Chapter 12

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Chapter 12: Buff Magic

While taking a walk to clear my head, suddenly my complexion turned pale. I felt as though my chest was being squeezed tightly.

My vision blurred and I felt like passing out.

This is bad.

Then it happened…

Suddenly, the air felt heavy and I felt weak.

It was hard to breathe.

I stumbled and collapsed, and a woman’s scream rang out.

“Are you okay, young man?”

I smelled something pleasant and felt at ease.

Since the wave of sickness had subsided a little, I looked up through my blurry vision and saw a strange woman peering at me with concern. She was too close for comfort.

“Oh no, I’m sorry to surprise you. There’s no problem. My Buff magic just expired, that’s all. It’s nothing, really. Support 1.”

Strength +1

Life +1

Agility +1

Intelligence +1

MP +1

AP +1

Support 1 is my original doping magic that simultaneously activates what seems to be a beginner’s buff effect, but all effects are just +1. It’s so pathetic, it makes me cry.

“Young man, you can’t push yourself like this. You can’t just say it’s nothing, as if this happens all the time.”

Like a maniac wizard, I gave up my physical strength when I acquired the potential for advanced magic, so I have a weak body.

However, because I pushed myself too hard at work and becomes in a negative state, I need at least +1 to function properly.

My AP surges and my body starts to move despite the exhaustion. It’s working, it’s working.

Oh, I’m revived.

“See, I feel better now! Sorry for making you worry,” I said.

“Hey, young man, are you really okay?” the woman asked, looking at me with a perplexed expression.

She looks like a scholar.


“I don’t know why you look so surprised. Is the buff spell rare?” I asked, confused.

“Well, sorry about that. Ever since I became a scholar, I easily get fatigued. I thought the same would apply to you, but I guess I was too worried. It’s embarrassing,” she admitted.

“Oh, I see. Then how about casting a spell as thanks for helping me?” I suggested.

“Oh, really? Thank you, young man,” She responded, smiling.

I am smiled at a little.

Well, I can use it properly.

But somehow I feel like I’m being looked down on by the woman, who seems to be eyeing me disrespectfully.

Well, it is just a low-level spell anyway.

“Support 1. With this, you won’t tire for a month. How about that…oh, uh, miss?” I said as I casted a spell as a thank you.

In return, the woman begins to tremble uncontrollably.

“What is this? Power is surging infinitely! Uooooohhh!!” she screamed.

“It’s just a basic buff spell, isn’t it?” She replied in confusion.

She looked at me with a gaze that seemed like she respected me. I think it’s just my imagination, but it kind of makes me feel uneasy.

The calm woman’s face turned into that of a carnivorous girl. “I can do anything right now! Thank you, young man. I will complete that research. Woohoo!!!” The energetic woman ran off somewhere.

Congratulations on your first experience with the buff magic. I wonder what would happen if you experience the advanced buff.

Before becoming a mage, I was able to use advanced buffs, so I remember squeezing all the apples in the house when I first used Strength +10.

After that, I was sad because I didn’t have any pocket money for a month. You know, if you get addicted to power, you lose important things.

“Hmm? But that reaction seemed a bit too exaggerated?”

Was it a wonderful magic for ordinary people?

The wind blew.

I gazed at the Wyvern flying far into the sky as if it was inviting me.

It’s another beautiful day today.

I didn’t see anything.

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