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Chapter 124

Chapter 124: “Bone Demon”

If Cas9 is synthesized using the normal method, and then specific gene sequences are knocked out in the complete process, it’s exceptionally complex for Su Hao:

Design SgRNA.

Construct SgRNA-Cas9 vectors.

Build SgRNA-Cas9 stable strains.

… and so on.

Can Su Hao accomplish it?

The answer is no!

Conditions do not allow for it, and he may encounter any adverse situation in the future; this method of synthesizing Cas9 is not suitable for him.

What he needs is a simple and straightforward method, one that can be used anywhere to synthesize.

Moreover, he already has an idea, and this idea is likely to succeed.

This method can be divided into several steps.

The first step is to transfer control of blood energy to Little Light.

Although Little Light cannot directly control any substance in this body, he can provide information prompts to Su Hao at any time. As long as there are prompts, Su Hao can achieve micro-level control.

The method is simple: record various brain signals when controlling blood energy, break them down into fine fragments, number them, further subdivide them until micro-level control is possible.

Then, Su Hao makes various sounds, performs various actions, or imagines various scenarios, records the brain signals generated by activities such as making sounds, movements, and imagination, matches them with the signals for controlling blood energy, and solidifies them into a set of blood energy control language.

When Su Hao wants to microscopically control blood energy, Little Light will arrange a series of actions for Su Hao. Su Hao just needs to follow Little Light’s prompts to generate the corresponding brain signals, thus microscopically controlling blood energy.

It may seem exceptionally complex, and it is, in reality.

However, Su Hao is confident that he can complete the encoding of blood energy control in his lifetime.

Perhaps it will only take three to five years? As long as it succeeds, it will be useful in the future.

The second step is to use Little Light to control blood energy, sacrifice a part of his own flesh in the micro world, and complete the selection of the corresponding gene segment.

As for whether the desired segments can be selected.

Of course, it can. There are countless ATCGs in the human gene sequence. Suitable segments can always be selected, and then you can splice them as you wish. As long as you splice the gene segments at both ends together, they can quickly self-repair and obtain the desired segments.

Including Cas9!

The third step is to treat a certain area of the body as a culture dish, continuously transform and cultivate the required Cas9 and gene segments. When a certain quantity is reached, they can be extracted from the body and injected into the organism that needs gene modification.

This is the general idea that Su Hao has been pondering.

The details still need to be gradually filled in.

But now that the general direction has been confirmed, is success far away?

“So, let’s begin the evolution of the ‘Rampager’ next!” After instructing Yashan, Su Hao swallowed the flesh of the ‘Rampager’ in the laboratory, entering an evolutionary state on his own.

About an hour later, Su Hao completed the first stage of evolution.

With a thought, his entire body quickly turned black and grew taller, encased in a thick carapace.

The ‘Rampager’ was born!

Su Hao checked his own status again. As he expected, there was once again a sense of emptiness in his blood energy intensity. After replenishing it in a while, his blood energy intensity was expected to reach the level of a top ancestor.

The radar sensing range was expected to become broader.

And he could now try to inscribe runes on his armor.

“The ‘Rampager’ also has a very powerful skill, which is healing and repairing!” Su Hao was very envious of this ability. He urgently wanted to know how the healing and repair of the ‘Rampager’ differed from his own healing runes.

“It seems like it’s time to cut myself!” Su Hao could be ruthless to others and even to himself. In order to figure out some things, he was willing to cut himself.

At most, he would first use runes to numb his pain receptors.

But Su Hao was not someone who feared pain.

Unless he suffered a severe blow to his vital areas, he wouldn’t even furrow his brow.

Su Hao wasn’t in a hurry to cut himself, though. While healing was important, the change in gene sequences was even more crucial.

“Let’s carefully review the process of gene changes again!”

Su Hao entered the pinball space, effortlessly accessing all the data on the body’s evolution process, immediately tracking the activity trajectory of genetic modification liquid in sync with the transformation.

While contemplating methods to transform his body into a vessel for genetic modification liquid, he observed the details of the gene modification operation. All these changes on the observation level were vividly displayed by Little Light.

Time passed quickly, and two months had gone by. Su Hao had already completed the second stage of evolving the “Rampager” and was ready to advance to the third-level mutant “Thorned Beast” at any time. Since he could upgrade, Su Hao didn’t hesitate.

He swallowed the “Thorned Beast’s” flesh and obediently lay down, waiting for his body to evolve automatically. When it came to evolution, Su Hao was a pro. Soon, Su Hao successfully evolved into a “Thorned Beast.”

He decided to test the “Thorned Beast’s” abilities. He gained a set of full-body armor covered in spikes, looking exceptionally fierce. These spikes weren’t just for show; besides blocking attacks, they could be launched like bullets for long-range attacks.

This ability was called “Spike Shot.” It had extremely strong penetration, and in close combat, its power was no less than a strong bow. Additionally, the armor’s strength was greatly enhanced, and the healing ability was also strengthened. It was virtually invulnerable; as long as his head wasn’t directly severed, it could heal itself.

The most crucial point was that Su Hao’s blood energy level had surged again, reaching a height he had never seen before. With so much blood energy, he wasn’t sure how to use it all! It felt like he was filled with inexhaustible energy, and he believed he could fight for a day and night.

After sorting out external matters, Su Hao once again immersed himself in the research and summary of genes. After another half year, Su Hao took out a piece of flesh, preparing to evolve into a fourth-level mutant “Bone Demon.”

Yes, he had set his sights on the cool armor of the “Bone Demon.” He just didn’t know if the “Bone Demon’s” armor could be molded according to his preferences. If it could, that would be even better.

With everything in place, Su Hao swallowed the “Bone Demon’s” flesh and lay down. Soon, Su Hao completely evolved into a fourth-level mutant “Bone Demon.” He wasn’t sure if he was the fastest person to evolve from an ordinary human to a fourth-level mutant in this world.

Maybe some people were born as fourth-level mutants? No comparison, no comparison!

“Bone Demon!”

Su Hao extended his palm, slowly clenched his fist, and his body gradually grew taller and larger, covered entirely in a thick bone armor, appearing symmetrical and coordinated.

Sharp bone spurs grew on his head, shoulders, and back, looking exceptionally handsome. Su Hao tried to make various movements, and the bone armor and spurs didn’t hinder him at all.


Su Hao admired his new set of armor continuously, growing more and more fond of it as he looked at it. Moreover, the joints of this bone armor were not vital points! Why weren’t they vital points? Su Hao drew his long knife.


With one slash, his entire left hand fell to the ground. Pain and blood gushed out. Then, Su Hao picked up the severed arm and reattached it. ”

Healing!” With a light “crackling” sound at the nail-edge wound, his entire arm reattached, completely intact, and the pain disappeared.

Su Hao exclaimed, “Amazing!”

“Let’s try regeneration!” Su Hao thought for a moment, sheathed his knife, extended his right hand, and tried to control the generation of a bone blade…


A bone spur suddenly sprang out.

“Why did it turn into a spur?”

Su Hao distinctly remembered that when the “Bone Demon” fought Deli and Yashan, he used a bone knife. Why did it turn into a spur in his case? Is it an issue of proficiency?

“Let’s try again!”

(End of this chapter)


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