Chapter 12

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=== 012 Blood-Qi ===

Facing his father’s eyes full of childlike curiosity, Su Hao didn’t play around and directly gave the answer, “A blind person!”

“Why can’t a blind person see a doctor?” Wu Yuntian looked puzzled.

“Because a blind person can’t see, so naturally they can’t see a doctor.” Su Hao explained helplessly.

Wu Yuntian remained silent for a long time after hearing this.

Su Hao couldn’t help but worry if his father would suspect that he himself was a fool!

Wu Yuntian sat cross-legged facing Su Hao, the contrast between the two was clear.

After contemplating for a while, Wu Yuntian slowly spoke, “If you want to learn martial arts, you first need to understand what martial arts is. In the next six months, I will slowly teach you the fundamental principles of martial arts. After you have mastered your own body, we can start training.”

“Humans are different from ferocious beasts. The strength of ferocious beasts is an innate talent, an instinct, but the strength of humans is not. The strength of humans relies on wisdom. Our human ancestors, in the long struggle against ferocious beasts, discovered the secret of their strength, which is blood and qi. So our ancestors developed various blood and qi training methods, allowing humans to have the strength to directly confront ferocious beasts. These blood and qi training methods are called blood and qi secrets, or blood and qi manuals. Their functions are similar, with slight differences.”

“As for what blood and qi is..”‘ At this point, Wu Yuntian paused and looked at Su Hao, who was listening attentively, seemingly considering whether his young son could understand what he was about to say.

At this moment, Su Hao looked up and asked, “What is blood and qi?”

Wu Yuntian chuckled at himself, no longer hesitating, and said, “Xiangwu, raise your hand.”

Su Hao did as he was told and raised his hand.

Wu Yuntian asked again, ‘” ask you, why can you raise your hand?”

Without hesitation, Su Hao replied, “Because when the muscles in my arm contract, it pulls the forearm and raises the hand.”

Wu Yuntian didn’t ask Su Hao how he knew all this and continued to ask, “Why can the muscles contract?”

In the pinball space, an article describing muscle contraction was immediately searched, but Su Hao knew that his father was not asking about this, so he hesitantly asked, “Because there is energy in the muscles?”

Wu Yuntian expressed his approval of Su Hao’s understanding of the concept of energy and nodded, saying, “That’s right. Not only do our muscles contain energy, but every part of our body has energy. With this energy, we can walk, jump, and grasp.”

As he spoke, Wu Yuntian pointed to a basketball-sized stone in the distance and said, “Xiangwu, go and bring that stone over.”

Su Hao took a look and couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows. Looking at his thin arms and legs, he wasn’t sure if he could lift it. But he didn’t say anything and got up, jogged to the big stone, and tried to lift it, but failed. Then he walked to the back of the big stone, used both hands to lift it, exerted all his strength, and pushed the stone to his father’s side.

Wu Yuntian asked Su Hao to sit down again and casually picked up the stone, tossing it in his hand, and asked, “Is the stone heavy?”

Su Hao looked at his father’s strong arms with envy and honestly said, “Yes, it’s heavy.”

“For you, it’s heavy and you can’t lift it, but for me, it’s very light.” Wu Yuntian said, throwing the stone, which drew an arc and rolled back to its original position, and asked, “Why is that?”

Suddenly, Su Hao was speechless. He rolled the stone over from afar, thinking it had some special purpose, but now it was thrown back? If you have a question, just ask, why make himself do this useless work?

Su Hao had no choice but to obediently follow the train of thought and said, “Because my arm strength is small and my father’s arm strength is large. It’s equivalent to my arm having less energy and my father’s arm having more energy.”

He did not mention the factor of age because he knew that his father was not asking about that.

Wu Yuntian nodded and said, “That’s right. Because there is more energy in my arms and less energy in your arms. So let’s give a name to this energy we’re talking about, let’s call it ‘blood qi’. We can say that the blood qi in our arms allows you to lift the stone, and the stronger the blood qi, the heavier the stone you can lift.”

“Yes.” Su Hao nodded to indicate his understanding.

At this point, Wu Yuntian finally smiled, a smile that Su Hao rarely saw. He said, “Now that you understand this, let’s get to the main topic.”

After a pause, Wu Yuntian continued, “The so-called blood qi cultivation method is essentially a way to increase the body’s energy. The more blood qi accumulated in the body, the stronger the martial artist will become. When the body’s energy reaches a certain level, it can even smash a mountain with a punch.”

Isn’t that a nuclear bomb? Su Hao looked shocked at his father and asked, “Father, have you seen such martial artists?”

Little did he know, Wu Yuntian shook his head and said, “I haven’t seen them, it’s just a legend.”

Seeing Su Hao’s disappointed face, he explained, “I just want to tell you that through training, humans have a chance to reach such a level. It is said that the most powerful An Wu-class martial artists can achieve it.”

Su Hao just nodded. Wu Yuntian asked again, “Then Xiangwu, one last question, where does the energy for our daily exercise come from?”

Su Hao eagerly answered, “From eating!”

“Yes!” Wu Yuntian nodded and explained, “We eat a large amount of food every day to obtain energy through the conversion of food. So, Xiangwu, eat more in the future.”

Wu Yuntian’s rare moment of tenderness: “Xiangwu, you are the smartest child I’ve ever met. Even at the age of 6 when people started learning martial arts, not everyone understands these principles right from the beginning. I hope that in the future, you can truly become a strong warrior of the human race! I hope… you can break free from the constraints of martial bloodline.”

Su Hao was puzzled, “What are the constraints of the martial bloodline?”

Wu Yuntian shook his head, “You will understand in the future. Let’s get back to the topic of obtaining energy from food.”

“Do you recognize the chubby kid in the outpost?”

“I do.”

“That’s good. The food we eat, besides providing us with the necessary energy for daily activities, will also have a surplus. The surplus will eventually be converted into energy. There are two directions for this conversion. One is what I mentioned earlier, the blood qi. This type of energy is highly active and can directly increase strength. The other is fat, which is stored and makes people appear overweight.”

“But our body defaults to converting it into fat storage because fat can be stored for a longer time. The so-called blood qi cultivation method is essentially intercepting the portion of energy that is being converted into fat and turning it into blood qi, storing it in the body.”

“And the chubby kid is an example of failed conversion. In other words, if you start learning martial arts too early but fail to convert properly, you will…”

“Become fat!”

Su Hao’s eyebrows jumped again. He didn’t even realize there was this risk. The thought of possibly becoming a chubby person in the future made him somewhat scared.

At this moment, Wu Yuntian took out a book from his pocket and handed it over, saying, “Go back and memorize this book first. After you memorize it, I will help you understand it.”

Su Hao took a look—it was the “Nine Palaces Blood Intercepting Manual.”

“The title is decent.”

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