s flesh and blood very soon. I’ll get the Bone Demon’s head and take revenge for Charlie.”

The Thorned Beast Fred’s heart immediately sank, knowing his Bone Demon’s flesh and blood were secured. When An smiled like this, it meant he already had a plan and would undoubtedly obtain the Bone Demon’s flesh and blood.

The Thorned Beast Fred had never seen An fail!!!

The next morning, Yashan found Su Hao. Yashan said, “Boss Wei, Mong Chuan kept an eye on them for four days and finally got some useful information. They’re here for the Bone Demon’s flesh and blood.”

Su Hao’s lips curled slightly as he replied, “That makes it easy! Let’s drive them out and deal with all of them. As for that Speed Demon An, leave him to me!”

Su Hao had no desire to engage in conspiracies or tricks with them. If their intentions were impure, he wouldn’t hold back, avoiding future complications. When dealing with people who liked to play tricks, Su Hao preferred to use his fists.

If his fists weren’t powerful enough, it was better not to engage at all. Otherwise, he would be the one to suffer.

Yashan scratched his head and asked, “Boss Wei! There are too many people in the city. How should I drive them out?”

Su Hao replied casually, “Just make a sudden move, grab one or two Third-level Mutants, and run outside the city as far as you can. Keep your defense runes active throughout the process.”

Yashan’s eyes were filled with admiration. Why hadn’t he thought of this?

Indeed, a boss was a boss!

“Okay, Boss Wei!”

Su Hao added, “No need to wait until evening; you can start now.”

“Okay, Boss Wei!” After saying this, Yashan immediately set off.

Su Hao breathed a sigh of relief and murmured, “An… you’re indeed a talent, but you’ve just had bad luck. You thought of coming to Temple Forest City when you wanted to eat meat.”

He hadn’t seen An contribute anything to Temple Forest City, but when he wanted to evolve, he needed Temple Forest City.

Su Hao could say with certainty that Temple Forest City wasn’t the place for him to profit from.

While An and his three subordinates were separately gathering information, Yashan pretended to bump into Yi. Yashan had chosen Yi as his first target because Yi could disappear underground, making it hard to catch her. He needed to focus on her first.

Surprisingly, Yi remained completely oblivious to the impending danger.

In the brief moment of passing by Yashan, he suddenly produced a large rock in his hand and struck Yi in the back of her head.

Yi was suddenly struck hard, her eyes rolled back, and she was about to collapse. Yashan swiftly embraced her, pretending to be a loving couple.

Most people only recognized Su Hao as the “Boss Wei” and didn’t know who “Boss Yashan” was. Hence, this incident didn’t attract any attention from bystanders.

To ask why Yashan was so skilled at using the stone, it was mainly because Su Hao had taught him well, and his skills had been passed down. Yashan quickly hugged Yi and led her in a different direction. The next target was the Thorned Beast Fred.

Why didn’t he choose the Corrosion Beast Alai?

The Corrosion Beast was entirely venomous, and he didn’t dare to lay a hand on her. Capturing two people was sufficient.

Yashan had been training with Su Hao to enhance his physical prowess for a long time, even in his normal state. He could still exhibit significant strength. Though other Mutants could manifest tremendous strength in their normal state, they were no match for Yashan.

Soon, Yashan arrived behind the Thorned Beast Fred, but to his surprise, the Thorned Beast Fred was exceptionally vigilant. He tilted his head slightly.


The stone missed its target; Fred merely hesitated for a moment and began to transform into the Thorned Beast.

Yashan regretfully threw the stone aside. Since Fred hadn’t lost consciousness, he decided to deal with him through brute force.


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My Divine Diary

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