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Chapter 127

Chapter 127 Investigation

Su Hao remembered very clearly the turmoil in Temple Forest City four years ago, the death of the “Speed Demon” Flywheel, and it was definitely closely related to this person named An, very likely the mastermind.

The specifics of it, Su Hao didn’t know, and he didn’t need to know. He only knew that this An was a dangerous individual.

Back then, the other party left Temple Forest City after obtaining the flesh and blood, and Su Hao didn’t pay much attention to it. But he didn’t expect them to return.

“What are they coming back for this time? Do they want to cause trouble again?” Su Hao’s brow furrowed gradually.

Su Hao’s first reaction was to have Yashan’s “Temple Forest Association” monitor them. If there were any unusual activities, they would deal with them immediately.

However, thinking about the strength of these four individuals and the formidable fourth-level “Speed Demon” among them, sending people to monitor them could lead to casualties, which was not worth it.

After thinking for a moment, Su Hao immediately returned to find Yashan and said, “Yashan, there are four dangerous individuals in the city who are related to the chaos four years ago, and I don’t know what they intend to do. So, I need you to send “Hiding Beast” Meng Chuan to secretly investigate their intentions underground. But remember, the other party may also have a third-level “Hiding Beast,” so be cautious and don’t get too close. The goal is to listen to what the other party is saying.”

The “Hiding Beast” is a third-level Mutant from the “Nightwalker” sequence with abilities such as “Silent Flight,” “Sound Wave Perception,” “Life Detection,” “Phase through Walls and Ground,” “Eagle Claws,” and “Underground Mud.”

Su Hao’s focus was on the ability of “Sound Wave Perception.”

Even from a great distance or while underground, it could discern the content of the target’s communication.

Exceptionally powerful.

The typical combat method of a “Hiding Beast” was to first go underground, then launch a surprise attack from below, using “Eagle Claws” to pull the enemy underground, trapping them in prepared underground mud, and then suffocate them.

Of course, if they also had the runic token “Earth Spike” that Su Hao had prepared for the “Temple Forest Association,” they would be an elite assassin.

Pull the target underground, and the moment the enemy reacted, use Earth Spike to kill without a blind spot.

As for why Su Hao didn’t personally monitor them, it was mainly because he would attract too much attention. When he walked in the streets, many people would greet him, and it would undoubtedly draw the other party’s notice.

Yashan immediately nodded in understanding and asked, “Where are those people?”

Su Hao said, “They are preparing to enter the south of the city! The characteristics of these four individuals are very distinct. Get some paper, and I’ll demonstrate my artistic skills to you. After you see it, you’ll know.”

Then, with the help of Little Light’s guidance, Su Hao meticulously sketched the portraits of the four individuals, and when he looked at them, they were strikingly accurate.

It was as if he had become a master of drawing, thanks to Little Light’s assistance.

Yashan, on the other hand, stared at the portraits in amazement, realizing for the first time that drawings could be so lifelike.

In his impression, facial drawings were merely rough outlines with a few lines to capture the general shape.

Su Hao handed the portraits to Yashan and said, “That’s right. I’ll tell you their location, and you and ‘Hiding Beast’ Meng Chuan can go and have a look. Two men and two women, very easy to recognize.”

Before Mutants transformed, they couldn’t sense each other, and they appeared similar to ordinary people. Only after transforming could Mutants emit their unique aura and be sensed by other Mutants.

So, even if Yashan walked past them, those people wouldn’t notice anything amiss.

Yashan took the portraits and said, “Understood, Boss Wei!”

Su Hao added, “If they’ve only come back to visit, for family or any other reason, you can ignore them. But if they have the slightest ill intent toward us or Temple Forest City, come back and report to me immediately.”

“Understood, Boss Wei!”

A moment later, Yashan appeared in a small building and found “Hiding Beast” Meng Chuan.

This small building was located in the center of the city and served as the headquarters of the “Temple Forest Association.” If someone wanted to find a person, they could come here.

Yashan’s demeanor was completely different from when he was in front of Su Hao.

He appeared colder and more ruthless.

When people saw Yashan, they couldn’t help but shudder because they knew that the tall Yashan before them was an exceptionally brutal guy who would slap people without warning.

In front of Yashan, no one dared to say a word.

Yashan said directly, “Meng Chuan, come out with me.”

Meng Chuan’s heart instantly raced. Amid the gloating expressions of the others, he reluctantly followed Yashan.

Meng Chuan was a guy who appeared even shorter compared to other Temple Forest residents and had a slightly hunched back, almost lowering the overall attractiveness of the Temple Forest people.

But Meng Chuan’s ability was by no means inferior.

He was an excellent tail tracker and could pick up on information, both significant and trivial, within the city.

However, in the presence of Yashan, he had to obediently comply. He enjoyed the atmosphere of the city being divided into factions and believed that his actions were meaningful.

Yashan, as his boss, could make him do anything, even if it meant walking through fire and water.

Yashan took out a bone token and tossed it to Meng Chuan, saying, “Meng Chuan, I have a task for you. Once it’s completed, this ‘Earth Spike’ token will belong to you.”

Meng Chuan’s eyes widened as he received the token, feeling sudden happiness.


After An and his three subordinates entered Temple Forest City, they were left in awe.

Is this Temple Forest City? Why does it feel different?

The streets were exceptionally clean and tidy, no longer covered in filth and waste as they had been four years ago. The intense urban odor that once pervaded the air had also diminished significantly.

Moreover, there were more people bustling about, and their spirits appeared improved.

Fred, the Third-level Mutant of the Thorned Beast sequence, exclaimed in surprise, “Boss An, Temple Forest City has changed a lot in these past few years!”

An silently nodded but didn’t speak. Since entering the city, he had been meticulously observing the city’s details. From these details, he could gauge the city’s general condition.

For instance, the immaculate streets suggested the presence of a dominant faction in the city, one that enforced cleanliness. Such a situation wouldn’t occur if the city were in a constant state of gang warfare.

Furthermore, the houses he saw appeared generally intact, lacking new signs of damage. This indicated a decrease in nighttime conflicts or battles that specifically avoided damaging the houses.

And then there were the conspicuous slogans hanging on the walls, such as “Harmonious Development and Building a Better Temple Forest City” and “Common People in Temple Forest City Enjoy Happy and Fulfilling Lives.” These slogans had an unmistakable…

This revelation left An deeply unsettled. His expression darkened, and he became increasingly vigilant.

Something was amiss!

However, Fred, who was behind him, failed to notice this. He also saw the slogans on the walls but didn’t understand their significance, so his brain automatically disregarded them.

In high spirits, he said, “Boss, it seems Temple Forest City has changed a lot. Is it related to Charlie’s reluctance to find us? She must like it here and intends to spend her retirement here!”

The Beast of Corrosion, Alai, jokingly added, “Maybe she hasn’t killed Charlotte yet!”

As if hitting a funny bone, Fred burst into laughter. “It’s very likely. Chasing a Mimic-Shifter for four years without killing her is indeed Charlie’s trademark.”

Meanwhile, An continued to scrutinize the unfamiliar city, missing no detail. His mind raced rapidly.

“I must find out what has happened in Temple Forest City! I can’t be reckless!”

(End of this chapter)


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My Divine Diary

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