Chapter 123

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Chapter 123: Since I read this book, my mom doesn’t worry about me being deficient in calcium anymore!

In the video, Lin Beifan stands in the middle of the office, looking rather serious. “What is this guy… really up to?” Dragon King Zhaotian can’t stand it.

At this moment, Lin Beifan sighed, “Oh! This guy easily becomes calcium deficient as soon as he gets married!”

Dragon King Zhaotian went completely blank, “What is this guy saying? Why can’t I understand what he’s saying?”

Then, Lin Beifan continued seriously, “Frequent kneeling on the keyboard, osteoporosis, lumbar muscle strain, can’t stand up!”

Dragon King Zhaotian: “Hmm?”

“At night, there’s insomnia and many dreams, often can’t sleep well!”

Dragon King Zhaotian: “Hmm?”

“During the day, he’s like a real man, but it seems he has a hard time being a man!”

Dragon King Zhaotian: “Hmm?”

He seems to be talking about things between husband and wife. He used to be a son-in-law with a low family status and often had to wash his wife’s feet, so he knows.

“I didn’t expect, Lin Beifan, you’re also someone who’s afraid of your wife!” Dragon King Zhaotian secretly laughed, feeling a sense of balance in his heart!


It seems that Lin Beifan hasn’t gotten married yet!

What does he mean by these words? Just then, Lin Beifan suddenly perked up, “But now it’s all better!”

Dragon King Zhaotian: “Huh? All better? What do you mean?”

In the video, Lin Beifan smiled proudly, “Since reading about the son-in-law Dragon King, my back isn’t sore, my legs don’t hurt, I have more energy when walking, and I feel more spirited!”

Dragon King Zhaotian: “Wow! Such great effects from reading a novel? Why?”

He was very curious and brought his phone closer to look. At this moment, Lin Beifan suddenly stood up excitedly and said loudly, “Even someone as calcium-deficient as the Dragon King can still kneel and survive, so what excuse do we have not to stand up?”

Dragon King Zhaotian: “Cough!!!”

His mindset was blown away, “You, Lin Beifan, you’re mocking me, aren’t you! Mocking me for being calcium deficient! Mocking me for not being able to stand up! That d*mn son of a b*tch…”

The rest of it is all profanity that can’t be broadcast!

Then Lin Beifan continued, “A man needs to replenish calcium, and you have to see this! The Dragon King brand, high in calcium, watch it once, and it’s equivalent to watching it five times!”

Dragon King Zhaotian: “Cough!”

Then, Lin Beifan continued to ramble.

“Watch it once, refresh your mind!”

Dragon King Zhaotian: “Cough!”

“Watch it twice, never get tired!”

Dragon Lord Zhaotian: “Cough!”

“Watch it three times, live forever!”

Dragon King Zhaotian: “Cough!”

“Since I read this book, my mom doesn’t worry about me being deficient in calcium anymore!”

Dragon King Zhaotian: “Cough!”

Finally, Lin Beifan picked up his laptop and opened the novel page, smiling slightly.

“Dragon King’s Son-in-law, we’ve been watching it all along!”

Dragon King Zhaotian: “Cough cough cough!”

Spitting out three liters of blood, he felt utterly broken! On the other side, Lin Beifan couldn’t wait any longer and asked, “So, any feedback?”

Wu Ge gave Lin Beifan a very speechless look. He wanted feedback? At this point, not going insane was already an achievement!

Shaking his head, he replied, “No, maybe they’ve gone to read the novel.”

“What a pity,” Lin Beifan sighed. So, the two continued to read the novel, occasionally bursting into laughter, in exceptionally good spirits.

Meanwhile, due to Lu Mobai’s burst of 70-80 thousand words, the whole internet was abuzz.

“This author is amazing! Over 100,000 words yesterday and another 70-80 thousand today!”

“Another day to enjoy! Haha!”

“He’s really strong, like a word-count machine!”

“Someone who’s working so hard despite not having money – this is the new era of small authors! Honestly, folks, I’m tearing up!”

“Does anyone know the author’s address? I don’t want to send a razor blade, I want to give him a reward!”

“If all authors worked as hard as he does, I’d be so much happier!”

Lu Mobai, silently watching the screen, felt a sense of accomplishment.

“Qingyue, you should have seen it, right? This is everything I’ve done for you!”

With trembling hands, he picked up his phone.

Mobai: Qingyue, have you seen it? The author updated with 70-80 thousand words again.

Qingyue: Yes, I’ve seen it! I feel so happy. I wanted to see an update of 70-80 thousand words yesterday, and he delivered it today. This author is truly considerate!

Lu Mobai smiled slightly. He wasn’t just considerate; he was constantly caring for you.

Mobai: I see. Has that Dragon King stopped bothering you?

Qingyue: No, he’s currently busy dealing with this troublesome matter, repairing the road.

Lu Mobai smiled again, “That’s for the best! Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to focus on you!”

Qingyue: But I’m a bit worried about the original author; I’m afraid the Dragon King might do something.

Lu Mobai smiled again, “Just him? Let’s deal with Yun first!”

Mobai: I think you don’t need to worry. If the other party dares to do something, there must be consequences.

Qingyue: You’re right; I hope he stays safe. It’s a shame that I’ll finish reading the 70-80 thousand words quickly; it would be even better if there were another 30,000 words!

Lu Mobai’s face turned a little green. He spent the whole day writing this many words and still thought it wasn’t enough?

Mobai: 70-80 thousand words are already a lot, aren’t they?

Qingyue: I know I’m a bit greedy, but I still want to read more. If I don’t, I won’t be able to sleep at night; it’s so frustrating!

Mobai: I have a feeling that your wishes will come true!

Qingyue: Thanks for your kind words.

After disconnecting, Lu Mobai extended his trembling hands and sat in front of the computer.

“Since Qingyue wants to read, I’ll write for you!” Then, once again transforming into a writing monster, his fingers danced on the keyboard.

So, another 30,000 words of fresh content emerged.

Everyone was in awe.

“This author (Wang Li) is amazing, another 30,000 words!”

“100,000 words, doesn’t his fingers cramp?”

“The key is that he writes fast and well!”

“In the world of online literature, I declare him the strongest!”

But at this moment, the small author Lu Mobai in the background just wanted to earn the appreciation of his beloved. He picked up his phone, which had been trembling once more, and found a WeChat message from his beloved.

Qingyue: Haha, another 30,000 words, we can enjoy it! Happy! Happy! Happy!

Lu Mobai also became happy, feeling that all his efforts were entirely worth it. But it was time to rest; otherwise, he might overwork himself.

Mobai: I’m glad you’re happy. Qingyue, I’m going to rest now, but there’s something I want to tell you.

Qingyue: What is it?

Mobai: The belt gradually widens, and in the end, there’s no regret, all for the sake of making you feel happy.

Qingyue: “…”

Then, holding onto his happiness and love, he fell into a deep sleep.

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