Chapter 12

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Chapter 12: Sword Demon Appears, Chaos Ensues!

Director Guan was laughing with so much joy.

He had never imagined that a character could be portrayed as awesome and outstanding as this.

Even before making an appearance, this character had already brought him so much excitement!

He was sure that when this character appeared, it would undoubtedly become a classic role in the hearts of the audience.

He glanced at Lin Beifan standing beside him, his gaze filled with admiration.

He had originally just come over to chat with Bai Yu Luo, but unexpectedly stumbled upon a acting genius.

What he didn’t anticipate was that this genius could also improve the script, transforming an ordinary Sword God character into a spectacular and explosive classic figure.

As soon as the Sword Demon appeared, chaos was bound to follow!

No one could resist the allure of the Sword Demon!

What’s the meaning of a pleasant surprise?

This is what a pleasant surprise looks like!

Director Guan laughed heartily and patted Lin Beifan’s arm. “Kid Lin, I’m really thankful to you!”

Lin Beifan was also elated. “Director Guan, it’s what I should do!”

Director Guan turned to Bai Yu Luo and asked, “Yu Luo, what do you think about changing White-Clothed Sword God to Sword Demon Dugu Qiubai?”

Although he had already decided to change the script, he still wanted to hear the lead actress’s opinion.

If he could gain the lead’s support, it would silence the producers and writers, allowing the smooth progression of the matter.

Bai Yu Luo contemplated for a moment. “Transforming White-Clothed Sword God into Sword Demon Dugu Qiubai can make the character more three-dimensional and perfect. I personally support it! However, this way, Lin Beifan’s role becomes dispensable, and…”

Director Guan froze and slapped his forehead. “Right, how did I forget about this?”

They had originally wanted Lin Beifan to play the role of White-Clothed Sword God.

Although Lin Beifan was young, he had captured the character’s essence and gaze perfectly, captivating both of them.

In their excitement, everyone discussed how to improve this character.

But in the course of conversation, they somehow ended up making the character disappear.

To be precise, the character was still there, but the actor’s presence was unnecessary.

After all, this was a deceased character, and not appearing on screen would be acceptable.

With Dugu Qiubai’s character, the absence of an appearance could still maintain a high level of prestige, leaving people in awe from within.

However, it was Lin Beifan’s acting that initially captured them.

It feels like he’s the true embodiment of the Sword God.

If we don’t cast him, it will always leave us with regrets.

Moreover, he’s helping you with the acting, providing ideas and suggestions. It wouldn’t be fair to cut his role afterward; it would seem disrespectful and inconsiderate.


Director Guan was momentarily unsure about what to do.

Lin Beifan spoke with righteousness, “It’s alright, Director Guan, Miss Bai. As long as the play turns out well, any sacrifice is worth it! In the end, just let me have a cameo!”

Touched, Director Guan patted Lin Beifan’s shoulder, saying, “Good kid, I won’t forget you! If this project doesn’t work out, I’ll make it up to you in the future when there’s a chance!”

“Thank you, Director Guan!” Lin Beifan smiled.

For him, obtaining the role of White-Clothed Sword God had an element of opportunism from the start.

If he truly played this role, he might not be able to perform it well.

The more he acted, the more flaws he would expose, and the system would lower his evaluation.

It’s better to just have a cameo!

As long as I keep my appearance short, let’s see how the system deducts points!

Aside from this, he could also gain a personal favor from Director Guan.

Director Guan was a well-known director in the industry, with a wide network and resources.

Sometimes, his word alone could secure an important role.

For Lin Beifan, this was definitely a win.

“Hehe!” Lin Beifan became more and more excited the more he thought about it.

Bai Yu Luo looked at Lin Beifan oddly.

Usually, when an actor’s role is cut, depriving them of a chance to perform, they would feel sad and disappointed.

Why did it seem the opposite for Lin Beifan?

He appeared so exhilarated?

Why was he so different from others?

“What a peculiar person!”

Bai Yu Luo muttered softly to herself. She lowered her head, thought for a moment, and said, “Director, I have an idea that might be a win-win solution!”

“What idea, Yu Luo, tell us!” Both Director Guan and Lin Beifan turned their attention to her.

“Well, we can set it up so that White-Clothed… Sword Demon Dugu Qiubai didn’t actually die. Instead, after searching the world and not finding a worthy opponent to draw his sword against, he sealed himself using millennium-old ice.”

“This millennium-old ice is resistant to fire and can preserve his vitality without draining it!”

“Dugu Qiubai wanted to use this method to live for hundreds of years, waiting for a worthy opponent to draw his sword against.”

“The reason he left behind his legacy isn’t just to nurture successors but also to nurture opponents. He hopes that someday, someone will break his seal and challenge him!”

“With this setup…”

A faint smile appeared on Bai Yu Luo’s face, “Lin Beifan’s scenes can all be preserved! Because he didn’t actually die, he only self-sealed. His gaze and demeanor can still be showcased, allowing everyone to witness the glory of the Sword Demon!”

“Brilliant! This is truly brilliant!”

Director Guan applauded, “This way, I can have everything I wanted! Thank you, Yu Luo, you’ve been a great help! Haha…”

“You’re welcome, Director! I just wanted to make the play even better!” Bai Yu Luo replied with a faint smile.

Lin Beifan was quite satisfied. As long as they didn’t make him improvise or change lines, he was fine.

“That settles it then. I’ll go and revise the script right away!” The director left, excited.

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