Chapter 121

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Chapter 121: Zhaotian, the Dragon King, a Man’s Shame!

When Wu Ge returned from his sick leave, he found his colleagues engrossed in their phones, looking bewildered.

“What’s everyone doing? It’s working hours, and you’re all glued to your phones,” he said.

“Oh, Wu is back!” one of his older colleagues, still holding his phone, replied with a grin. “We’re reading a novel! It’s the one Boss Lin recommended, just released, and he’s really into it.”

“He said if there’s not much work during office hours, we can read this novel without consequences for slacking off. So, we’re all hooked!”

Another colleague chimed in, “I have to say, this novel is unlike anything I’ve ever seen! I’ve lived for so many years, but I’ve never encountered such a bizarre story. Luckily, I’m not the main character; otherwise, I’d be poisoned by now!”

Wu Ge was puzzled, “What novel is this?”

“‘Urban Son-in-law Dragon King’!”

“Son-in-law Dragon King?” Wu Ge furrowed his brow.

Upon hearing those four words, he immediately thought of Zhaotian, the Dragon King, as the two words matched perfectly.

“That’s right, Wu! Although you’re well-liked, it’s still a good idea to read some of this novel to have a common topic with Boss Lin. It’s an unwritten rule in the workplace, you know?”

Wu Ge nodded, “Oh, I understand! But I just got back; I’ll report to Boss Lin first!”

Then, Wu Ge went to Lin Beifan’s office, knocked on the door, and entered. “Boss Lin, I’m back to report after the holiday!”

“Brother Wu, you’re back! Haha!” Lin Beifan put down his laptop with enthusiasm, “Your return is perfectly timed. I have a novel to recommend to you, and I believe you’ll love it.”

“Is it ‘Urban Son-in-law Dragon King’?”

“It seems you already know!” Lin Beifan laughed again, “Yes, it’s ‘Urban Son-in-law Dragon King’! Let me tell you, this novel is incredibly good. It’s about a guy with an impressive background who marries into a wealthy family and spends his days washing his wife’s feet!”

“The author of this novel must be talented!” Lin Beifan’s eyes lit up, “Just writing about foot washing so vividly and delving so deeply into the protagonist Zhaotian’s struggles and frustrations, it’s absolutely captivating!”

Wu Ge was astonished, “Boss Lin, what are you saying? Did you say the main character is called Zhaotian?”

Lin Beifan chuckled, “Yes! He even has a nickname—Dragon King. Isn’t that silly?”

Wu Ge nodded vigorously, “Yeah, it sounds pretty silly!”

“Come here! I’ve already downloaded the novel onto my computer. Come and take a look!”

“Well, I’ll definitely give it a good read then!”

Wu Ge eagerly took the laptop.

Based on the synopsis and the first three chapters, he was already certain that the main character was the Dragon King Zhaotian he had in mind.

Having the same name and nickname!

Having the same family and wife! Being a son-in-law and washing his wife’s feet!

And having the same narcissistic personality! The most crucial part was, he couldn’t help but smirk when he was pleased, which was begging for trouble!

If this wasn’t him, who could it be? He couldn’t help but mutter, “What kind of grudge is this? Exposing someone’s embarrassing history so openly, making it known to everyone! All I can say is… well done!” Who could have done this?

It couldn’t have been Lin Beifan; there didn’t seem to be any apparent animosity between them, and he had no motivation for such a thing.

So, it must have been one of Dragon King Zhaotian’s other enemies. Surely, someone couldn’t stand his narcissistic appearance and decided to write about it in a novel, thoroughly roasting him!

“Alright, why overthink it? Let’s just enjoy it!”

So, he continued to read with relish.

Not skimming through the lines but reading word by word, afraid of missing any exciting moments.

When he saw Dragon King Zhaotian getting slapped by his wife, he couldn’t help but applaud.

When he saw him washing his wife’s best friend’s feet, the chauffeur’s feet, the secretary’s feet, the delivery guy’s feet, and even his wife’s pet dog’s feet, he became so excited that he couldn’t help but exclaim in amazement!



“Refreshing all over!”

The heartaches he had suffered before were healing!

Lin Beifan grinned and asked, “Brother Wu, is this novel good?”

Wu Ge nodded eagerly, “It’s good, very good! I haven’t read such an interesting novel in a long time!”

Lin Beifan laughed heartily, “Haha, I knew you’d like it!”

As Wu Ge read, he couldn’t help but praise, “The writing is really excellent! I wish I could meet the author of this book. I’d love to reward them generously and encourage them not to stop! It would be great if they could write several million more words! Hehe.”

Lin Beifan nodded with a smile, “Great minds think alike!”

“Oh? The young author just updated with ten thousand more words; I can continue reading!”

So, the two of them continued to follow “Urban Son-in-law Dragon King”… occasionally sharing a knowing glance, chuckling together, creating a harmonious atmosphere in the office.

At this moment, Wu Ge received a text message.

Man in Black: You returned to work today. Any movement from Lin Beifan?

Wu Ge’s expression turned strange. I’m reading a novel, and the main character just showed up!

These days, he had been suspecting that the emotionally unstable man in black he was communicating with was none other than their master, Dragon King Zhaotian.

Wu Ge: No, everyone is busy!

Man in Black: Busy with what?

Wu Ge: Busy reading a novel!

Man in Black: What novel?

Wu Ge: “Urban Son-in-law Dragon King.”

Man in Black: “……”


Dragon Fang Capital Headquarters.

Dragon King Zhaotian, holding his phone, became furious and smashed the cup in his hand. He gritted his teeth and said, “That damn bastard is actually reading this cursed novel!”

His face turned green instantly.

Man in Black: I forbid you to read it!

Wu Ge: I’ll read it if I want to. What’s it to you?

Wu Ge: This novel is so interesting. Such a powerful character becoming a son-in-law, washing his wife’s feet every day, and even getting slapped. I’ve never seen such a useless protagonist!

Man in Black: “…..”

Wu Ge: Dragon King Zhaotian is nothing but a loser!

Man in Black: “….”

Wu Ge: Dragon King Zhaotian is just a coward!

Man in Black: “….”

Wu Ge: Dragon King Zhaotian is a henpecked husband!

Man in Black: “….”

Wu Ge: Dragon King Zhaotian is a disgrace to men!

Man in Black: “….”

Wu Ge: Hahahaha!!

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