Chapter 127 – Chu Yin’s Resistance!

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Everyone was in an uproar.

Surprisingly, Su Shi actually guessed it, there really was something at the bottom of this pond!

Now no matter what was at the bottom, this was clearly a form of disrespect and a great crime that could not be forgiven!

Chen Wangchuan was the first to react, “Everyone, go down and search carefully!”

The officers and soldiers of the Demon Extermination Division entered in a line of fish.

Half a column of incense later, the people resounded with shouts of surprise.

They saw the officers and soldiers carrying out a corpse from the basement.

It was none other than the Gao family members who had mysteriously vanished!

The Prince’s House, it’s over!

The corpses looked miserable, their faces were completely disfigured, and they had obviously been cruelly tortured before they were killed!

The air became deathly silent.

Disbelief was written in everyone’s eyes.

How could Prince Chu really be involved in Gao Fan’s conspiracy?

Chen Wangchuan said coldly, “Does Prince Chu have anything else to say?”

Chu Yin’s face turned pale as he stiffened his neck and said, “All of this was done to thoroughly investigate the case.”

“What evidence do you have that proves that I have conspired with outsiders?”

Even if the Gao family’s corpses were found, so what?

This was not enough to prove his involvement.

As long as he refused to admit it, there was nothing Chen Wangchuan could do!

So what if the Gao family was captured and tortured, they were already sinful anyway, so what if they were found in his residence?

At that moment, the officers and soldiers took out several large boxes from the ground.

When the boxes were opened, people exploded again!

They were filled with countless spiritual treasures and golden marrow stones, and even had imitation jade seals, golden armor, and bright yellow dragon robes!

The rebellion’s intentions had been clearly revealed!

Chu Yin froze, “These, these aren’t my things! Who put them here? It’s obvious that someone framed me!”

“Patriarch Chen, we found these over there as well.”

The Demon Extermination Division lieutenant came over with a jade box.

Chen Wangchuan opened the box.

Inside were nearly a hundred jade letters and correspondence.

Detailed records of the entire process of conspiring with the Tiger Clan, setting up the Blood Slaughter Formation and trying to purify the residents!

The hill was as clear as a mountain!

Chen Wangchuan looked at Chu Yin, “Prince Chu, what explanation will you give for this?”

Chu Yin exclaimed, “Impossible, that’s…..”

Those letters should have been destroyed by me long ago …..

At this point, his voice stopped abruptly.

Everything was clear.

The palace servants were shocked!

Chu Yin hung his head low, his nails digging into her flesh, blood flowing down his fingers!

He finally realized that this was not an investigation at all, but an attempt to suppress him to death completely!

There was no intention to give him a chance to live in the first place!

“It’s you?”

Chu Yin raised his head, his eyes reddening as he stared at Su Shi with hatred, “You were after me from the start!!!”

The other party had obviously prepared for all of this.

Otherwise, how could they have discovered the secrets under Xianqing Pond?

Su Shi shook his head, “Prince Chu, what are you talking about? All the evidence already points to you, you still want to be evasive?”

Gao Fan was just a small town lord, how could he be involved with the Tiger Clan?

Besides, even if he purified the people of the city, what use would it be to Gao Fan?

Back then, Gao Fan was relegated to the northern border, but his wife and children stayed in the Capital and were obviously used by Chu Yin as hostages!

Chu Yin’s teeth clenched.

Su Shi had ruined his plans in Huangyuan City, and now he had seen through the illusion of Xianqing Pond, pushing him into the abyss before everyone.

He is clearly a rebel of the Demonic path, why does he repeatedly obstruct my plans!?

Could it be that he is really in cahoots with Feng Chaoge?!

Looking at the officers and soldiers around him, a trace of cruelty swept across Chu Yin’s eyes.

The matter had come to this, the Prince’s House was finished.

Even if a trial was held, even the Red Book Iron Voucher would not be able to save his life! 1

He must fight!

Chu Yin smashed the blood jade in his hand.

Blood light appeared!

The entire princely residence instantly became dark, seemingly enveloped by dark clouds!

There were bursts of exclamations from worried people.

In the shadows, several figures wearing ghost masks appeared and swept towards Chu Yin.

“Even if you had taken everything into account, you wouldn’t have thought that this entire princely residence was built on a formation!”

“As long as I’m alive, there will still be opportunities in the future.”

“We leave!”

The ghost-faced man grabbed Chu Yin’s arm.

Right at that moment, a blazing light flashed as if it was a blazing sun tearing through the night!

He saw Su Shi’s body airborne, silver light exploded around him, and the green frost on his hands clattered sharply!


With one sword strike, all the swords bowed!


The sword intent struck the eye of the formation with such precision that the entire formation collapsed and shattered in an instant!

Su Shi’s silver eyes looked at Chu Yin indifferently, “I told you, don’t play with the formation in front of me.”

“Kill him for me!”

Chu Yin was furious.

Several ghostly shadows stopped Chen Wangchuan, and one of the ghostly-faced figures shot towards Su Shi.


The searing heat surged like waves!

Eunuch Wei was seen turning into a blazing sun, his palm wrapped in spiritual power slapped fiercely, and the ghost-faced man fell to the ground with a wild spray of blood.

“Eunuch Wei?!”

Chu Yin’s pupils shrank to the point of needles.

Head of Internal Affairs. 2

Even though it’s only a second-rank official, it’s equivalent to a ministerial position!

Eunuch Wei landed on the ground and said, “We have been ordered to protect Duke Su, if Prince Chu doesn’t want to die, you better get rid of your evil thoughts.”


The other ghost-faced men were also all controlled by Chen Wangchuan.

The guards were all controlled by the officials and soldiers of the Demon Extermination Division.

In just a few moments, Chu Yin’s resistance was declared a failure.

The air was extremely silent, the sound of a pin drop could be heard.

The sound of footsteps rumbled from far and near as the Royal Guards in golden armor arrived quickly, as if a huge net had closed in on the Prince’s Residence.

After a moment of silence, a flash of golden light swept through the air.

A golden scroll appeared out of thin air and floated silently in front of Eunuch Wei.

A holy edict!

Everyone except Su Shi knelt down.

Eunuch Wei took the decree with both hands and carefully unfolded it, on which were written sixteen large golden characters.

“Her Majesty has decided.”

“Escort everyone from the royal family to the imperial prison, investigate thoroughly with honesty and they will be beheaded without mercy!”

Chu Yin sat helplessly on the ground.

Chu Qi’s head was still somewhat confused.

What had just happened?

How could they turn into rebels?

The Royal Guards broke into the prince’s residence and escorted Chu Yin and the others out, taking even the servants and household staff away.

The originally noisy mansion was suddenly empty.

Only the blood on the ground showed what had just happened.

Everyone looked at the man in white.

It hadn’t been long since Su Shi arrived, yet he had destroyed the Prince’s residence with his own hands!

It seemed that everything was under his control.

This man was truly terrifying!

“The Duke said he came to join the fun …… obviously came to ‘kill’ someone!”

“Prince Chu, it’s over!”

The ministers who were usually good friends with Chu Yin were as pale as paper, and they thought about how to get out of this situation.

“Thanks to Duke Su today.”

Chen Wangchuan smiled as he walked over.

He was happy that he had listened to Su Shi, he had not expected that Chu Yin was actually hiding something under the Xianqing Pond!

Su Shi shook his head, “Even if I don’t say anything, Patriarch Chen will find out something in the end.”

Chen Wangchuan was puzzled, “Why?”

Su Shi sighed, “Do you really think that Chu Yin would be stupid enough to make a fake jade seal and put it in his residence?”

Chen Wangchuan froze for a moment, then sucked in a cold breath!

“You mean Her Majesty ……”

Su Shi did not say anything.

That already implied everything.

“Feng Chaoge is a ruthless person.”

Everything had been arranged by her.

1. What is the “Red Book Iron Voucher”? “Iron coupons” are iron products that look like copper tiles, and are commonly known as “free dead cards”. Its manufacturing method is molten iron cast tile, which is like a steamer, broken into two pieces, and shaped like a slab tile. It is a kind of reward and covenant certificate issued by feudal emperors to heroes and important ministers.


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