Chapter 12

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Chapter 12: Why Did He Alone Receive the Empress’s Favor?

“In addition, we decree that you can attend the morning court every day!” The officials were once again shocked and turned their heads to look at Lin Beifan.

If before, they only envied and hated him, then this time they were absolutely crazy with envy!

Do you know what the morning court is?

It is the center of the country’s power!

A gathering of officials, discussing national affairs, deciding the country’s destiny!

Usually, only important ministers with a third-grade rank or above have the opportunity to come here regularly. Officials with a rank below third-grade can only come here if summoned by the empress.

For any small official, being able to attend the morning court is a huge favor.

Lin Beifan could attend the morning court several times due to his special situation in the past few days, which is already a great honor.

Moreover, attending the morning court is not only a great honor but also a rare opportunity.

Because all the country’s affairs are announced from here.

Staying here makes you closer to the center of power.

If there are any policies announced from here in the future, you will be the first to know.

Moreover, the Empress of the Great Wu Dynasty is here.

You can meet her frequently, express your opinions, and influence national policies.

If you perform well, you can even enjoy the empress’s favor and get promoted.

There are too many benefits.

Everyone couldn’t help but shake their heads and sigh. What kind of luck did Lin Beifan have?

Why did he alone receive the Empress’s favor?

In just two days, he was promoted, obtained the high-paying position of the director of studies, and was even granted permission to attend the morning court daily…

It was like a meteoric rise!

At this time, Lin Beifan was also very surprised. He didn’t expect the Empress to “favor” him so much, which made him a bit overwhelmed with affection.

He didn’t seem to have done anything significant, only searched the home.

Could it be that she has taken a fancy to him?

Lin Beifan couldn’t help but touch his face, which had the beauty of the golden age, with facial features like Fan Kuai and the charm of Song Yu. He nodded with 10 points of affirmation.

Well, it’s very possible!

The Empress may have really taken a liking to him!

The Empress is shallower than he imagined!

After taking off her emperor’s robe, she was just a normal woman, and naturally was overwhelmed by my beauty!

Sometimes being too good-looking is like cheating in life, uncontrollable!

Seeing Lin Beifan’s shocked appearance, the empress was very satisfied. “I will favor you now, and I will do everything I can to promote and uplift you, to make you feel the generosity of the empress, and the benevolence of the lord of heaven, and then serve me wholeheartedly!”

“Sir Lin, I hope you don’t disappoint my expectations!” The empress smiled and encouraged him.

“Your servant will spare no effort and devote myself to death!”

Lin Beifan bowed and solemnly declared. “Good!”

The empress laughed, “Do any of you ministers have any objections?”

The ministers looked at each other, what objections could they have? The empress made it clear that she wanted to promote the new highest-scoring scholar Lin Beifan, and if they went against her, they would be ignorant.

He was just a sixth-grade minor official, not so significant, so they gave him the promotion, which would not affect the overall situation!

“Your majesty is brilliant!” All the officials exclaimed.

“Good! Considering that Sir Lin has just become the highest-scoring scholar, and also because of yesterday’s celebration, things may be a bit busy! So, I grant you a few days off! Three days later, you may go to the National Academy to begin your official duties!” The empress smiled.

“Thank you, your majesty!” Lin Beifan happily replied.

As soon as the court session ended, Lin Beifan slipped away. The next day, he took off his official clothes and put on a clean and simple white robe. Then, like a young master, he excitedly went out to wander the streets. To be honest, since he crossed over, he had spent most of his time studying and preparing for the imperial examinations, and had little leisure time.

Now, he has become the top scorer in high school, his system has been activated, he has gained strength, and he feels at ease. He wants to take advantage of these three days to explore the capital and relax.

As the center of the Great Wu Dynasty, the capital is densely populated and bustling. People and vehicles flow continuously on the main streets, and shops line the streets, with constant haggling and a lively atmosphere.

However, at this time, the liveliest thing is an event.

Lin Beifan’s ears perked up as he approached a corner where a group of people were discussing animatedly.

One old man was pontificating, spitting with excitement: “Let me tell you, Night Hero is a great person! He scattered money again last night. How much did I get? Haha, I got eight taels of silver, and now my life is better!”

“Yes, Night Hero is a good person! I had a back injury and needed money for medicine. But when I woke up this morning, I found a piece of gold on my bedside table, and my medicine costs are covered! Thank you, Night Hero! Haha!”

“I wish there were more good people like him!”

“What good people? I think Night Hero is not even human. He is a living bodhisattva! How else could he have such a compassionate heart?”

“You’re right, he is a living bodhisattva! Living bodhisattva!”

Lin Beifan listened happily because they were talking about him as the “Night Hero”.

Praise me, praise as much as you want, I won’t mind!

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