Chapter 121

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Chapter 121: Creating Supernatural Powers

Returning to the lab, Su Hao found a comfortable spot to lie down and entered the ball space. He opened the genetic research log and began reviewing the research progress line by line.

“Gene startup sequence labeling completed, gene termination sequence labeling completed…”

“Comparison of differences between ordinary humans and Zhu Hua people’s gene sequences as follows, genes in the gene library have been sequenced and the functions of some gene segments have

Su Hao continued to scroll down, verifying his research progress and then began to outline his plans.

“There’s still one question that hasn’t been resolved, and that’s how to artificially synthesize Cas9, or rather, how to synthesize CEISPR-Cas9 to achieve arbitrary gene editing.”

The challenge with this issue is that this world lacks the necessary technology and experimental equipment, and there’s no industrial infrastructure. In fact, it’s not that Cas9 cannot be synthesized. Su Hao is confident that the conversion room located near his stomach can automatically synthesize large quantities of CEISPR-Cas9 for gene editing. However, this isn’t the result Su Hao desires. He’s thinking about what happens if he were to be reborn in another world. How would he synthesize Cas9 then?

He can’t just handcraft a ‘conversion room,’ can he? But handcrafting a conversion room is possible; it can generate a conversion room once the genes are modified. However, modifying genes requires a conversion room. To obtain a conversion room, genes must be modified. So, it’s a catch-22 situation. Is it an impossible problem? Su Hao contemplated.

Su Hao doesn’t believe it’s impossible; there must be another way, but at the moment, he doesn’t know how to do it due to his limited knowledge.

“Perhaps, when I personally experience an evolution and gather comprehensive data, I’ll find the answer.”

Su Hao silently pondered the method for gene editing.

So, should he start evolving now?

Evolving a particular sequence in this world isn’t Su Hao’s goal. His goal is to understand and apply genes through evolution. What does that mean? It means that once he fully unravels the secrets of genes, he’ll become nearly unstoppable in the field of biology.

Comparing to formidable beasts from previous lives: understanding why they were so powerful will pave the way for Su Hao’s future journey. Why were formidable beasts so powerful? The answer is their beast marks. Beast marks allowed formidable beasts to gain special abilities while accumulating a tremendous amount of blood energy, making them immensely powerful.

What controlled the generation of beast marks in formidable beasts’ bodies? The answer is genes.

So, Su Hao, controlling the code of genes, will control the method for creating formidable beasts, or in other words, creating “innate deities”!

He can make people born with extraordinary power. The idea is quite simple: genes in the body can be expressed externally to create various shapes, including runes. In the future, when Su Hao wields the surgical knife to modify genes according to his own ideas, he can let his body naturally generate complete runes, acquiring special abilities.

In simple terms, these runes can be called innate abilities.

Not only that, he can make himself born with innate abilities, and he can change others’ genes to grant them corresponding innate abilities. Furthermore, the most terrifying aspect is that these innate abilities have a good chance of being passed down from generation to generation.

Real, so-called “superhuman bloodlines” are like this!

Su Hao clutched his fists tightly and said excitedly, “If I truly master the code of genes, won’t I become a god-making machine?”

What’s the use of double eyelids, colored contacts, high noses, and protruding chins? Let’s go for a dose of special-function genetic fluid! You can choose any ability you want, there’s nothing you can’t do, only things you can’t think of! It’s going to be fantastic!

Su Hao continued to envision the future, and countless crazy scenarios flashed in his mind. He was so excited that his mouth watered.

Another two months passed. After organizing all his research data, Su Hao decided to conduct experiments himself today, evolving into a “Shell Person”.

He had already confirmed some things through his evolution with Yashan. First, the energy required for the evolution of an exceptional person comes from the blood energy Su Hao controls, and the blood energy level is the key to an exceptional person’s abilities. Second, the high blood energy levels in exceptional people are determined by their genes. In other words, once the corresponding gene segment is found, Su Hao can modify the strength of his blood energy even without using the method of refining blood energy.

Third, after the evolution, different sequences of gene segments might change the host’s latent characteristics.

Su Hao was more concerned about the third point. However, he understood his own nature well, and he was confident that his consciousness wouldn’t be affected by the genes. Even if he were to be reborn as a pig, he wouldn’t act like one. So, there was no problem.

Moreover, he had reached a stage in his research where he had decoded the gene segments he could analyze, and he had also uncovered the secret of how Yashan devours genes.

Now, the only thing he lacked was the synthesis method for CEISPR-Cas9. Without industrial infrastructure, he needed to find an alternative method that would allow him to control the synthesis of CEISPR-Cas9 directly.

In other words, he needed to discover a way to make the original version of the gene-editing scissors. Once Cas9 was produced, the rest of his gene research would be smooth sailing. And Su Hao, he would soar to new heights. He was no longer hesitating.

Su Hao carefully reviewed the gene sequence of “Shell People” to ensure everything was in order.

Then he turned to Yashan and said, “Yashan, I have an important task to perform. For the next five hours, please guard the base perimeter and ensure that no one disturbs me.”

Yashan immediately became very serious and replied, “Don’t worry, boss Wei, leave it to me.”

Su Hao added, “By anyone, I mean everyone, including you and Taini. You stay outside, and if anything happens, you make sure it doesn’t get to me.”

Yashan instantly understood the gravity of the situation and nodded vigorously. Su Hao couldn’t afford any distractions.

After Yashan left, Su Hao entered the laboratory and retrieved a piece of “Shell People” flesh that he had already prepared.

This piece of flesh was collected by Su Hao not long ago, and it was preserved using a special method. When he looked at it again, it was still as fresh as ever.

It was enough.

Su Hao took off his clothes and checked once more for any omissions.

Then, he took a deep breath and swallowed the piece of flesh in his hand.

The process was completely painless. “It feels like eating a medium-rare steak!”

Suddenly, Su Hao was struck by a question: “What would happen if I, as an ordinary person, directly consumed the flesh of a second-level exceptional person?”

The question had only briefly crossed his mind before he dismissed it. “I’d have to try it to find out, but then again, who would dare to try that?”

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