Chapter 12

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Chapter 12: Meiniang, long time no see!

Lin Beifan turned his head to look.

He saw the butler walking over with an extremely beautiful woman.

This woman was about 1.7 meters tall, graceful and charming. She was wearing a black skirt and a purple shirt from an unknown brand, giving off a strong sense of fashion.

Her skin was fair, her features delicate as if they were crafted by the heavens. She had curly chestnut hair and wore a pair of black-framed glasses.

She appeared bright and arrogant, but also had a hint of seductiveness.

Lin Beifan knew this person, or one could even say he was very familiar with her.

Her name was Liu Rumei, the best friend of the female lead, Song Yuqing.

Although she wasn’t the female lead, she was a very important supporting character.

She excelled in all aspects, possessing a stunning appearance, an enviable education, and exceptional abilities in handling matters.

Compared to the female lead, the only thing she lacked was good fortune.

In the previous life, because the female lead, Song Yuqing, actively pursued him, Liu Rumei felt resentful. As a result, she accepted the invitation from his father and became his personal secretary.

Her purpose was to infiltrate his side, collect evidence, expose his true nature, and make Song Yuqing give up on him.

However, as their relationship deepened, she herself became entangled in it.

She often helped Lin Beifan devise strategies to deal with those main characters.

Unexpectedly, in this reincarnation, she had come to his side ahead of time and remained unchanged.

“Meiniang, long time no see!”

Lin Beifan looked at her extraordinary beauty and reminisced about the past, lost in thought.

But Liu Rumei showed a disgusted expression.

Heh, as expected of a playboy, his eyes go straight when he sees a beautiful woman. Old habits die hard.

Liu Rumei coldly said, “Hello, Mr. Lin. My name is Liu Rumei. I hold a master’s degree in Management from Hafu University and have been working at Blue Mountain Investment Bank for two years, achieving certain accomplishments. Your father hired me to be your personal secretary, responsible for your work-related matters.”

“Hello, Liu Rumei. Nice to meet you!” Lin Beifan smiled.

“However, I’m not happy to see you at all! Let me make it clear, I only handle your work-related matters, I won’t entertain your random nonsense! And one more thing, if you can’t satisfy me, I will leave immediately!” Liu Rumei snorted, not giving him any face.

“Of course, you have the freedom to do so, Meiniang!” Lin Beifan smiled casually.

The colder you are now, the more enthusiastic you’ll be in the future!

Liu Rumei was a bit confused, “What did you… just call me?”

“Meiniang! I saw that your name has the characters ‘mei’ and ‘zi’ which means beauty, and you also have a charming appearance, so I called you Meiniang!”

Liu Rumei seemed like a cat whose tail was stepped on, and she exclaimed, “Meiniang is not a nice word to hear at all! Don’t call me Meiniang, I have a full name, I’m called Liu Rumei!”

“Alright, Meiniang!”

“You can call me Rumei, Miss Liu, or just call me Secretary Liu!”

“I understand, Meiniang!”


After a few disputes, Lin Beifan still didn’t change and made Liu Rumei furious, wanting to kill him.

Seeing that the situation was getting tense, the butler intervened, “Miss Liu, the young master was just joking with you!”

“Don’t worry, although I am a young lady, I’m not that petty!” Liu Rumei gritted her teeth, “Young master, it’s getting late now, shouldn’t you start working? If you slack off, I can directly report to your father and mother, and you can wait to receive their punishment!”

Lin Beifan thought for a moment, indeed, it was time to start working.

In order to deal with those main characters, he needed support in his career.

“What will I be responsible for?”

The butler hurriedly said, “Young master, you can choose to be the deputy director in any department within our group, or be the vice president in a subsidiary company, responsible for a specific task! Once you achieve results, you can be promoted further!”

This was the advantage of being a second-generation wealthy person. They would start off as either a director or a president. It was unknown how many ordinary people they had surpassed!

Countless ordinary people strived for their entire lives just to reach the starting point for him!

“In that case, I’ll choose Lin Investment Company!”

For him, a reborn individual who had so much foresight information, investment was the easiest and most profitable business to excel in!

He was very confident in his faster rise than in his previous life!

“Alright, young master, I will arrange it for you!”

Seeing that the young master was going to work seriously, the butler became very happy. “In addition, your current position is the vice president of the branch company. According to our group’s regulations, the company will provide you with an official car, a secretary, and a driver and bodyguard. You already have a car and a secretary, but you still need a driver and bodyguard. Would you like to choose this person yourself or should we arrange it for you?”

“I’ll do it myself!”

Lin Beifan remembered that in the security department of his group, there was a formidable person who had followed him in his previous life and was very loyal.

So this time, he would transfer him here again.

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