Chapter 123

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Chapter 123: A Difficult Situation, Can I Take on a Part-Time Job?

Another day passed, and in the evening, Princess Ziyue returned to the bustling capital city with her maid.

“Miss, are we really going to find Lin Beifan? He knows our identities and he’s also an official of the court. If he reports us, we’ll be in great danger!” the maid whispered, her face filled with worry.

Princess Ziyue’s expression was firm. “In the past couple of days, I have deeply reflected and realized that we have indeed taken many wrong paths, which has led to our national restoration project being constantly delayed. I don’t want to continue wasting time like this anymore! I don’t want the people who follow me to be disappointed time and time again! I don’t want to reach old age without avenging ourselves!”

“Lin Beifan has given me hope! He has a broad vision and strategic thinking. With just a few words, he has cleared away the clouds and pointed out the direction for us! I believe that with his assistance and guidance, our great cause will definitely flourish and eventually ignite a fire that sweeps through the nation! That’s why I must find Lin Beifan and make him work for me!”

“But, Miss, it’s really dangerous…” the maid pleaded.

“If you don’t enter the tiger’s den, how can you catch the tiger’s cub? When I came here, I had already considered all the pros and cons. At worst, it’s just sacrificing one life! And compared to the restoration of our nation, my life is insignificant!”

The unwavering gaze of Princess Ziyue, fearless in the face of life and death, left the maid in a daze.

Suddenly, she felt that the princess had matured!

“Miss, I’m willing to accompany you through the crimson sunset!”


The two of them spoke softly and unconsciously arrived at Lin’s residence.

They knocked on the door and, after receiving permission, entered the house.

At this moment, everyone witnessed this scene.

“That’s Miss Ziyue! Miss Ziyue has come to visit the top scholar!”

“Oh no, could it be that Miss Ziyue has also set her sights on the top scholar?”

“It’s very likely! I heard that a few days ago at the poetry gathering, Miss Ziyue couldn’t wait to pull the top scholar into the inner chamber. They talked for nearly half an hour and seemed to be enjoying each other’s company!”

“My heart aches! Another flower has been plucked by the top scholar!”

“Can they leave some soup for us to drink?”

Countless men, all in deep sorrow and lamentation.

At this moment, Ziyue had already entered the Lin residence.

As she walked along the way, she felt extremely puzzled.

Because in the vast courtyard, there were hardly any people, it was very quiet.

She was somewhat perplexed. Wasn’t Lin Beifan a corrupt official? He had embezzled so much money, why didn’t he hire more servants?

Otherwise, what did he do with all that money he embezzled?

Just then, she saw two monks, one old and one young, sweeping fallen leaves.

The young monk appeared quite youthful, with some level of cultivation.

But the old monk seemed so ordinary, blending in with the surrounding environment.

If it weren’t for the fact that he was sweeping the floor, one might not even notice him.

Her heart trembled; truly, he was a grandmaster!

At this moment, the old monk sensed someone looking at him. He stood up straight, slightly bowed, and clasped his hands together, reciting a Buddhist chant, “Amitabha Buddha! Respectful greetings, benefactor!”

Like the sound of the Dao, penetrating and stunning, it shattered all the thoughts in her mind!

“Greetings, Master!” Ziyue immediately returned the greeting.

She didn’t dare to show any negligence towards a grandmaster.

After paying her respects, the old monk continued sweeping the floor, and Princess Ziyue continued on her way.
Finally, she entered the main hall and saw three exquisite women: Li Shi Shi, the Young Princess, and Mo Rushuang.
The Young Princess wrinkled her nose and displeasingly said, “Why did you come, woman?”

“Ziyue greets Princess Yunying, Lady Lin, and Miss Rushuang!” Ziyue made a slight bow and smiled, “I’ve come to visit Mr. Lin with important matters to discuss!”

The Young Princess became even more displeased, “What important matters could you have with that scoundrel? Isn’t it just to talk about love and romance?”

“Young Princess!” Li Shi Shi scolded.

The Young Princess waved her hand, “Fine, fine, I don’t care anymore!”

Li Shi Shi smiled and welcomed her, “Miss Zi Yue, welcome to the Lin residence! My husband is currently handling some official affairs in the study. I’ll take you there!”

“No trouble at all!” Princess Ziyue lowered her head and thanked her.

The group chatted and laughed as they arrived at the study.
Lin Beifan was surprised to see Princess Ziyue, “You actually dare to come?”

“Why wouldn’t I dare? I deeply admire Mr. Lin! Especially your talent, it has earned my utmost admiration! Since Mr. Lin didn’t come to me, I had no choice but to pay a visit!” Zi Yue gritted her teeth and smiled.

Seeing Lin Beifan, she remembered that night when he extorted millions from her, making her furious!

In all her years, when had she ever suffered such humiliation?

This man truly knows nothing about cherishing a woman!

Li Shi Shi sensed that something was amiss, excused herself, and said, “I’ll prepare some tea for you. Take your time and talk!”

“Shi Shi, Miss Ziyue is an honored guest. Bring the Golden Dragon Tea!”

Golden Dragon Tea was an exquisite tea that was worth a fortune, with a single tael costing a thousand gold pieces, but it required a very long steeping time.

Li Shi Shi understood the hidden message, which meant that they were discussing private matters that would take a while, so she didn’t need to come back.

“My husband, I understand!” Li Shi Shi walked out of the study and closed the door behind her.

Princess Ziyue’s maid followed her out and stood guard outside.

“Alright, there’s no one else now. Just speak up about your business!” Lin Beifan straightforwardly asked as he opened the door.

Princess Ziyue’s expression became serious, and she gratefully said with tears in her eyes, “I benefited greatly from Mr. Lin’s guidance before! After careful consideration, I have come to realize even more that you, Mr. Lin, possess extraordinary talent and great insight. You are a rare talent that can assist the kingdom!”

“Therefore, I have come here to ask Mr. Lin to be my military strategist, to offer counsel and strategies for our kingdom, and to train our troops for battle! Once our great cause is accomplished, I will definitely appoint you as the prime minister, surpassing all others!”

“I implore Mr. Lin not to refuse!”

Lin Beifan shook his head and chuckled softly, “Princess Ziyue, are you not joking? You want me to abandon my current prosperity, a bright future, and gamble on an uncertain future with you. Do you think that’s possible?”

Lin Beifan put down the pen in his hand and declared loudly, “Look at my current life. I live in a top-tier mansion, wear luxurious silk and satin, drink palace-grade wine, and eat imperial delicacies. I have luxury carriages to pick me up and drop me off!”

“Although I am currently just a low-ranking official, I can still navigate and influence the court, guiding the nation! I have the favor of the Empress, and in the future, I may even ascend to a higher position!”

“I can say that I have everything I could want in life!”

“The winner in life can be none other than me!”

“And you all are nothing but a group of rats fleeing across the street, not only being pursued by the Dayue Dynasty but also wanted by the Great Wu. You are in a state of constant upheaval and uncertainty! It must be madness that drives me to join you!”

“Therefore, Princess Ziyue, please go back!” Lin Beifan waved his hand dismissively.

“Indeed, as you said, it is highly unrealistic to ask you to abandon all your current wealth, glory, and promising future to join us in pursuing an uncertain future. However, Lin Beifan, you must understand that everything you currently enjoy is like a moon reflected in a mirror and flowers floating in water! Because the Great Wu is on the verge of chaos!”

Princess Ziyue spoke loudly, “In the current Great Wu Dynasty, the vassal kings are in control, military forces are strengthened, corruption runs rampant in the court, and the martial world is in constant turmoil. Various major dynasties are eyeing them… Internal and external troubles continue, and the dynasty is on the verge of collapse!”

“Even if you possess tremendous talent, you have no power to reverse this situation! Your individual abilities are insignificant in the face of such overwhelming circumstances. It’s even a luxury to ensure your own safety. It would be better to seek an alternative path for yourself!”

Princess Ziyue exclaimed with excitement, “Lin Beifan, your talent is greatly admired by us! As long as you join us, we will treat you with the highest respect befitting a national hero! Don’t you want to make great achievements? Don’t you want to leave your name in history? We will provide you with ample opportunities to showcase your talents!”

“Although you make some valid points, a loyal subject serves only one ruler!”

Lin Beifan stood firm with righteousness, “I have received great favor and trust from the Empress, and naturally, I am willing to devote myself wholeheartedly to repay her magnanimous grace! Asking me to betray Her Majesty, to betray the Great Wu, is to betray my own conscience, which is absolutely impossible!”

Princess Ziyue was extremely shocked and deeply moved!
She didn’t expect this corrupt official, who was disliked by everyone, to be so loyal and devoted!

It seems that he does have some redeeming qualities!

Could it be that I’m going to fail?

Princess Ziyue didn’t give up.

She risked her life to return to the capital city and had already made sufficient preparations.

She immediately took out several dozen silver notes from her pocket, totaling a value of 1 million taels, and pushed them in front of Lin Beifan with utmost sincerity, saying, “Lin Beifan, as long as you agree to join us, all of this will be yours! If you achieve great things in the future, you will be handsomely rewarded! We will never mistreat any deserving contributor!”

However, Lin Beifan smiled and said, “Oh! Princess Ziyue, you think you can buy me with money? Let me tell you, NO~~”


Princess Zi Yue was confused, “What do you mean?”

“It means, no problem!”

Lin Beifan deftly pocketed the money and laughed, “Princess Ziyue, you’ve made a futile attempt! I am a person who can resist anything except sugar-coated bullets! I can withstand any temptation! From today onwards, I will be your military strategist, helping you with strategies and planning! Ask me any question you have, and I will speak without reservation!”

Princess Ziyue exclaimed, “Fxck!”

She had already prepared herself for disappointment and was ready to leave, but unexpectedly, the situation took a dramatic turn!

He was brought down by just 1 million!

If I had known earlier, why did I bother so much?

What a waste of time and energy!

And emotions too!

Princess Ziyue looked at Lin Beifan’s smiling face and opened her mouth, “Lin Beifan, didn’t you just say that a loyal subject doesn’t serve two masters?”

“Yes, a loyal subject doesn’t serve two masters unless they’re all female masters!” Lin Beifan grinned and said, “Princess, you are a woman, and not just any woman, but a wealthy and beautiful beauty. I don’t think there’s any problem with working for you!”

Princess Zi Yue exclaimed, “Fcxk!!”

“But didn’t you say you wouldn’t betray the Empress, wouldn’t betray the Great Wu?” she questioned.

“I indeed haven’t betrayed anyone, I’m just taking on two jobs! Times are tough, and it’s getting harder to make money. Can’t I have a part-time job?” Lin Beifan justified confidently.

Princess Zi Yue exclaimed, “Fxxk!”

The princess asked loudly, “What about your conscience?”

Lin Beifan firmly waved his hand, “Don’t ask, because the answer is none!”

Princess Zi Yue exclaimed, “Fcxk!!”

“If I have one, I hope it’s sold by weight!”

Princess Zi Yue exclaimed, “Fcxk!”

“You… scoundrel…”

Lin Beifan got angry, “Princess, will you ever stop? It’s already this late, does it really matter about these small details? No wonder you haven’t achieved anything in so many years! Let’s get to the point quickly. This 1 million can only last for half an hour. When you come back next time, we’ll have to reevaluate the price!”

Princess Zi Yue exclaimed, “Fcxk!!”

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