Chapter 12: You’re the one tempting me, not my fault!

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After about an hour, Chen Chang’an purchased a batch of building materials. Despite the 50% discount, it still cost him over 47,000 spirit stones, which made him feel a little painful.

To be honest, without the system, he would still be a lowly disciple. He didn’t know how many years he would have to work to earn so many spirit stones.

Li Tianci said, “Junior Brother, this afternoon, I will have the disciples deliver this batch of building materials to Feixian Peak.”

“Thank you, Senior Brother.”

As for the materials needed to repair the Silver Dragon Sword, Li Tianci asked Chen Chang’an to go back and ask Elder Feng what was needed so that he could prepare in time.

After that, Chen Chang’an left the Refining Peak and once again controlled the paper crane, swaying and returning to Feixian Peak.

As noon approached, Chen Chang’an returned to Feixian Peak. At this time, Feng Wanxi was meditating on the bluestone, facing the vast mountains and ridges, and the breeze caused her hair to flutter.

She opened her eyes and saw Chen Chang’an returning alone, asking in confusion, “Why didn’t Lu Ban Elder come with you?”

Chen Chang’an replied, “Lu Ban Elder is still in seclusion refining treasures. He may not come out for three to five days.”

Feng Wanxi furrowed her eyebrows slightly, “What’s the use of refining treasures in seclusion? You should let him out directly. Your sleep is more important than the magic treasure he is refining. Have you been sleeping in the kitchen these past few days?”

“As your Master, I am concerned about you, my disciple.”

Chen Chang’an scratched his head and said, “It’s okay, Master. I have bought the building materials and will deliver them this afternoon. I will build it myself.”

“You will build it yourself?” Feng Wanxi looked at Chen Chang’an’s clear and beautiful eyes and expressed deep suspicion in her heart, thinking, “Will my disciple just randomly build a shoddy house?” Looking at her own precious house, she wondered if the shoddy house would affect the aesthetics of the surrounding area. Oh well, let him go. When Lu Ban Elder comes out, he can demolish the shoddy house and rebuild it.

“Okay, you can handle it yourself.”

“My disciple, I’m hungry, go cook for me.”

On an ordinary day at noon, Feng Wanxi was not at Feixian Peak. She spent most of her time on Yuheng Peak. Why? Of course, she was there to mooch off meals.

But now, Feng Wanxi had tasted Chen Chang’an’s cooking, which was ten thousand times better than the food Xia Chan made. Feng Wanxi began to complain that Xia Chan’s cooking was terrible and wondered how she had managed to eat it for so many years.

Chen Chang’an was pleased. Cooking meant he could earn filial piety points. “Wait for me, Master. I’ll go make it now.” The food was quickly prepared. This time, Chen Chang’an made three dishes and one soup with few ingredients, but they were all perfect and very tempting. The taste did not disappoint Feng Wanxi.

This lunch earned Chen Chang’an 172 filial piety points, and his current balance was 294 points. If he only used the “automatic cultivation function” every day, he could cultivate for a month on this balance. Who knows what level of cultivation he could reach after a month of cultivation?

After lunch, Feng Wanxi asked Chen Chang’an, “Disciple, have you practiced the Immortal Life Sutra I gave you?”

“I practiced for a while last night,” Chen Chang’an replied. “Do you have any questions?” Feng Wanxi asked. Chen Chang’an shook his head and said, “No.”

“Well, if you have any questions, feel free to ask me,” Feng Wanxi said.

Then, Feng Wanxi went to rest, while Chen Chang’an began to draw the blueprint for building a treasure house. For Chen Chang’an, who had mastered “Proficient at Refining,” drawing was an easy task.

In no time, the blueprint was drawn up. Chen Chang’an took out another piece of paper and wrote down some materials for refining.

This was to be handed over to Li Tianci later. Even though he didn’t need any materials to repair the Silver Dragon Sword, every little bit of profit counted. Besides, these materials could be used in building the treasure house.

Moreover, the materials in the Refining Peak were so expensive that he couldn’t afford them with the few tens of thousands of spiritual stones he had left. If he could save some, he would.

Half an hour later, the people from the Refining Peak brought the building materials. Li Tianci came with them, still worried whether Chen Chang’an’s master, Feng Wanxi, would agree to repair the Silver Dragon Sword.

“Junior Brother, the building materials have arrived. What about Elder Feng?” Chen Chang’an asked.

“Master is resting. The building materials can be left here,” Li Tianci replied.

“Has Elder Feng agreed?” Chen Chang’an lowered his voice, glancing at the thatched hut where his master was napping.

“Elder Feng has agreed, but she seems a little upset because she only asked Junior Sister Ye for 100,000 spiritual stones. It seems to underestimate her status,” Chen Chang’an explained.

“What should we do then? Junior Sister Ye needs the Silver Dragon Sword tomorrow. If it is not repaired properly, she will be angry. We’ll be in trouble. How much spiritual stones does Elder Feng need? If the price is right, I’ll make up the difference,” Li Tianci said, gritting his teeth.

Chen Chang’an was taken aback. He had never intended to deceive Li Tianci. He wanted to keep a low profile and not attract attention to the repair of the Silver Dragon Sword. But Li Tianci had misunderstood him.

Chen Chang’an’s expression was complicated. “Senior Brother, I didn’t mean to deceive you. You’re the one tempting me, not my fault!

Sighing, Chen Chang’an continued inwardly, “Since you’ve misunderstood, I guess I’ll just have to make the misunderstanding worse. Don’t worry, Junior Brother won’t deceive you too badly.”

He lowered his voice, afraid that Feng Wanxi would hear, “Senior Brother, Master said that she needs at least… ten cough cough, around twenty thousand spiritual stones.”

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