Chapter 12

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Chapter 12: Don’t blame me, you forced this upon yourselves.

“It seems there’s no way to settle this peacefully!” Lin Beifan sighed.

Not causing trouble doesn’t mean he fears it.

He raised his fist and took the initiative to attack.

Swiftly entering the midst of the enemy, there was no one who could withstand his punches, each one sent flying.

“What the heck! How did Lin Beifan become so fierce?”

“I, at the peak of body refining, can’t even take one of his moves!”

“Is he extraordinary?”

“Probably not, or why bother using fists?”

In a blink of an eye, the ground was filled with the injured, bruised and battered, crying out in pain.

Lin Beifan stood in the center of the injured, majestic.

“Don’t blame me, you forced all of this!” Lin Beifan sighed, his tone filled with helplessness.

He wasn’t intentionally showing off, but the atmosphere demanded it, and he had no choice.

The thousands of sycophants lying on the ground felt hopeless.

Their dream lover was taken away!

They not only couldn’t seek revenge but were also beaten by a rival!

What kind of world is this?

Too tragic!

Just let me die!

Who will help us, help us take down this guy?

Perhaps hearing the cries of the sycophants, a young man in a green robe walked over from a distance, looking at Lin Beifan with a sinister smile, “Lin Beifan, you finally decided to show up!”

Lin Beifan’s gaze narrowed, “You are… Wang Chuan?”

The person in front of him was named Wang Chuan, and he and Lin Beifan joined the sect together, having some minor conflicts in the past.

“Yes, it’s me!” Wang Chuan said with resentment.

He joined the sect with Lin Beifan at the same time, supposed to have a good relationship as fellow disciples. However, Lin Beifan always seemed to overshadow him in every aspect – appearance, strength, and even popularity among girls.

The only thing he could take pride in was his talent for cultivation, which made him quite unhappy. So, for years, he diligently cultivated. Now, the three-year deadline has arrived, and he has finally surpassed the ordinary, becoming an outer disciple.

He originally planned to seek revenge on Lin Beifan after the exam, but to his surprise, Lin Beifan was taken away by Bai Yiyi. So, the matter has been delayed until now.

“Lin Beifan, let’s get straight to the point. I’m here to settle the score with you!”

“Initially, with me being extraordinary and you body-refining, seeking revenge might seem like bullying. But now, seeing that you’ve achieved mastery in body refining and I’ve just entered the extraordinary realm, our strengths are quite similar. It’s a good time for a showdown!”

Lin Beifan, with a disdainful expression, scoffed at the notion of their strengths being similar.

Mastery in body refining and just entering the extraordinary realm – that’s a world of difference!

If it weren’t for his innovative cultivation method, reaching the level of shattering voids and being seemingly indestructible, there would be no way for him to contend with someone extraordinary!

This guy is obviously trying to take advantage of the situation!

Too sinister, too shameless!

Lin Beifan wasn’t afraid, though: “Come on, I’ll fulfill your death wish!”

“Good, that’s what you said!” Wang Chuan laughed sinisterly.

The injured individuals lying on the ground willingly moved aside, creating a space for the confrontation and cheering for Wang Chuan.

As everyone left, Lai Xiaoqiang hesitated for a moment, walking over to Lin Beifan and whispering, “Be careful, Wang Chuan has an older brother with Divine Sea cultivation. He might be watching nearby. If things go south, hide back in the courtyard!”

Lin Beifan nodded, “I know!”

In reality, he had sensed the threat through his sincere heart long ago. But he wasn’t afraid because Bai Yiyi was watching over the courtyard. If there was any danger, she would intervene without hesitation. The reason she hadn’t appeared yet was to provide him with an opportunity to train.

“Lin Beifan, are you ready?” Wang Chuan asked.

“I’ve been ready for a while!” Lin Beifan replied.

Wang Chuan stood with hands behind his back, arrogantly stating, “You make the first move! Otherwise, once I strike, it’ll not only determine our skills but also life and death. You won’t have another chance to strike!”

Lin Beifan, without any pretense, forcefully stamped his left foot on the ground, creating a resounding explosion and a large crater.

Utilizing this force, Lin Beifan instantly reached Wang Chuan.

Wang Chuan’s pupils contracted.


This guy is like a beast; how is he so fast?

Just as he tried to condense his divine power to resist, Lin Beifan had already delivered an elbow strike, hitting him squarely in the chest.

Wang Chuan felt as if he had been struck by a speeding carriage—ribs breaking, organs violently shaking. He was sent flying tens of yards, and the divine power he had just condensed was instantly scattered.

With a “pu” sound, Wang Chuan finally fell to the ground.

Another “pu” sound, and he coughed up blood, staining his chest red.

“Lin Beifan, you…”

Seizing the opportunity, Lin Beifan wasn’t interested in exchanging words. He propelled himself off the ground like a rocket, instantly appearing in front of Wang Chuan.

Then, grabbing the fallen Wang Chuan, he executed a violent shoulder throw.


Dust soared, and another deep pit appeared on the ground.

“Cough…” Wang Chuan coughed up blood again, his face swollen and bruised.

But it wasn’t over. Lin Beifan grabbed his other arm, changed direction, and executed another shoulder throw.


Dust rose again, and another deep pit formed on the ground.

Wang Chuan coughed up blood once more, his face now unrecognizable.

The battle continued, and Lin Beifan relentlessly engaged in brutal combat.

He seemed to have a particular fondness for shoulder throws, repeatedly smashing Wang Chuan as if he were boxing a punching bag.



The pits on the ground multiplied.

Dust filled the air.

The sounds were crisp, full of rhythm.

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